Jessica - Prof baking - Philadelphia

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Jessica - Prof baking - Philadelphia
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Bakery owner with 17 years experience looking to teach beginning bakers.

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About Jessica

I have not had 'formal' teaching experience, but I believe my hands on experience gives an edge on real life situations. Students will also receive that hands on training as well at my bakery. I've trained several ladies who have stayed with me for years, whom have which have become very successful!

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Graduated with an Associate's degree in Pastry arts and have been baking in restaurants for over 15 years.

We will cover a broad range of basic skills and techniques over the course of the 6 week curriculum.
Anyone looking to learn about baking and pastry will be the perfect student!
Each student will learn a skill, which will be demonstrated during class and will be required to practice at home and take notes. Each assignment will be evaluated in the beginning of the next class. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn!
Very casual, down to earth approach. Students should feel comfortable with communicating during class and after via email.

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