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💰What is the average price of History lessons in Philadelphia?

The average price of History lessons in Philadelphia is $22.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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From a sample of 1 tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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History Lessons In Philadelphia

Importance Of Learning World History

History is a subject that encompasses all countries, ethnic groups, and civilizations. It helps us understand who we are, prepares us to live in this world and society, and teaches us about cultures on a world scale. Learning world history is not only about learning cool facts about how the world came to be as it is today, but it actually helps us understand how every human group behaves and acts the way they do. Learning national history will teach students about their own homelands and the events that shaped them. On the other hand, learning world history will enrich student’s knowledge and teach them an understanding of different points of view. With the world becoming more global, kids will meet more people from different countries, and knowing world history will help them relate with others and respect different cultures. Overall, history classes will prepare students for the college experience, international opportunities, and they could set them out to a successful life abroad. Finally, learning world history will keep future generations from making the same mistakes humanity has made before. A world filled with young people aware of their history will turn into a better, more peaceful, equitable, dignified, and just place. 

Study History With A Private Tutor In Philadelphia

Raise your hand if you or your kid doesn’t like history class. Many people deem history as a boring subject because it requires a lot of memorizing and understanding of political, economic, and justice events that many don’t care about. The problem is not with history but with the way it is being taught. As we mentioned, history is a crucial subject and there’s no way someone could avoid skipping it, so the solution is changing the teaching methodology. If you decide to work with a history private tutor, either for yourself or your kids, you have to look for someone who will make learning the subject more appealing and entertaining. Making a subject interesting depends on what someone does to learn or teach it. A tutor could give students good historical movies to watch and analyze with them, have mock debates, or make up games. They can approach the subject from a different perspective and engage the student with something they’re interested in. They could use current examples to explain some historic events to make the learning more relatable. A history tutoring session doesn’t have to be a lecture like history usually is in the classroom. The tutors can come up with clever solutions for the boredom and you or your kids could change their point of view with the subject and actually start liking it because history is a fascinating subject, the education system is simply not teaching it well. So go ahead and hire a private tutor to help you in history class and see all the knowledge you will gain and how much fun you can have while doing it.

Private Tutoring At A Glance

It’s the job of a private tutor to teach, help, and guide a student through the subject or skill they’re learning. This means that a tutor has to pay attention to the student’s needs, strengths, skills, weaknesses, obstacles, difficulties, and more. Private tutoring was born after a necessity, the necessity students have for more attention throughout their academic life. Our current education system is designed in a way that allows only a few to succeed and blossom because it assumes that everyone learns with the same tools and at the same speed. But this can’t be farther away from reality. Each kid and each student has their own special gift and if we continue to assume that everyone will learn with the same structure we will continue to have generations of kids who hate school. A private tutor can address this issue because they will work side by side with the student, they will understand the way they learn best, and then teach them from a perspective they will comprehend. Let’s say a student is really bad at memorizing but good with numbers. It means they have a logical brain and for them to learn history the subject has to be taught with logical methods. Tutors will help students on any subject but they will also give them study tips, tools, and show them their strengths which will help the student heal their relationship with the school. 

Cost Of Private Tutoring In Philadelphia

There are many private history tutors available around the country. The rate of private history lessons in Philadelphia can be between $15 to $25 per hour. Many factors can influence the price of a lesson but some of the most important ones are the years of experiencing the tutor has if they have certifications, the teaching methods they use, and their knowledge of history. It also depends on the subject of history you want to learn about. If it’s about US history, you’ll probably find a lot of tutors around you teaching this, which can make the price per lesson go lower since there is a lot of competition in that subject. On the contrary, if you are looking for a history tutor that helps you with European, Latin American, Asian, or African history you might have to pay a higher price since there might not be many teachers for these subjects, which means they can charge higher without risk of competition. Another thing to consider and that might change the price is the time of the class. Usually, tutoring sessions are planned for an hour, but if you wish to do them longer they will cost more. Longer courses such as 90-minute classes will cost closer to $50 per class. Keeping prices in mind is extremely important once you start your tutor research. It can make a difference between a good, structured lesson and a crappy one. You can search for history tutors in your area right here on Superprof.

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