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Chicago’s Culinary History

The modern Chicago culinary scene we’ve learned to love and enjoy starts with meat. From the Civil War up until the 1920s, Chicago was the nation’s headquarters for the meat packaging industry. Chicago was the city that managed the large packaging scopes of the meat industry because most of the livestock was raised by farmers in the Midwest. 

In addition, most of the newer railroad lines connected Chicago with all the major Midwest cities as well as the large urban markets of the East Coast.  This and various government contracts helped Chicago establish the city’s strong position in the meat processing industry. 

Local Cuisines

The influx of immigration to Chicago from around the world also brought different cultures and delicacies to the city. This is the main reason for Chicago’s unique local cuisines that brought the abundance of meat and their homeland cuisines together.  

There are many dishes that are unique to only Chicago. From the famous deep-dish pizza to Chicago style hot dogs, you are in for a treat when you visit this city’s culinary scene. 

Chicago style hot dogs became a staple during the Great Depression because they were inexpensive and full of flavor. The classic Chicago hot dog consists of an all-beef sausage link on a poppy seed bun. It is then topped with yellow mustard, tons of relish, diced onions, slices of tomato, some peppers, a sprinkle of celery salt and to top it off, a pickle spear. 

Another classic staple of the Windy City is the savory delicacy of the Italian Beef sandwich. At Al’s Beef, the infamous Italian Beef sandwich is claimed to have been invented at their original stand still located in Chicago’s Little Italy. Whether true or not, their many awards speak to the delectability of this local fare. The famous sando consists of an Italian roll piled to the brim with thin-sliced roast beef with your choice of peppers and au jus sauce to drown the sandwich in. 

These are just a few of the amazing treats that can be found throughout the city of Chicago. Your own rendition can also be made at home using an easy online recipe for guidance or through a virtual class lead by a trusted chef instructor. 

Restaurants of Note

If you are in the mood for a sit-down place or take out? Chicago has you covered with whatever craving you have or didn’t know you had.   

If deep dish pizza is what you are on the lookout for then follow the recommendation of the locals and take a trip to where the original pie was invented, Pizzeria Uno. Pizzeria Uno in Chicago’s River North neighborhood invented the now infamous deep-dish pie back in 1943. With its crispy short dough crust, topped with cheese first and later with crushed tomatoes is one heavy pizza that some like to call a casserole. Despite the long line, it’s a Chicago institution and you will have to try at least once.  

Whichever corner of this amazing city you find yourself in, you are guaranteed to leave with a full belly and a smile on your face. The culinary scene in Chicago is one of a different caliber even though the first thing that comes to mind is pizza, there are so many more options from mom n’ pop to Mechlin-starred restaurants. 

If you are looking for something a little bit more formal and still considering the large Italian community one would be remiss to not include the great Italian mainstay like Bruna’s. Located in the city’s Little Italy main drag of Oakley Avenue since 1933, makes this authentic restaurant one to never forget. With its old school original recipes and more wine than you can say hello with, this one is one to not miss. 

Chicago’s Local Chefs

Chicago is a place where you can find international businessmen dining next to your average Joe. This place attracts some of the best chefs in the world. Many of them have opened their own restaurants like the Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard. 

Chef Izard opened Girl & The Goat, which has won multiple accolades for its often-changing menu that offers an eclectic range of New American and French-inspired fare. You can order things like wood-fired whole branzino or staples like duck tartare. If you want to stick with veggies, the chickpea fritters, as well as the pan-fried shishito peppers, come highly recommended. While their libation menu is also something to write home about. 

Another Chef of note is Fabio Viviani, who opened a restaurant on West Kinzie St in Chicago’s River North called Siena Tavern. This Italian restaurant has all the stops from fine wine and homemade pasta to an amazing pizza bar with unique combinations to fresh fish fare. The many great chefs in this city have spent their lives cooking and learning the art of cuisine. It is such a treat getting to try all these different plates and cocktails, which makes everyone want to learn how to cook once they leave any of these establishments. 

Finding Cooking Tutors in Chicago

When you finish eating at any of the great restaurants offered throughout the city of Chicago, and you’re wondering, how can I learn to make that, there are two options. 

You could enroll in one of the many acclaimed culinary schools of Chicago and learn the ins and outs of a chef in the industry. Or, you can hop onto SuperProf and read about all the great chefs that are available to teach you how to cook that dish you can’t get out of your head. 

Bringing all of the Chicago dishes, amazing histories, and spices come to life in your own kitchen. They are an integral part of the local culture, which you can learn how to make yourself and share them with your family. Invite your friends over to taste test the new recipes that you developed with your cooking tutor on Superprof. There are so many options, but you have come to the right place to start.

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