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In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, the average rate of cooking classes is rougly $33 for an hour.


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The Los Angeles Food Scene

Los Angeles is a mecca for culinary exploration. In LA, you can find cuisines from every part of the world. If you feel like trying a Somalian dish tonight, you can head over to Banadir in Inglewood. Or perhaps you are craving a Polish golabki, which you would then want to stop at Solidarity Restaurant in Santa Monica.  

No matter what you are craving LA has a rendition of it and then some. Yet, there are some LA staples that are a must to try. Like the famous Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, a quintessential LA soul food chain that started in Hollywood in 1975 and has since remained a staple for everyone in this metropolitan city. 

It is no exaggeration to say you could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at a different restaurant for weeks and not have gone to the same place twice. These places will have you writing home to mom about the new amazing flavors you didn’t even know existed and the plates that make you ask the waiter ‘Can I have one more?’. Or better yet, ‘How can I make this?’


A first stop must try in Koreatown has to be The Bun Shop. They are located on N. Western Ave and their Happy Hours definitely make everyone happier. Serving different types of sweet buns, they offer the perfect on the go snack with choices like the Pork Belly Bun or the Kalbi Bun. 

If that’s not enough, a next stop must-try is The Original Ramen Burger. There was a while when the only way to get a hold of one of these inventive burgers was at food festivals, but a couple of years ago they opened their own spot on S Vermont Ave. Perfect for any late-night cravings, the umami and crunchy flavors brilliantly meld into every bite. 

Throughout Koreatown, there are specialty stores that have distinctive spices and ingredients that make up Korean food. You can try making the various pickled veggies found at your favorite Korean restaurants or the delicious marinated meats from your local Korean BBQ.

Beverly Hills

A famous Delicatessen that has stood the test of time and has been family-run for over 70 years is Nate ’n Al’s. Their loyal customers have been coming for years because this is where all your classic Jewish fare is served. 

Massive sandwiches, bagels ‘n lox, and potato pancakes, their menu is huge and their plates are bigger. Just like eating at grandma’s, there is no way you are leaving this place hungry.

Grandma would be my go-to if I wanted to learn how to cook Matzo-ball soup or Potato Kinish. But, if grandma isn’t around or if she isn’t that great of a cook, there are recipes galore online, often with videos showing you have to cook your favorite dishes.

Santa Monica

Confectionaries and desserts are also a big part of the American fare. But, in LA there’s a big health movement and using alternative ingredients that can make even the unhealthiest confection, healthier.  

Huckleberry is one of those LA restaurants that makes comfort food that you won’t feel too guilty about. 

No matter if it's 6 am or 1 pm you’d want to visit this brick and mortar. The second you enter you can feel there is something special about this place. The line can be long, but it is warranted. 

Options like the Organic Quinoa and Market Vegetable Bowl have flavors that work so well together. And you cannot leave before grabbing dessert from their large selection of freshly made pastries, bread and cakes like their famous Blueberry Cornmeal Cake. After trying this Cornmeal Cake, you will be craving it all the time. 

After trying the cornmeal cake, you will want to go to Huckleberry every day for a slice. But that is not ideal but learning how to bake it at home can be a better plan. Once you see how fun and rewarding it is bake, you’ll want to start trying your hand at other recipes in no time.

Food Trucks Around the City

LA food trucks are all over town and a huge part of the food scene. These roving vehicles pop up concept really grew around the same time Twitter came on the scene. Quickly, these restaurants saw the opportunity to spread messages about their specials and where they will be for the next couple of hours. 

This helped facilitate the allure and exclusivity that makes food trucks a bit more exciting than going to a proper sit-down restaurant. These moving kitchens connect directly with their clients and develop a follower base in a short period of time. There’s a reason the lines are long because the food is crazy good. 

You can find food trucks serving Kogi BBQ, a combination of Korean and Mexican cuisines. It is a perfect example of one that will consistently have lines before the truck even arrives. Another great choice would be The Lobos Truck, serving a twist on American comfort food that leaves you stuffed and wanting to go back the very next day.

These are just a few of the out of this world combinations you can try, but you can rest assured that there are plenty of food trucks serving up the traditional fare as well. 

Famous Chefs from Los Angeles

While Los Angeles is known for actors and celebrities, you will find just as many top-class chefs. A prime example is at Josiah Citrin’s Charcoal in Venice. This American steakhouse is known for its smoked and grilled short ribs with smoked paprika and mustard chimichurri sauce. 

Another exemplary option is Urasawa, run by head chef Hiroyuki Urasawa. Opened in 2003, Urasawa has become a city gem and even received a Michelin star in 2009.

There are so many places to choose from when you make it to The City of Angeles. You will be delighted with any choice you make. After visiting these restaurants and tasting the results of the chef’s hard work, you will soon get curious about how these amazing dishes are made and designed. You will probably want to start cooking and find out how to make some of these staples at home. 

Hiring a cooking tutor through Superprof is the start. The online community has a large local Los Angeles chef community that can teach you any dish from start to finish. You can start with the classics or you can venture into modern fusion cuisines.  It can be like going to culinary school but at the comfort of your own kitchen.

What would you like to learn?