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Paul - Prof reading - West Bloomfield Township


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Adjunct College Professor, Published Author, Produced Playwright Teaches Writing, Reading Fun Manor

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About Paul

Learning should be fun! The more fun I make it, the faster students Learn and want to learn.
In addition to being an Adjunct college Professor, I achieve a learning and fun outcome through a very diverse background of experiences; as a concert promoter, I have worked with many major entertainers (Boy, do I have stories I share!), as a comedian, I make things 'funny', a musician, author, playwright I know the challenges of writing and reading.
As a father, I helped my kids to succeed over their challenges.
I have taught for many years and the number of students is hard to say since I taught classes as an Adjunct Professor at the college level.
My students always left very empowered and hopeful.
They loved me and I loved them!

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Attended the two year Masters of Advertising & Marketing Program at Michigan State University.
Adjunct Professor at Northwestern Graduate school.
Produced Playwright, 3.5 Star Reviews out of 4
Published Author
(I make learning fun) Stand-up Comedian (hobby), Musician, Concert Promoter
Taught My Own Kids and They Taught Me!

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