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Aspiring Math Teacher Looking to Help Students Enjoy Math of All Types

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I think that teach to a students wants and needs is the most important. If a student learns the best by doing practice problems, then we will do practice problems. If a student learns best by reading definitions, then we will read through and discuss text books. If a student learns best by seeing the problems in real world scenarios, then we will practice and solve real world problems. The way I learn best doesn’t matter when I’m teaching; what matters is the way the student learns.


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About Mackenzie

I am a student studying mathematics and education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst! I love teaching math more than I love the subject because I not only love helping students reach that lightbulb moment but also love helping students learn to love math themselves.

I have officially tutored for a semester in high school, but I also unofficially tutored students at my ,oval youth center back home for most of high school. I have also been hired to be a teaching assistant to pre-call courses in Fall 2021 at my university.



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  • Competent and experienced Mathematics and algebra tutor. Fantastic Online lessons at your own pace.


    North Patchogue

    5 (5 reviews)

    My lessons are fun, fast paced and focused, and I am confident that we are going to be very productive. I love...

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