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All About Breastfeeding: Is It For You and How To Be Successful

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As a mother who failed breast feeding her first child do to what I thought was being physically unable, found success with my second child through education. However, there were many topics I only learned first hand, such as when a baby is constantly hungry and wants to eat 24/7 that its actually nothing you are doing wrong. I have overcame my obstacles and wish to help other mothers overcome theirs while being brutally honest about how life as a breastfeeding mother can effect you the first few months.

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Breastfeeding does not always come natural. Even though our bodies were made to feed, many women struggle with getting started or reaching there goals. As much as we hear about breastfeeding in the media, is it right for you and your baby? These lessons are designed to educate on the benefits as well as the struggles that come with breastfeeding and how to overcome them.

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