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Advanced Chinese by AP class to middle school and high school levels in Brooklyn

About the lesson

My name is Amber Lin. Born in China
Currently, study at Brooklyn College
I majored in Accounting because my strength is math and I like to use numbers.
I have passed AP test in high school which includes reading, writing and listening.
It is important to learn an international language.
It is my pressure to teach you.


  • Chinese
  • Vocabulary - Chinese
  • Listening comprehension - Chinese
  • +2

    Writing comprehension - Chinese

    Writing expression - Chinese


  • English


  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • +7



    ILR Level 0

    ILR Level 1

    ILR Level 2

    ILR Level 3


About Amber

I have tough Chinese as a private teacher in downtown Brooklyn to elementary school students.
Normally, I teach ten students in a classroom.
To be well prepared, I usually organize my notes before I teach them because time is short, I want them to learned something valuable.



  • 5h: $100
  • 10h: $200


  • $20/h

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