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Accounting and Finance tutor in Orange County with more than 7 years of experience!

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I have the ability to change the teaching style based on the student’s preferred method of learning. Not everyone learns and understands a concept the same way. Some are visual learners and some are self-learners. I ask questions, take time to understand student’s strengths and weaknesses, and help students to be confident.

For example, one of my statistics students was struggling to pass the class. She was scared of quizzes and exams and had a lack of confidence. After asking some questions to analyze her strengths and weaknesses, I realized that she learns better by visually comprehending the concepts. I approached teaching her by drawing pictures and told her to write down formulas and put on the wall near her study desk. I told her to look at the drawings every day and memorize the formulas. She gradually gained confidence and ended up getting a B+ when she was failing the course before I met her.


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About Dulshan

Teaching is not a job. It’s a passion. Nothing makes me happier than teaching and seeing students succeed. I have more than 7 years of experience as a tutor. I was a teaching assistant for the managerial accounting course at California State University Fullerton. I also worked as a tutor at the Tutoring Center of Mihaylo College of Business and Economics.

When I realized there are many students struggling to pass their business classes such as accounting and statistics, I started working as an independent tutor on various tutoring platforms in 2015. I enjoyed it so much. Happiness is to see students get good grades after I helped them to understand the course material. I have tutored hundreds of students in different universities such as CSU Fullerton, USC, UCLA, and Pepperdine. Also, I worked with high school students in California for many years. Moreover, I was fortunate to help many K-12 students in low-income families under the NCLB act.

Teaching is my passion! I love what I do. Making a positive impact on someone's life is a noble thing. I am proud to be a part of students' lives helping them to be successful in school.



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