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💸 How much are drawing classes per hour in Houston and the surrounding cities?

In Houston, the average rate of drawing classes per hour is $23.


Tutoring rates will vary depending on:

  • the qualifications and level of teaching experience of your drawing teacher
  • Where your lessons will be held (via Zoom or an outside location)
  • The number of lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your classes (are you building an art portfolio or maybe you are just learning to draw for a hobby.)

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There are currently 17 drawing teachers available to teach drawing lessons in Houston and the surrounding areas.


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Why Should You Learn How to Draw?

Did you enjoy art class but felt like art wasn’t your thing? The good news is, if you still find art and drawing cool, you can learn it at any age. Even if you don’t become a famous caricaturist, learning how to draw has many benefits that can help improve your life. Drawing and learning how to do it can be a great hobby, and a cool one too. If you feel like all the stress in your life is getting out of hand, taking art lessons can be a great way to control and reduce that stress. While you draw, you can put into paper and images deep feelings, frustrations, or thoughts you’re having, which can be incredibly therapeutic. Drawing is not about perfection but about expressing your inner self. Many people think that art isn’t “their thing” because they deem themselves not good at it. But there is no type of good art, only human expression. Besides, you can learn how to draw for yourself, to have fun, and relax. And if you don’t want to, you don’t have to show your work to anyone. If you choose to get lessons, there is no doubt that with the time you will progress and the inner artist that we all have will flourish and expand. 

Materials Needed to Draw

If you want to learn how to draw but aren’t sure where to start, the best way to do it is to find out what you will need. Thankfully, all the materials you need are easy to find and also cheap to purchase. The first and one of the most important things you’ll need is an art pencil. An art pencil, or a graphite pencil, is not the one you use to take the SATs (the #2 pencil). You need real graphite pencils and you can ask for them at any art store. If you’re not sure what is the difference between these two pencils, we can tell you that the best way to tell them apart is if they have a tiny eraser in one of the tips. If they do have an eraser, then it’s a #2 pencil, you need to find one without that eraser. If you give it a try, you will see that the quality with the graphite pencil will be much better than with a #2. Second, you guessed it, you need drawing paper. If you’re starting, printer paper is totally fine. But drawing paper is usually a little thicker and overall better for drawing. If you’d like, you can purchase a sketchbook right away. This way you can easily see your work and your progress. Finally, you need a pencil sharpener and an eraser. These two are also a no-brainer and don’t need much explanation. As an extra, figure out what type of drawings you’d like to do and make sure you print the image. This will help you visualize your drawing better.

Finding a Drawing Tutor in Huston 

Finding drawing tutors in Huston won’t be hard. You can go on Superprof and search for a private tutor in your area and find many options. Before starting to look, you should define what exactly you’d like to learn. If you specifically want to learn how to draw portraits or landscapes, then you should look for tutors who have experience teaching this. If you wish to learn a little about everything then your tutor doesn’t need to be someone with specific knowledge, you want to find someone with experience in different fields of drawing. If you are a beginner you also need to find someone that has experience teaching beginners, since it won’t be the same as teaching someone more at an intermediate or advanced level. You also want to find a tutor that you like, after all, you’re going to spend a lot of time with this person. Keep in mind that you can always ask for the first lesson to be for free, this way you can meet the tutor and see if you like them and their methodology. If you are looking for a drawing tutor for your kids, you need to find someone that has experience teaching children, and better yet if they have taught kids at the same age as yours. That way you guarantee the tutor is up for the task. 

Cost of Private Drawing Lessons in Huston 

The cost of private drawing lessons in Huston can vary, but normally tutors are charging between $15 and $40 per hour. The price per lesson depends on what kind of tutor you hire. If you want someone with a career both in arts and teaching, then their lessons will be much expensive than a tutor who is starting on the field. Other factors that might change the price are the length and time of the lessons and your location. Typically a tutoring lesson can last one hour, but there can always be exceptions. If you’d like to have 90-minute lessons, they will cost more than one-hour lessons. Another factor is your location. If you live in downtown Huston a private lesson might cost more than if you’re out in the suburbs. You can check and compare different tutor profiles right here on Superprof and take a look at the rates. The profiles of tutors on Superprof also tell you about their background in tutoring, their teaching methodology, the levels they’ve taught at, and the subjects they teach. You can find a tutor that not only teaches drawing but also teaches other branches of art, like painting, illustration, sculpting, and more. This can work to your advantage because you could not only learn how to draw but with a tutor, you can learn any other thing they might know and teach.

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