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  • Biology
  • Cell biology
  • Genetics
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  • Physiology
  • Molecular biology
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Biochemistry student offering biology and math tutoring with over 2 years of experience. Remote tutoring only.


I walk students through problems, but ultimately want them to develop an understanding (rather than memorize information) of the material. I often have students explain concepts back to me to ensure they understand. Students can contact me by email at any time and I am quick to respond to questions.


I am a rising senior biochemistry student at Simmons University. I have had experience tutoring both biology and calculus in the past. I also have been a teaching and learning assistant for 2 years and have experience with clearly answering students' questions. I love helping students!


Rate for online lessons : $14/h
Lessons offered by Bethany
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Biology
  • Cell biology
  • Genetics
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Molecular biology
  • All Levels

Bethany's resume

Simmons University, Boston, MA Bachelor of Science Expected: May 2021
Biochemistry; Minor in Biostatistics
Honors: Dean's List, Honors Program, GPA: 3.99
Marine Science Magnet High School, Groton, CT Diploma: June 2017
Honors: Valedictorian of Class, GPA: 4.48
Simmons University:
Passionate Leaders Program March 2020-August 2020
Mentor: Dr. Cassandra Saitow and Dr. Nakeisha Cody
โ— Conducted an extensive literature review on the effects of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) on
cancer and non-cancer cell migration. Composed a scientific review paper to publish.
Student Research Assistant September 2019-May 2021
Mentor: Dr. Cassandra Saitow
โ— Investigate the effects of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) on 3T3 fibroblast cell migration and
proliferation in scratch wound, invasion, and endothelial tube formation assays.
Summer Research Assistant: SCARP Program May 2018-July 2018
Mentor: Dr. Cassandra Saitow
โ— Analyzed the effects of Mangifera indica and Rubus idaeus on cell proliferation and scratch wound
healing time via cell culture, Polymerase Chain Reaction, gel electrophoresis, and RNA extraction.
Brown University:
Summer Research Assistant with the Leadership Alliance SR-EIP June 2020-August 2020
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Bartnikas
โ— Investigated how expression of the manganese transporter, SLC30A10, contributes to colorectal
cancer. Mined datasets to determine if the gene, Slc30a10 is downregulated in colorectal cancer.
Summer Research Assistant with the Leadership Alliance SR-EIP June 2019-August 2019
Mentor: Dr. Robbert Creton, Grant: National Eye Institute: R01 EY024562
โ— Worked to develop novel assays to test treatments for visual disorders, using Danio rerio. Analyzed
the optomotor response of zebrafish to moving visual and acoustic stimuli and measured the loss
and recovery of vision over time.
Simmons University:
Organic Chemistry Learning Assistant (LA) September 2019-May 2020
โ— Answered studentsโ€™ questions and assist students with understanding organic chemistry concepts
during the problem solving sessions
Calculus I and II Tutor September 2018-May 2021
โ— Guide students through their homework problems and provide suggestions on how to study the
material for exams
Chemistry 113 Learning (LA) and Teaching Assistant (TA) September 2018-December 2018
โ— Helped students with lab techniques, including absorbance spectroscopy and paper
โ— Worked with students to help them develop an understanding of course material, during a
problem-solving session, where they work on real-world application case studies
Panera Bread:
Dining Room Associate and Cashier May 2017-January 2019, Medical Leave: January 2019-Present
โ— Maintained a clean and friendly dining room atmosphere and close the restaurant
โ— Communicated clearly to meet customersโ€™ needs and resolve complaints
Simmons University:
Campus Activities Board- President, Vice President September 2018-May 2021
โ— Research, organize, advertise, and carry out a variety of campus-wide events
โ— Lead club meetings, delegate tasks, and motivate others
Sustainability Club- Treasurer September 2017-May 2021
โ— Create and submit budgets for club
โ— Implement sustainable structural changes at Simmons
โ— Empower students to become involved in environmental activism
Boston Teachers Union Pilot School:
Teaching Assistant Volunteer September 2017-December 2017
โ— Assisted 5th grade class with their math classwork
โ— Helped teacher plan assignments and supervised students at recess
POLYED Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry May 2019
โ— Recognizes a Simmons University undergraduate student with the highest grade in organic
chemistry, who has also excelled in the organic chemistry lab
Kotzen Scholar September 2017-May 2021
โ— Most prestigious merit award offered at Simmons University
โ— Covers full tuition and room and board and provides a stipend
Girl Scout Gold Award January 2017
โ— Focused on better preserving and sharing Lisbon, CT town history
โ— Sorted, scanned, labeled, and published online over 4,000 valuable historical photographs and
held an Open House to showcase preserved photographs
Science of PFAS Conference, Framingham, MA Rescheduled to: December 1, 2020
Leadership Alliance National Symposium (LANS), Virtual August 1, 2020
Brown University Summer Research Symposium, Providence, RI August 1, 2019
Leadership Alliance National Symposium (LANS), Hartford, CT July 27, 2019

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