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UT Austin Neuroscience Student offering science, math, and SAT/ACT tutoring for students of all grades


For math and certain sciences (chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry), I teach the subject as a fun puzzle. Physics, math, and chemistry, especially organic chemistry, need consistent practice to master as learning the concept is not enough. For these classes, I teach the concept based on trusted online resources I have used to ace the class in my experience using a lecture based approach, and I present a practice problem to the student and solve it with them. I then supervise two problems as the student solves them, and then I present 3 problems for students to practice on their own. The only way to learn physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and math is for students to practice the skill on their own and become comfortable with it (like riding a bike). For biology and social studies, I lecture in a more traditional format, and I encourage students to ask questions as I go along. I also try to form a concept map on a whiteboard at the end of the lesson as this helps students learn a large quantity of new information and understand related concepts. These techniques have helped me earn an A in my difficult classes with ease in a busy schedule, and they will help your student too. Comfort with problem solving is the key to making "scary" classes easy.


I am a neuroscience student at UT Austin. I have been formally and informally tutoring students since high school. In high school, I assisted students with math tutoring in calculus, precalculus, physics, chemistry, and algebra for the Mu Alpha Theta honor society. Science is my passion, and I live and breathe it. I actively conduct research at UT as I researched Streptomyces bacteria and antibiotic production in high school at UT, I advanced through the competitive NASA High School Aerospace Scholars to spent a week at the Johnson Space Center in junior year of high school, and I currently research at the Fish Behavior lab as a peer mentor at UT under Dr. Mary Ramsey. I also obtained a perfect score on my ACT science section with a score of 35 out of 36 overall. I also excel at math, writing, and college admissions (acceptances at UT Dallas (full ride), A&M, Trinity University, Duke University, and UT Austin.


Rate for online lessons : $12/h


I will charge an additional dollar per hour for every 10 extra miles I drive above 20 miles from my home. I prefer webcam because of convenience and COVID precautions.

Lessons offered by Kevin
The lessons will be held
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Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Other sciences
  • Precalculus & Calculus
  • Natural Sciences
  • College / University Preparation
  • All Levels

Kevin's resume

Kevin Sheth
1113 Native Garden CV
Round Rock, TX 78681

Round Rock High School, Texas
August 2015 - May 2019
Unweighted GPA: 4.0/4.0
Weighted GPA: 5.875/5.0
Class Rank: 1/784
SAT: November 4, 2017 (EBRW- 740/Math- 730/Essay- 18 (1470))
December 2, 2017 (EBRW- 710/Math- 790 (1500))
ACT: September 8, 2018 (35 Composite- 35 English/ 33 Math/ 36 Science/ 34 Reading)
Austin Community College
July 2017- May 2023
GPA: 4.0
Major: Spanish
Honors: President’s Honor Roll
University of Texas at Austin
August 2019- May 2023
GPA: 3.9789
Major: BSA Neuroscience
Minor/Certificate: Core Texts and Ideas
Programmes: Jefferson Scholars Program

Mu Alpha Theta (11th Grade/12th Grade)
National Spanish Honor Society (10th Grade)
AP Scholar with Distinction (12th Grade)
NASA High School Aerospace Scholar 2018 (12th Grade)
National Honor Society (12th Grade)
National Merit Commended Scholar (12th Grade)
Valedictorian (12th Grade)
Jefferson Scholar (Freshmen Year-Present)
CPR First Aid Certified
MOS PowerPoint 2013 Certification
MOS Word 2013 Certification
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) 317 Certification
MOS Excel 2013 Certification
Contact Tracing Certification- Johns Hopkins Course
SkyWarn Certified

English - Fluent/Native (Spoken/Written/Reading/Comprehension)
Gujarati - Home (Spoken/Comprehension)
Spanish- Limited (Reading)

Climate and Meteorology Society
Hours per Week: 2
Weeks: 30
Leadership Role: Secretary (Freshman Year)
Helped organize social gatherings for the organizations (Bowling, Observation Party)
Handled administrative functions to bring guest speakers and organize social gatherings
Tabled and recruited new members into the organization
Planned and managed meetings with guest speakers and relevant lectures on meteorology, hydrology, and climate change
Texas Crew
Hours per Week: 12
Weeks: 12
January 2020- April 2020
Rowed as Bow Seat
Trained from 5AM-7AM (Monday- Saturday) on Lady Bird Lake
Worked in a close team environment to propel our boat forward as smooth as possible
Performed land training on indoor rowing machines 2 days of the week
Jefferson Scholars Program
Avg. hours Spent per Week: 5
Weeks: 16
Years: Freshman
Learned about the core texts that shaped our society
Enriched my college experience through inquiring about the fundamental questions that shape our understanding of our justice system
Read classical texts and apply them to issues of our modern society
Debate current political issues through the lenses of classical texts
Take classes that discuss the fundamental core texts that shape the United States of America
RRHS Student Council
Avg. hours Spent per Week: 1.1 (9-11), 4.25 (12)
Weeks: 40/year
Years: 9, 10, 11, 12
Leadership: Executive Historian (12)
Awards: Class of 2019 Most Valuable Member- Student Council- Fall Semester (9)
Committed over 200+ hours of community service through organization over 4 years of high school
Volunteer and manage volunteers at school and community area events, including Teacher Oscars, Homecoming events, spring and fall carnivals at elementary schools, and recycling
Co-led Spirit Committee for homecoming, advertising and selling merchandise and ran fundraising
Co-lead Energy and Environment Committee, planning and organizing park clean-ups, a carpool campaign, and after-school recycling
Help organize and manage members at events and meetings
Helped volunteers and introduced freshman to RRHS at freshman orientation
Take pictures of and document events as a historian for the TASC (Texas Association of Student Councils)
NASA High School Aerospace Scholars
Hours per Week: 3 (online course)
Hours per Week: 40 (onsite experience)
Online Course: Nov. 2017-Feb. 2018
Onsite Experience: Jun 10-15, 2018
Grade: 99.8/100
Studied aerospace engineering, science, technology, and design through online course
Practiced coding
Worked through activities on getting to Mars, discovering Mars, living on Mars, and working on Mars
Designed a 3D printable multi-tool deemed the “Swiss Army knife of space” by evaluator
Designed a model of a satellite online
Designed, tested, and presented a Martian greenhouse model, rover, and a lander during a week-long competition and mentorship program (all expenses paid) at Johnson Space Center with a team of fellow scholars
Managed research for team and led design of lab
Helped produce final movie documenting the experience of all four teams
Received mentorship from NASA engineers in aerospace design
Discussed Martian travel with NASA scientists and engineers in panel discussions
UT Summer High School Summer Research Academy (UT HSRA)
Hours per Week: 25
Weeks: 5
June 2018-July 2018
Researched Streptomyces bacteria in the soil by streaking plates
Isolated, identified, and sequenced strains of Streptomyces
Tested antibiotic production caused by Streptomyces bacteria and pH
Made bacteria glow with plasmid insertion and “glow” gene
RRHS Model United Nations
Avg. hours Spent per Week: 1
Weeks: 30
Leadership: Secretary (12th Grade)
Grades: 11-12
Awards: Most Active in Debate (GEMUN)
Helped grow Model United Nations as an officer in it as we were only in one conference in my junior grade year, but we are scheduled to be in 4 (including MUNSA) in my senior year
Debated as a representative of a country or a historical figure on CRISIS committee at conferences
Attended biweekly meetings, gleaning and presenting pertinent knowledge of different world events and Model UN procedure
RRHS Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)
Avg. hours Spent per Week: 1
Weeks: 32
Awards: 2nd Place-Area 1 & 4th Place-State (Medical Law and Ethics) (11th Grade)
2nd Place- Medical Law and Ethics (12th Grade)
Grades: 9-12
Networked through HOSA as I learned about UT HSRA and Sundance Premier Memory Care Facility from it
Volunteer at health related events in the community and compete in health science events through HOSA in 9th, 11th, 12th (planned) grades
Discuss and debate upcoming topics in health science with other members at biweekly meetings
Compete in extremely competitive HOSA events
Avg. hours Spent per Week: 1
Weeks: 12
Grades: 11-12
Awards: District Winner (12th Grade- Business Finance)
Helped fundraise for the competition
Competed in Business Finance Event in District and State
Fish Behavior Lab Researcher
Hours per Week: 7
Weeks: 15
January 2020-Present
Performed statistical analysis of collected data on R
Scored and analyzed collected data from experiments- Scototaxis, Route Learning, Sociality, and Boldness Trials
Wrote formal scientific paper on results of social distancing experiment
Ran live trials and assays on fish of the Poeciliidae family
Round Rock Area Serving Center
Hours Worked per Week: 8
Weeks Worked: 4
June 2017-August 2017;
Hours per Week: 5
Weeks Worked: 8
June 2019-August 2019 & December 2019
Carried new donations from cars and organized them by category
Helped with sorting and evaluating whether a donation was to be discarded or used/sold
Organized items and did inventory in the store inside of the center
Guided customers through food pantry and helped them select food
Assisted customers with moving items
Managed and led receiving department on days with newer volunteers
Transcript Research Assistant
Hours per Week: 3
Weeks: 5
October 2019- November 2019
Entered transcript and STAAR test data for the Texas Twins Project into the Redcap database
Followed strict procedure for data entry into REDCap
Organized and cataloged entered data
Evaluated and rechecked entered data for accuracy
Inquired about and learned about lab procedure in psychology labs like the Texas Twins Project
Subway Sandwich Artist
Hours per Week: 15
Weeks: 10
July 2019-August 2019
Reason of leaving job: The job was too far from my college-dorm downtown
Maintained high quality of customer service while working a fast paced operation
Trusted with cash drawer and delivering bank deposits
Maintained clean place to prepare food with high sanitary standards
Assist with restocking of supplies needed.
Strong customer service skills.
Ability to keep customer areas clean and sanitized.
Loaded and unloaded packages as required.
Scanned and entered packages into the tracking system.
Prepared quality sandwiches for customer
Counted inventory of foodstuff
Metroplex Hospital
Hours per Week: 6
Weeks Worked: 5
August 2018-November 2018
Shadow multiple doctors to observe medical procedures, the human side of healthcare (bedside manners), and how doctors and nurses interact with each other and patients in the workplace
Have interesting discussions with doctors on new trends in healthcare (telemedicine, changes in ventilators, role of insurance in healthcare, and the decline of private practice)
Interact with patients and learn about medicine and medical procedure
Discuss medical issues in Veterans and active duty personnel as the hospital is next to Ft. Hood
Mt. Playmore Food Runner/Floater/Security
Reason of leaving job: Work schedule conflicted with school schedule
Hours Worked per Week: 7.5
Weeks Worked: 8
June 2017-August 2017
Worked multiple roles at the Mt. Playmore playscape and restaurant depending on what work was needed that day
Ran food out of the kitchen on days it was needed.
Performed security on weekends to ensure kids were safe and left with parents
Operated the prize booth on some days
Round Rock Public Library Summer Reading Program
Hours Worked Per Week: 6 (2016)/ 3 (2017)
Weeks Worked: 9.5 (2016)/ 6 (2017)
June 2016-August 2016/June 2017-August 2017
Ran the summer reading booth along with a partner for the summer reading program
Helped register kids for the program
Handed out prizes to kids with enough points
Substituted in during last-minute shifts in the event of employee absence
Sundance Premier Memory Care Center
Hours Worked per Week: 2
Weeks Worked: 5
April 2017-May 2017
Managed fun activities for memory-impaired senior citizens, including calling out bingo and playing golf with residents
Dedicated quality time with residents who needed entertaining company and mental stimulation

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