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💰 How pricey is physics tuition in Chicago and the surrounding areas?

The average price of a physics course in Chicago is $23 an hour.


Rates will vary depending on:

  • The experience of your tutor
  • Where your lessons will be held (online or at the tutor's place)
  • The number of classes and the duration of each lesson
  • The objective of your physics classes. Eg are you preparing to sit your advanced level physics exam or studying at university level?

97% of private instructors on Superprof give the first session free.


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👨🏼‍⚖️ How many private teachers are available in Chicago to give physics lessons?

In Chicago and the surrounding areas, 68 private physics teachers are available to teach lessons


To find your private tutor, take a look at their tutoring ad to find out more information about their courses.


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💻 Can you take private physics lessons online?

On Superprof, you can learn physics online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your exams, are struggling with coursework, or would just like to improve your physics skills, our tutors can help you.


Many of our tutors also offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private tutors on Superprof offer physics classes via Zoom and most of them give their 1st lessons free!


To find the available online classes, just enter your subject criteria into the search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online courses in your desired subject.


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✒️ How do students rate their physics teachers in Chicago?

Students rated their physics tutors on average 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 9 ratings.


In case of a problem with your course, a customer service manager from the Superprof team will be available to find a solution (by phone or e-mail all week).


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🎓 Why not take private physics lessons in Chicago?

Physics is one of the most difficult subjects in high school. Many teens struggle with physics as it is such a vast subject. There are many areas of study in physics and there are also mathematical elements to physics which many students find difficult.


With the help of a private physics tutor many students are able to excel in this subject.


Take physics classes to learn more about the different areas of physics with a competent teacher.


Whether you want to take private lessons from the comfort of your home or take online classes, pick your private teacher and book your lessons today.


A messaging system is in place to allow you to exchange with your teacher to schedule your lessons whether you want to learn from home or at an outside location.


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What is your motivation to learn physics? 

People from Chicago learn physics for many different reasons. Some are passionate about it and want to learn more every day. Some learn it to become more effective at work or to access jobs in physics like fundamental research or in products and services like working as a consultant for the manufacturing of optical lenses. There are also physics students that are in high school or in a university program that need help to succeed at their exams.

A tutor can help you in your learning process. He can make sure you make progress by using educational tools like evaluations, or quality and up-to-date content. Your tutor will provide you with the best content because he knows where and what to look for to find it. Your money is well invested because you also save time doing the research alone.

If you get a private physics teacher in Chicago, you can get help for your exams. Maybe you don’t understand specific concepts your school teacher presented and you would like to ask questions to someone in a more personal way? Your tutor can spend an hour with you to answer your questions. That’s part of his job.

Finally, a tutor is beneficial for long-term motivation. Your tutor can help you remember why you are studying physics to motivate you.

Now you know what a tutor can bring you, but in the next section of this short guide, we will explain what you should do to be able to make the right decision when you choose a tutor online.

How to find the perfect physics private tutor 

There are many physics tutors in Chicago. Some are young university students that are looking for some form of extra remuneration, others can be full-time private teachers or even full-time teachers that want to help some student outside of the school where they work.

You need to find the right tutor and we found 3 ways to help you do that.

You can first read the description of the tutor online, where you can find information about his location, approximate skill level, and some hints of his personality.

The location is important because it will determine your travel time. You can start looking in your neighborhood and look further if you don’t find one that suits your needs.

Skill level should be appropriate to yours to not pay too much or spend too much time looking for a highly skilled tutor, even if it’s not necessary. Finally, The personality of the tutor you choose should be one that you feel will be compatible with yours. Learning with someone that has a personality like you can make learning physics in Chicago easier and funnier.

If you made your choice, you went to the meeting and got your first tutoring lesson with your tutor but feel like you want to try another, there is no problem. Most tutors offer the first lesson for free to let you try and see how you like it. If you are not fully satisfied, you can simply get another tutor, without any charge.

Your tutor will understand if you choose to change because he is professional and he knows your success is the most important.

Main physics topics 

Physics has four fundamental concepts.

  1. Classical mechanics (Newton)

You might have heard about the story of the man that was sitting under an apple tree, Isaac Newton. Newton published a book that explained the fundamental laws of motion we know today.

The three laws of classical mechanics are, the inertia principle, force equals mass times acceleration, and that when an object exerts a force on a second object, the second one will exert an equal opposite force. The inertia principle means that objects will stay inert, or in motion, as long as no other external force is brought in.

  1. Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism is the study of light, it is one of the four fundamental forces. The other forces are gravity, the weak nuclear force, and the strong nuclear force. More precisely, electromagnetism studies the forces generated by electrons that are charged particles found around the universe.

  1. Relativity

There are many research centers in Chicago where students could be doing experiments on physics like relativity. Relativity is about referential and time. Time might be passing at different speeds, depending on where you are, what is your referential. For example, someone in a rocket that is traveling at 3000 meters per second will not see the time pass at the same speed as people on earth.

You can ask your physics tutor in Chicago about it if you want to learn more about relativity.

  1. Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is the quantitative study of the properties of matter. Thermodynamics experts in Chicago could work on finding the melting temperature of metals like iron or gold. The vibrations of the atoms create energy that is dissipated through heat. The minimum temperature, what we call absolute zero, is -273.15 degrees Celsius, or 0 degrees Kelvin. The entropy at this temperature tends to zero.

Physic research institutes in Chicago

DePaul University Physics Department

This is a university-level physics school. They are located in the Park West neighborhood of Chicago and offer programs in physics for undergraduate, and graduate-level students. You can visit their website if you wish to apply or learn more about them. Also, your physics tutor might know about this Chicago institution.

Kersten Physics Teaching Center

The Kersten Physics Teaching Center is a department of the University of Chicago that is also university level and offers similar undergraduate and graduate-level programs like the DePaul University.

To resume, Chicago is a city that has multiple high-end facilities where you can study physics.

Finally, if you want to study physics, you should do it because nothing is going to stop you from doing so. Whether you choose to join a group class, go to physics events, or get private tutoring, every way is great to improve if you are comfortable with it.

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