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Bachelor degree of Science in Education by University Jaume I, Castellon Spain. Creative and passionate Spanish teacher with 18 years of experience between Spain and US.

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I am a modern teacher who adapts easily to whatever is thrown in my way. New technologies, cultures, styles of different educational systems are just a few examples. I’ve been flexible in my teaching style. I adapt easily to the way of my students learning, the management of my classroom, or new kinds of lesson plans. The words “high expectations” and “positive mindset” are really important to me.
I have confidence as a teacher but not only in myself, with my students as well. I inspire them to be confident in themselves. In my opinion that helps them to be better human beings.
I am a team player. I am easy to work with. When we work as a team, it provides students a better chance to learn and have fun. I believe communication with colleagues, parents and students is crucial. To be able to talk clear and concise in order to get our point across is very important.
We live in a world that is changing, (curriculum, technology, etc.) so I am proud to keep up with it. Willing to try new things, and questioning my students, making real-world connections and cultivating a creative mindset. My students have to take risks, have to make mistakes and have to learn to collaborate. In this digital age, it is essential to find or create materials and resources for students that will keep them interested.
I always like to introduce and add in my lesson plans Spain cultural aspects, to create in my students a global and intercultural opinions and knowledge.


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About Vicente

All my life since I was 11 years old, I think, I remember that I was very clear that I wanted to be a teacher and especially physical education teacher. My passion for sports, running and teaching started from a very early age. I didn't know at that age what would be coming in my future.

I love working with children, knowing that I will be part of their lives and that all my illusion of teaching, running and living influences in their lives.

As I said before being a teacher is what I love most and what I always wanted to be.

I have been a teacher in a International School for two years. In high school for several years. As a Physical education teacher for more than eight and elementary school principal for four years in Spain. Five years as a Spanish teacher in West Liberty, IA USA. Right now teaching PE in Spanish at NDPA, Layton Utah.

I have run 29 marathons in eight different countries.
Ultramarathons, 10K, half marathons and so many other kind of races. All those years of teaching and running experience have brought to me all the passion that I have and every day I love even more what I do.
I love my work, and I am proud of myself, and to create in my students illusion to learn, to enjoy and to grow as human beings.



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