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Art therapy: Creative therapy: Closeing gaps building bonds Building communication, Building self love, Building coping skills Building relationships, Building visions, Building dreams.


**Types of art therapy**
Sketch, writing, journaling, vision board,painting, business folder building, digital, list,notes,and bullet journals,diaries, variety of creative projects specific to student need and topic or area of skill or need.Paper,wood,canvas,clay, photography, paint,
pencils, markers,watercolor,pen art pads, old unused books, cardboard, items easily accessible.
*More to come , as this will always de different and really to the students likening and interest, I can make suggestions, slow you have but you will have creative freedom to express your self as you work through your emotional layers and traumas , as you build your visions,dreams,goals, as you bond. Why you ask because no two of us are the same how boring would that be.An here we are all about self expression, exploration, building a better you , be true to ones true authentic self. We can’t do this if we are holding back who we are to please others as not to make them uncomfortable. Judge free zone.

**Kits for purchase coming soon based on classes
Aligned to self-reflection,love,care,building,goal and visions, plans.

**Speciality masterclass for creative couples : building and repairing relationships and bonds creatively. Message for special pricing on couples classs.

**Classes begin offered:
*self-reflection/ self-love/care
*couples building
*relationship building bonding
: not just for couples, parents and kids,friends,grandparents and kids, even team building.
*over coming trauma and pain, letting go

*future visionaries: planning ,goals, visionaries ,life, career paths, creative business planning.

***Non-art therapy:***

***how to***
*start a creative business *basics

*building a portfolio artist, careers specifically teachers and how to organize digital n print copy.

*high school students freshman to seniors it’s never to early to prepare for the future.
Informational, resources can use art as a visual planning method self choice.

* future visionaries: planning ,goals, visionaries ,life, career paths,business, financial

***Business and creative arts**

Offered by Empowering Beauty
*how to : start a business through parties be organized, business plan vision, obtaining a tax number, how to deal with taxes, pricking products, hiring help, watermarks, where to go for copyrights info, sharing your designs online, resources for possible financial backing
,box subscriptions, monthly subscriptions holiday boxes,themed boxes. Packaging, labels, affiliates,advertising,scheduling, apps to assist , talk about industry trend ,data, tips an tricks to keep it going, down time slow times, ways to cut cost,planning.policy’s

Master class:*start a creative business *
Door hangers*
Paint parties*
DIY CRAFTS* signs ,tiered trays ,ladders, garden related crafts, outdoor games.
Vinyl cutting machine parties* crafts,tees,totes,hats,aprons,etc.
Sewing and embroidery *
*jewelry making *

*Makeup parties*DIY,*makeup overparties,*spa parties
* your own bath /makeup/ candles/ products business *
You will gain knowledge , industry resources, tips , ideas, some plans and forms, techniques *depending on classes you will need to specify if you want techniques ,business,or master class which is both for a minimum group of 10 and all classes will be more than one hour and will be broken down into separate classes by topics technquies,subject,resources etc.policy’s
*Affiliates, *direct sales, *work from home business How accumulate extra income doing what ya do every day. Being on line sharing shopping.

*building a service business: catering,events,lawnservice and landscape, maids,laundry,child care, food truck, holiday decorating, teaching art,tutoring,courier n errands, pet walking and care service.house watch.freelancing, handyman n maintenance,pool cleaning, after event removals, cleanup service, tree service.policy’s

Virtual assistant

Creative business class
Festivals events trade shows fairs what you should know, how to pre pare, organize, how to present,what not to do and good to do onsite tips, how to find them.
* how to plan your own event*when to start , should it reoccur ,
Fundraising events, Festival,craft fair plan, organize advertise etc. insight how to reflect ,grow, build and go forward from events, analysis the data , pay attention to details customers and other vendors.

masterclass event planning party-thrower
Types , plans,contracts,schedules,resources meetings,lining up your resources,organizing info policy’s

Math tutoring offered as well elementary to 5th, licensed Arkansas educator 5 years of experience.
General knowledge tutoring, study skills an testing skills,comprehension and logic

Art therapy:
Creative therapy:
Closeing gaps building bonds
Building communication,self love,relationships, visions,creative companys,math and academic skills.
Most of all we empower every aspect of beauty, and it starts from with in, with ones self,with confidence,with letting go of the baggage that’s holding you down holding you back, all because your holding it an griping it tight.
Learn coping skills , learn other ways to grow build an become a better you ,possibly help others, you may find your purpose through your self relection journey. The only way to find out, to find you, to finally breathe,is to let go, peel back those layers ,express your self through honest true self accountability relection creatively each layer of hurt trauma pain self doubt an blame discover your worth how to love you and how to grow from what your trying to over come.
You can do this creatively with a form of art, but you have toask your self the right question you have to answer them honestly, then you have to reflect grow explore and find you in the mist of the storm . It’s real it’s true it’s honest, it may suck it may hurt, it maybe your way and time to find out how to let this trauma go.along this journey you will find your creative way of coping with things that come up in life and how to communicate with other. You will do this without being anger yelling open minded and willing to look at things from other perspectives.

Creative business building is your start to achieving your dreams planing for future income lineing up your dreams, because nothing is achieved without a well devised plan.get all of what you need to guide you in the right direction and leave with an abundance of knowledge tips resources starting points even gain some creative ideas along the way..


Licensed Educator,
development courses research,
relationship research, courses, and studies
Self Taught online classes 10,000 plus hours
Life Experience-its,
group learning,
naturalist a born ability,
practice, research and development,
Private classes,
visionary workshops,
The most effective experiences that I learned from the most the ones I gained the most knowledge from where the ones I have personally experienced and journeyed though my self.
As you reflect later in life you will also see you greatest lessons came from personal experiences. That’s why it’s so important to help you let go so you are prepared an ready to go out an gain your own personal happy positive experiences. An if the are unpleseant you will have the knowledge and skills to communicate,cope,reflect, an let go an move on.


Rate for online lessons : $25/h


First class is free it’s more of a get to know you and your needs an what’s the end result you want achieve, materials need, best schedules, individual or group, which class your interested in basic techniques communication self talk an questioning and self reflective the letting go course$ 25 an hour ,
informational and resources $25 a class,
Art Techniques an skills an tips $30 an hour class
master class TBA
Festival class one ,one hour class $ 40
Tutoring and academic skills $25 an hour
Couples building class once a month one hour for $50 an guided art, communication tips,reflection,discussion exploration 1 a month before each class. A list of materials an activities needed for each class. This is a 12 month class if you pay monthly it will be $55.00 one time annual fee 600.00- $50.00 discount for-paying in advance $550.00
Two installment the first is 300.00 with the remaining due before month sevens class this will begin in June. Register in advance and receive a free date book, a list of activities and events you can plan or do with your partner to help shape and build bonds. In addition of a list of deep conversational topics.

Contract me if your interested in group craft events locally with in a 25 mile radius for craft hangers yard decor,canvas event, or concrete crafts. Will travel out side of the 25 miles for a travel fee and a party of at least 12 . All parties must be paid for in advance contact for more info and options.

In need of birthday party, event,celebration contact me for all your planning and creative activitiy needs.

Life should always be a happy positive celebration of moments.

Lessons offered by Elizabeth
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Relaxation
  • Art therapy
  • All Levels

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