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William - Prof algebra - Aliquippa


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Algebra Tutor,, Beaver County, PA, BS in chemistry from Cleveland State University

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Combining both classroom and one-on-one tutoring sessions, I suppose I've interacted with hundreds of students. I will admit that I prefer one-on-one tutoring sessions to classroom settings, where discipline can be an issue. I'm sorry, I'm a teacher, not a disciplinarian. Unfortunately, I appear to be so good at tutoring that oftentimes one session is enough to clear up all confusion. For example, I once had an undergraduate student who was having trouble in the interpretation of really old Greek poetry. When she followed my advice and started reading this poetry out loud, trying to put herself into the poet's mind, all misunderstanding evaporated. Similarly, another undergraduate student was having trouble with quantum theory. Her question was, "but what is the quantum?" I replaced the word "quantum" with the word "photon" and reminded her that energy equals Planck's Constant times frequency. To the best of my knowledge she went on to pass her class, probably with flying colors.

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I have experience as a one-on-one tutor for students anywhere from fifth grade to undergraduate school. My "technique" is to disseminate information a little at a time, in the hope that my student(s) will ultimately have their own "Eureka" moment(s) and the indescribable pleasure that goes with such moments. I am also a virtually infinitely patient man. I will spend as much time as necessary with a student to help him or her master some concept which might previously have been unfamiliar to him or her.

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$25 per hour is my basic rate for all students and is largely unaffected by driving distance or anything else. From experience I have found that no session should last more than 90 minutes.

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