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The rate of dance lessons in Houston is around $43.


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Dance, Dance, Revolution in Houston

The art of dance can come in all different genres, environments, colors, and even moods. From professional ballet at the New York City Ballet to flamenco in the South of Spain, the act of dancing is a global revolution that humans have been actively practicing for centuries. 

Yet, in the bayou city of Houston, you don’t have to travel to experience the differences in dance – the city brings them to you. Houston is the fourth most populous city in the US, but also the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the nation. At least 145 languages are spoken and about 90 nations have consular representation in the greater area of Houston. 

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a specific dance style you will most definitely find it in Houston. From ballet point to hip hop rhythms, the Bayou City is made up of a diverse population bringing their own culture, traditions, and dancing styles. 

Finding Your Latin Groove

One of the most widely known Hispanic styles of dance is the Salsa. Even though Hispanic in origin, Salsa is said to have started in New York City in the 1930s.  It is comprised of a variety of dance styles from the Caribbean inducing the Haitian Charanga, Dominican Merengue, and the Cuban rumba, mambo, and cha-cha. Because of its many influences, it is hard to really pinpoint Salsa’s true origins, but one thing is for sure — Salsa makes you move!

Salsa, merengue, and bachata can all be found in and around Houston for a night out at a local bar or club. The Houston Press named Club Tropicana the No. 1 local club for Latin dance in Houston. Located in the Mid-West area of Houston, Club Tropicana offers dance aficionados salsa, salsa, and more salsa. If you’re new to salsa or dancing in general, Tropicana is known for welcoming novice dancers to seasoned vets, so, do not worry. Another reason that makes Tropicana great is that it is right next door to another local Latin bar, Metropolis, known to be the best place to dance the bachata.  

Bachata rose to its inception in the mid-1950s in the Dominican Republic and the rest of the nearby Caribbean. Its musical roots come from African rhythms and the Cuban musical genres of son and bolero. The name bachata came from the same word commonly used in the Dominican Republic meaning dance reunion or dance party. Bachata rose back to fame in the mid-1980s and has not stopped its influence in the modern Latin music and dance scene. 

Get Your Honky-Tonk

What is known as country line dancing today actually began with dance influences from Europe and Africa. The various settlers from England, Scotland, and Ireland brought their forms of dance that were typical for countryside festivals and court-like dances. While the African influences were carried over after the Civil War, which added steps that are closer to the ground and rooted in the earth such as the kicks and stomps very typical in line dancing. 

Line dancing today is now usually found at what is known as honky-tonks. A honky-tonk is a bar providing country music most particularly for line dancing and entertainment. With much dispute, the origins of honky-tonks said to be around Texas and its neighboring states. Now when you think of modern country music you think of the South, but most specifically in Nashville, TN, and the whole state of Texas. 

Houston has its fair share of modern honky-tonks where you can line dance your night away with your best pair of boots and cowboy hat. At Stampede Houston a few blocks away from Keith-Wiess Park you can hear the echoes of stomping feet on the wooden dance floors from a mile away. From amateurs to real cowboys and cowgirls there is room for every line dancer and if extra help is needed free dance lessons are offered every Friday night. With live country music, a Texas-sized dance floor, and a mechanical bull the Stampede will show you what real line dancing is all about.

On Point

If you are looking to excel as a prima ballerina professionally or just learn the basics as a beginner then the Houston Ballet is your stage. The Houston Ballet offers a professional program for which prospective dancers need to audition, but the institution also offers an adult program for those who are ballet novices. Summer programs and workshops are also offered for all levels as well as an adult intensive program where students get a chance to learn and perfect ballet techniques, variations, and skills.

If watching a ballet show is more your speed, then the annual shows brought on by the Houston Ballet are a must. The annual Christmas Nutcracker showcases some of the best ballerinas from Houston, the US, and around the world. They are recognized for their modern flair in classical ballet.

Bollywood Dancing

The city of Houston has a strong Indian community. In the 2010 census, an estimated 85K residents were of Indian descent/origins. Making Indian entertainment from food to dancing very prevalent in the city. 

There are a few Bollywood dancing studios around the Bayou City including NAACH offering Bollywood dancing instruction for all levels. Open to all new and continuing basic level students. Elementary instruction introduces the basic dance movement and facial expressions that are integral tools of the Bollywood fusion dance style. While more advanced classes introduce students to complex dance combinations including rhythmic and spatial variations.  

Bollywood dancing was originated by combing two of the most colorful and energetic dance forms in the Indian culture — Bhangra and Garba, both originated in the state of Gujarat, India. Facial expressions are an important part of Bollywood dancing because of its musical theatre roots. The variations of facial expressions in Bollywood dancing are known as “rasas” or as “rasa-abhinaya”. Rasas can evoke nine emotions from fear to peace and tranquility. 

If any of these dance styles catch your interest, but you’d like more one on one training then Superprof is the online community that is right for you. With thousands of teachers in a variety of subjects/topics. 

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