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On Superprof, there are 6 guitar tutors available to give guitar lessons in Atlanta.


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There are currently 6 guitar teachers offering guitar lessons in Atlanta and the suburban areas.


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On Superprof, many of our Guitar instructors also offer online classes and courses. About 80% of tutors across our platform offer guitar lessons via webcam.


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💸 How costly are private guitar classes in Atlanta and the surrounding areas?

On average guitar instructors charge $30 for private guitar courses in Atlanta.


The price for guitar lessons will differ depending on:

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  • the type of guitar you want to learn (acoustic, electric, bass...)
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🎸What equipment should you buy before taking guitar classes with a guitar teacher?

The first thing is obviously to purchase a guitar. Some of the most famous guitar brands are Ibanez, PRS, Yamaha and Schecter.


The cost of a guitar can sometimes intimidate learners.

If this is the case, you are able to rent a guitar to practice with until you are ready to purchase your own guitar.


Depending on the type of guitar you want to play, you may also buy:

  • an amp
  • an audio cable
  • a guitar strap
  • guitar picks
  • an effects pedal

Certain guitar accessories are not obligartory in order for you to play the guitar. Don't hesitate to ask your guitar teacher for help on what accessories you should buy in order to play the music you want to.


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The Strings in Atlanta 

The origins of the guitar are believed to have come from South American specifically from the country of Chile. Researchers believe the guitar comes from a Chilean background because they are convinced the guitar looks fairly similar to the Chilean Bandola. The Bandola is shaped like a bowl attached to a long fingerboard neck with four single nylon strings running through the bridge and fingerboard. Whereas the guitar is shaped like a pear with six metal strings, 3 bare metal strings, and 4 strings wounded with metal. 

Strings in a guitar are the essential components of the sounds the instrument creates. The thicker the string the lower the pitch of the note will be. The strings attached to the guitar go from thicker to thinner when moving up to down with an increasingly higher pitch. 

As strings become shorter though they also increase in pitch. Moving one fret increases the pitch by one semitone, which was designed that way to produce a change in tone when holding down at different positions of the same string on the fingerboard.  

A guitar’s neck is made up of metallic parts known as frets. A guitar player uses their left or right hand to hold down the stings down in the spaces between the frets which are known as semitones. There are a total of 20 metal frets and 20 semitones in a guitar’s fingerboard. While one hand is used to press down on the fingerboard strings, the other hand is used to strike the chords running through the soundhole — resulting in the guitar melodies we have come to enjoy. 

Sound, Pitch & Vibration

How a guitar makes sounds consists of the instrument’s two sections: the neck and the body with metal wound/unwound string running from either end of the sections. When a string is plucked a vibration is transmitted from the bridge end of the guitar and resonated throughout the top of the instrument. The vibration is also transmitted to the side and back of the guitar which resonates through the air of the instrument’s body and finally producing sound from the soundhole. 

The top of a guitar also called the soundboard, is extremely important as it plays a crucial part in producing sound. It is made up of light wood so that it offers better-transmitted sound than the back or sides of the guitar when a chord is played.

A guitar has a range of nearly four octaves. In music, an octave is an interval whose higher note has a sound-wave frequency of vibration twice that of its lower note. In simpler terms, an octave is a distance between two musical notes that have the same letter name. It is called an octave due to the Latin word for eight ‘octo’ and because there are eight notes in a scale. 

The pitch of sound a guitar makes is determined by the thickness, tension, and length of a string. Guitars are usually made up of six strings varying in thickness and tension which are related to their pitch. Guitar strings are tuned by tightening and loosening the tension by using each string tuning key. Applying tight tension to a string can either raise the pitch of the note or when loosening the tension can lower the note’s pitch. In summary, increasing the tension of a string will raise a note’s pitch. 

Guitar Around Atlanta

Now that you have a better understanding of just how the guitar is built and how it makes its sound, you might consider learning how to play it. Atlanta is a great city to start your guitar musical journey. There have been many musicians and musical groups that have come out of Atlanta especially those with a focus on using the guitar including The Black Crowes, Indigo Girls, Mastodon, and John Mayer. 

Just like these musicians, they all started their guitar journey like everyone else. They have become iconic musical models around Atlanta and the world because of their dedication to finding their unique sound with the guitar. 

An aspiring guitarist can start by taking lessons at some of Atlanta’s best music schools. In East Atlanta’s Edgewood neighborhood, the musical school The Guitar Shed specializes in teaching the guitar to students ages 7+ and of all skill levels. The Guitar Shed also teaches over 10+ instruments in the percussion family. From group lessons to virtual lessons, The Guitar Shed has a class that fits your skill, pace, and location. 

If you are more than a novice and want to take your guitar skills to another level, then a guitar intensive might be the next step in your guitar journey. About 25 miles North East of Atlanta in the suburb of Duluth is the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. 

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) offers complete programs to earn a Guitar Degree or a short length Certificate of Guitar Proficiency. The programs at AIMM are focused on providing opportunities for all alumnae and future graduates in the music industry. The curriculum is intensive with a combination program of classroom instruction and performance opportunities at every level. 

Private Guitar Tutors Around the City

Private guitar tutoring is also a great option when your schedule is always shifting. Hiring a private tutor can work around your weekly schedule and go with your own unique learning style and pace. Online communities like Superprof make it easy to find a guitar teacher. With a large online database of tutors in Atlanta, across the USA, and around the world. 

Face-to-face private guitar instruction is available as well as through online live video instruction. Guitar teachers will really help in understanding the ins and outs of guitar strings, notes, and hand coordination. Superprof also makes finding the right tutor for your learning style easy. A complimentary first session can always be taken, and all sessions are pay as you go, so there is zero commitment always. Being able to play the melodies you’ve always wanted to play are just around the corner, all that is needed is for you to take the first step. 

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