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¬ę Perfect! Correction de tr√®s grande qualit√© assortie de conseils avis√©s pour... More ¬Ľ
¬ę Perfect! Correction de tr√®s grande qualit√© assortie de conseils avis√©s pour l'examen. ¬Ľ
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Lessons offered by Linda
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  • at her home
  • By webcam
Taught subjects
  • ESL
  • Writing expression - English
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Adult Education
  • College
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • ILR Level 2
  • ILR Level 3
  • ILR Level 4
  • ILR Level 5
  • Other
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Of British nationality, but an Australian citizen, I tutored and mentored secondary school and university students for nearly 17 years. I have a Masters in English Literature & a Post-Graduate Certif


An English teacher for 17 years, based in Sydney and Bali, I am now living in Paris, working as an English teacher, translator and copy-writer. Given my prior working history, my advanced English skills, my unique teaching techniques in both private lessons and group work, and the fact that I worked as a researcher and journalist for Australian television and magazines, using my english abilities, I feel I am an English teacher with rich and varied experiences that allows me to comfortably work within in any of the above areas.

An Australian, of British nationality, I hold an MA in Literature, a post-graduate degree (TESOL) in teaching English (both issued by Macquarie University, Sydney). Having worked in secondary education and the university for nearly 17 years, and in private tutoring and Skype tutoring from home, I have extensive experience in the field of training and I possess all the pedagogy required for this position . I am at your disposal for any questions and would love to offer a first lesson to discuss your needs


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and response guaranteed. Linda will plan your first lesson with care.


The below testimonials are from Australian and international students, and students I have taught Skype (I have many more - this is a sample):

Testimonial 1
From: kara sandler (MASADA)
Sent: Tuesday, 5 May 2012
Hi Linda,

I heard you were leaving to live in Europe, and would be tutoring over there. So I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help me achieve the marks I did, and to remind you of just how much you helped.

By the end of yr 11 I was ranked in the 20s out of 40 students, before any tutoring. By the end of trials in Yr 12 I was ranked 8 out of 40. My mark for English at the end of HSC was 93 and my UAI mark was 95.85

Clearly there is no doubt that my HUGE improvement in English was because of you!

Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort
Best of luck for the future
Love Kara

Testimonial 2
Sent: Wednesday, 13 May 2013

Hi Linda,
I've been meaning to call you for a long time now!

Just wanted to let you know that I got 92% for my HSC English exam mark and am very, very happy with it. I'm currently at Macquarie studying a Bachelor of International Communications. So a big thank you to you for everything you did last year - your tutoring helped me tremendously!

Thanks again for everything, Kelly.

Testimonial 3:
From: Darrianne (BARKER)
Sent: Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Thank you so much for everything and good luck in Bali and France!

Our son Tyson was enrolled in an exclusive boys school for years 7 to 12, leaving in 2007.
Tyson is an intelligent boy but we found that he was struggling with his comprehension and structure of essay’s for English even though the teaching standard was supposed to be of a high quality.

We engaged Linda Hamilton Evans as our son’s tutor for a period of 3 years and found that Linda connected with Tyson in a fashion that he could understand and filled in all the gaps that he had somehow managed to miss at school.

Tyson went on to achieve a UAI of 92.3 and we attribute much of this success to Linda’s tutoring intervention and would have no hesitation in recommending her talents for future children to achieve great results for English.

Yours sincerely,
D Donnelly

Testimonial 4:
From: Tom Shearman (NORTH SYDNEY BOY'S HIGH)
Sent: Thursday, 25 January 2015


For my results, I got over 90 in all my subjects, and a 93 in English Advanced. I got a UAI of 98.35, which got me comfortably into my Media Communications course at Sydney Uni, which I have accepted and deferred.
I'm looking for full time work, and I have a casual job for summer. Hopefully by winter I'll have saved enough money to travel to South America.
I'd like to thank you again for all your help over the last 2 years, and I hope we can stay in touch as you have been amazing.
Cheers, Tom Shearman

Testimonial 5:
From: Joshua Kangisser (MASADA)
Sent: Sunday, 10 May 2012

Hi Linda,
I have attached a testimonial as I really hope you’re going to continue to help students when you move to Europe!
I am currently studying at Macquarie University, doing a double degree of Commerce & Law, after graduating from high school. I attended a small private school, where the students were extremely competitive, fighting for the best internal ranks.

English was never a strong point for me. I sat Advanced English, but continued to struggle, floating near the bottom of my year group. Therefore, at the beginning
of year 11, I started attending a tutor who had quite a good reputation.

However, throughout the 11th and most of the 12th grade, my marks never got better.

In a state of desperation and absolute frustration, I left my previous tutor. I was in a stressed state as internal end of year exams were only a few weeks away. On recommendation, I contacted Linda who listened to my case & very kindly squeezed me into her full schedule.

Given the short time I received lessons with Linda before the Internal exams, my understanding of what was required in the course began to broaden. She also introduced me to new techniques and approaches to an essay, helping me re-build my approach to exams. Sadly it wasn't enough time to significantly improve my marks, and i finished ranked 26 out of a group of 40.

However, in the period before finals, I worked very closely with Linda, as she dedicated much of her time to helping me practice and develop my essay strategies, also marking essays of mine.

Linda's brilliance wasn't just in her ability to teach me to grasp the question and correctly formulate a sophisticated response; her true brilliance was in the way she gave me a new level of confidence, to such a high extent I could freely write an essay to my best ability. Whereas before my low confidence just helped my marks spiral downwards

As a result, I climbed to achieve a final exam mark of 95 - being the 2nd highest in the year group. This was even better then a select few of my friends who I never dreamed of beating, having never previously received higher marks then them in any given section of an exam. My internal mark was 84, however with my 95 and 84 combined, it averaged to 90, thus being in the top performance band.

I never dreamed of receiving a Band 6 in English, but having done so, it helped me achieve a UAI of 96.9, thus paving the way into my degree of choice.



Transportation Fee : $5
Rate for online lessons : $56/h


In terms of rates, a lot will depend on the level of work and preparation necessary, and the standard of the individual student. If the student has the ability to work on Skype, the rate is cheaper

Lessons offered by Linda
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • ESL
  • Writing expression - English
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Adult Education
  • College
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • ILR Level 2
  • ILR Level 3
  • ILR Level 4
  • ILR Level 5
  • Other
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Linda's resume

Private Consultancy (17 years in this metier): English tutor for business school students, masters and those preparing for their baccalaureate.

My goals are to improve the standard of written English and to offer a more detailed and challenging knowledge of the language through exercises that are designed to engage, to share my knowledge of the amazing aspects of the English language, and to help students attain their required marks for further education or for English in general


* Working with the directors and managers of large organisations who want to improve their comprehension of English as a Second Language
* Preparation for TOEIC
* Preparation for TOEFL
* Working on translated copy to improve on the literal (though often incorrect) translation. I bring copy to life, giving it originality through use of sophisticated language

* Tutor in English literature;
* Mentor - Business School studies; HR;
* Mentor for Masters' students and those preparing for their baccalaureate.

My goals are to improve the standard of written English and to offer a more detailed and challenging knowledge of the language through exercises that are designed to engage, to share my knowledge of the amazing aspects of the English language, and to help students attain their required marks for further education or for English in general

1998 - 2002
* Editor of the magazine and journalist.
* Responsible for the the total design and editorial content of a 30-page magazine.
* At the end of my mission, I designed a model simplifying the work for the production team, and facilitating publishing of a monthly iissue

1998 - 2002 THE WORLD AROUND US - Australia
* Researcher and television journalist - assistant producer;
* Mission - to establish and create two documentaries about France
* Responsible for writing the screenplay for both documentaries and the organization of shooting teams and sound (cameramen and soundmen)

I created and opened two private educational school deemed to be the leading schools in Australia. One specialised in Hotel Management; the other in English as a Second Language

After 10 years, I went to develop, open and manage two resorts and restaurants in Bali (Indonesia) where I held the position of Director, in charge of development of the activity and promotion.

Managing Editor - Director

* In charge of the drafting of articles, formatting articles, proofreading, modifications and graphic concept.
* For this position I worked directly with the authors.


2015 - 2016 WSET: Sommelier Course, Level 3
2013 - 2014 WSET: Sommelier Course, Level
February 2009 MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY, Sydney, Australia.
English Literature Masters
Post-graduate Diploma in English Study English as a Second Language

LANGUAGES: ‚ÄĘ English: Mother tongue ‚ÄĘ French: Fluent ‚ÄĘ Italian: A good understanding

INTERESTS: ‚ÄĘ Oenology - I particularly like trying new wines ‚ÄĘ Travel - due to my work, I have the chance to travel extensively ‚ÄĘ Cooking - I particularly like trying new restaurants as always curious to discover new concepts, chefs and styles of food ‚ÄĘ Literature ‚ÄĘ Art ‚ÄĘ Music ‚ÄĘ Cultural activities

The 58 reviews on Linda
  • 5/5

All our ratings are collected by us and are in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

Perfect! Correction de très grande qualité assortie de conseils avisés pour l'examen.


Excellent! Très pédagogue pour ce 1er cours. Je donnerais un avis plus détaillé par la suite mais très bonne approche

Vitor Hugo

Perfect! Linda is definitely the teacher you are looking for if you aim to be high-level skilled in English. She really knows how to make you crack the TOEFL test. Thanks to her teaching methods and strategies I got my highest scores!
108 overall (8 above LSE`s requirement) 26 reading (3 above LSE`s requirement), 28 listening (6 above LSE`s requirement), 26 speaking (4 above LSE`s requirement), and 28 writing (4 above LSE`s requirement).
Besides, she is a very kind and funny person to have around when you are studying, which, I believe, plays a key role in bringing results to her students. By setting a friendly environment in her classes Linda increased my productivity making me less stressed about the test and my difficulties.
It is thanks to her help I`ll be counted among the students of one of the most renowned academic institutions in the world.

Linda's response

What a brilliant achievement in a relatively short period of time (I am so proud of you Vitor, and SO excited you'll be studying at LSE!)

It has been a truly rewarding experience working with Vitor who has completed all his tasks with a passion and dedication that merit the high score he achieved in his TOEFL. Our sessions have always involved a lot of laughs and I've been pleasantly surprised each week to read his essays that seemed to improve overnight. Hopefully we'll have some opportunities to work together again in the future


Perfect! Linda est une femme et professeur remarquable. Ses cours sont motivants, sa méthode performante qui permet de faire des progrès rapidement. Très bon niveau d'écoute. A recommander.

Linda's response

Working with teenagers who are already very talented in English is extremely rewarding - and Jean falls into this category! Each week he challenges himself, asks the right sort of questions and always completes the work I have given him the lesson before. His improvement is obvious, and os reflected in his recent marks, and his thirst to learn more and to tackle challenges is so lovely to witness. I really look forward to our sessions!


Perfect! Linda is a great teacher, very encouraging, and at the same time very honest in her assessment. Her courses are creative and stimulating. She provides me with loads of interesting material to work on my key problems: phrasal verbs, linking words, enriching my vocabulary, etc. Linda has a very rich vocabulary, so it's a pleasure to talk to her during the course. She has a huge experience in preparing for different kinds of tasks: tests, writing assignments, interviews, public speaking,... I was lucky to having found her.

Linda est un prof formidable, très encourageante, elle n'hésite pas à évaluer les connaissances de façon précise et honnête. Elle identifie très vite les lacunes et dispose d'une grande quantité d’exercices pour travailler sur vos problèmes clés. Elle a une grande expérience et peut vous préparer à des épreuves de différent type: tests d'anglais pour entrer dans une école britannique/américaine, présentation en public, entretien, ...

Linda's response

I really look forward to my weekly sessions with Anna as she loves challenging herself and willingly accepts the tasks I set her each week! We move between grammatical exercises, written tasks, discussions, and listening exercises and Anna honestly excels in each! Although originally she contacted me to prepare her for an oral job interview / presentation, our lessons have evolved into wiring essays, business correspondence, film reviews and conversations that flit from one subject to another without Anna needing to prepare herself for the changes in topic. It's extremely gratifying working with Anna!


Perfect! Linda est une excellente professeure d'Anglais. J'ai cours avec elle plusieurs fois par semaine pour améliorer mes compétences en écriture. Elle m'a aider a faire des devoirs d'ecrit de 5000 mots. Grace a elle j'ai repris confiance en moi et compris comment correctement ecrir un essay. De plus, elle me corrige et m'explique mes erreurs grammaticals de façon a m'eviter de les reproduire. En quelques seances, j'ai fais beaucoup de progrés. Linda a une vraie methode de travail pour faire progresser ses eleves, elle est tres gentille et a l'ecoute.
Je continuerai avec elle tout au long de mes etudes universitaire et Je la recommande vivement.

Linda's response

I love working with people who are committed and who share my love of the English language! Almes has developed enormously - her mastery of English in essay writing is a joy to witness. I'm so happy that she has decided to continue with academic English for the rest of her post-graduate studies as, quite honestly, her English is better than many English speakers I know, and it will be such a pleasure watching her continue to develop!


Perfect! Ce fut un grand plaisir de rencontrer Linda, qui est une excellente professeure d'Anglais. J'ai eu cours avec elle une fois par semaine pendant un mois et demi. Elle fournit des ressources d'une qualit√© exceptionnelle. Gr√Ęce √† elle, j'ai repris confiance en moi et r√©ussi √† atteindre le score que je souhaitais au TOEFL (111). Je la recommande sans r√©serve !

Linda's response

Karolina first came to me to prepare for her TOEFL exam, and I realise straight away how dedicated she was and how much she loved pushing her boundaries in order to succeed.

It is such a pleasure to work with someone whose level of English is better than most English native speakers! And to now have the opportunity to work with Karolina again, in a more academic capacity, where the focus is on writing critical essays for her GRE Academic exam, is so refreshing as I watch her tackle extremely challenging written tasks that are normally undertaken by English speakers at a postgraduate level!

It goes without saying that, to have reached this level and to have the ability to pass this exam with high grades, Karolina is a major achiever with an incredible gift!


Perfect! How I can describe Linda ? There are so many words !!
She is the best teacher I've ever had. I enjoy learning English with her. In a few weeks, I feel that my level has progressed significantly.
Don't be afraid. She will listen to you and encourage you.
She is patient, kind, competent, professional.
She is a person who will take care of you. That's why you will succeed with her, I'm convinced.

Linda's response

Melanie - it is such a pleasure to work with a student who is not only committed and dedicated, but who has made such an enormous progress in such a short time! I love reading the little essays you have been writing, and love the way you have embraced the idea of 'working outside the square' as we explore different ways of appreciating the English language!

On top of that I really look forward to our sessions together as you are so enthusiastic and receptive to these new exercises that I have created to get us through this 'lockdown'

Thank you for your lovely review - and keep working on your project for this week!


Perfect! Fantastique professeur ! Gr√Ęce √† elle, j'ai obtenu tr√®s rapidement une note bien sup√©rieure √† celle que j'esp√©rais √† l'examen du TOEFL. Linda sait parfaitement cerner les besoins de l'√©l√®ve et sa m√©thode de travail est redoutablement efficace ! De plus, elle est extr√™mement sympathique et les cours sont tr√®s agr√©able.

Linda's response

Thank you Ilan - and congratulations, not just on your amazing TOEFL mark, but on getting a scholarship to do your Masters at Yale!! If anyone deserved to do so well it's you, given your dedication and commitment. I'm so glad to be working with you again as we tighten up your essay skills for your new academic year in the USA! Plus, on another note, you're just such a lovely person to work with :)


Perfect! What a fantastic professor!

Linda m'aide à préparer le TOEFL IBT pour lequel nous travaillons toutes les épreuves. Je dois mettre en lumière son sens de la perfection, notamment pour la partie writing pour laquelle je dois obtenir 27/30.

Elle exigeante et place la barre très haute, mais c'est ce que je cherche! Cela me pousse à être critique sur mon travail et, surtout, travailler davantage.

En outre, Linda m'a aid√© √† chacune des √©tapes de mes candidatures en Master of Laws, au Royaume-Uni. Il ne fait aucun doute qu'elle jouera un r√īle d√©cisif dans le succ√®s de mon parcours acad√©mique.

Linda's response

Definitely a star student! Allan has a dedication and commitment to improve and a fastidious approach to achieving this! He deserves to do well as he has thrown himself completely into the challenge and has accepted my advice and criticisms with grace and understanding. An absolute pleasure working with him - and Allan, all the very best luck on your new academic journey!

36 recommendations


Linda a été capable de cerner les difficultés que j'avais avant de passer le TOEIC. Résultat : j'ai obtenu un résultat au delà de mes attentes. Linda est à l'écoute, claire dans ses explications et donne toutes les armes pour réussir le TOEIC.

Je recommande fortement.


Linda est une prof exceptionnelle: elle est toujours disponible, elle est rapide , elle a très vite et bien cerné mon fils de 18 ans! Elle est à son écoute et l’aide à prendre confiance en lui en anglais!
Gr√Ęce √† elle, mon fils a eu pour la 1√®re fois en 3 ans une note suffisante!
Merci Linda!
Je la recommande vivement
Catherine de Suisse


Linda est très professionnelle et sa méthode est vraiment efficace pour progresser. Grammaire, composition écrite, conversation, vocabulaire et culture, elle fait avancer sur tous les aspects. C'est un réel plaisir de travailler avec elle !


Je prends actuellement des cours avec Linda .
Linda est une très bonne pédagogue , un professeur qui a su adapter mes besoins à un programme spécifique pour moi, qui me permet de progresser , sans forcément tomber dans la didactique classique.
Toujours à l’écoute et toujours prête à te motiver.
Je la recommande vivement


Linda est vraiment la professeur id√©ale si vous souhaitez int√©grer une universit√© √©trang√®re. Elle m'a aid√© de bout en bout dans le processus d'inscription de la London School of economics. Elle m'a d'abord inform√©e et aid√© √† trouver les cours qui me correspondraient. Puis, j'ai pu gr√Ęce √† elle r√©pondre au niveau d'exigence attendu. Je devais avoir un Toefl de 100 pour √™tre √©ligible et gr√Ęce √† ses cours tr√®s performants j'ai eu un Toefl de 110. De plus, elle m'a aid√©e √† faire ma lettre de motivation, qui doit avoir un format et un contenu tr√®s sp√©cifique. Enfin, elle a √©t√© √† mes c√īt√©s pour finaliser mon inscription.


Linda m’a permis non seulement à me remettre à parler anglais mais également à progresser de manière significative. Patiente, gentille, compréhensive, donne du travail mais surtout des bons conseils. Je recommande bien évidemment sans aucuns problèmes


Linda est une professeure compétente avec laquelle je prends du plaisir à apprendre l'anglais. En quelques semaines, je sens que mon niveau a progressé de manière significative. Elle adapte ses cours aux besoins individuels de l'élève et son approche est très humaine.


Linda est un excellent professeur d'anglais. elle sait faire travailler la grammaire de façon ludique et applique des méthodes qui permettent de progresser rapidement. D'origine Australienne, la conversation avec elle est facile et fluide. Elle corrige et explique nos erreurs de façon à nous éviter de les reproduire. Je la recommande vivement!


Linda a une vraie méthode de travail pour faire progresser ces élèves. Elle combine à la fois des moments d'échanges sur différents sujets afin de pratiquer à l'oral et elle propose des exercices personnalisés en fonction de nos faiblesses et nos points à travailler. Elle est à l'écoute, et cible selon chacun les progrès à faire.


Linda m'a √©t√© recommand√©e par des conf√®res qui avaient progress√© gr√Ęce √† ses cours. Elle a une r√©elle proximit√© avec son √©l√®ve pour l'aider √† apprendre ou √† √©voluer. Elle sait s'adapter au milieu professionnel dans lequel son √©l√®ve √©volue.
Souriante, aimable et très professionnelle, elle rend plus abordable et agréable les cours d’anglais. Eric

Interview with Linda

QUESTION 01 | 08
Parlez-vous couramment cette langue en raison de vos origines ou parce qu'un professeur vous a donné envie de l'apprendre ?
Linda ‚ÄĒ N√©e en Angleterre de parents australiens et afrikans passionn√©s par la litt√©rature, j'ai grandi avec un flair et une passion pour ma langue, ce qui n'a √©t√© valoris√© et encourag√© que par le plus formidable professeur de litt√©rature anglaise de mes ann√©es au secondaire.
QUESTION 02 | 08
Citez le personnage vivant, historique ou fictif qui est, selon vous, le représentant emblématique de la culture en question !
Linda ‚ÄĒ Je ne suis pas s√Ľr de la culture √† regarder ici - ma culture (qui est diverse du fait que je n'ai jamais v√©cu dans un m√™me lieu pendant une longue p√©riode - j'ai donc de nombreux pays d'origine) ou la France qui est maintenant chez moi ...

En général, je m'inspire de la musique, de l'art et de la littérature - de tous les genres. Donc, je ne saurais pas qui choisir ... de Shakespeare à Faulkner; de Blake à TS Eliot; de Da Vinci à Picasso; de Mozart à Piaf…. Des genres entiers inspirent; les individus moins
QUESTION 03 | 08
Y-a-t-il, dans celle-ci, un mot, une expression, une tradition ou un comportement typique qui vous amuse particulièrement ?
Linda ‚ÄĒ Les paroles de Coco Chanel refl√®tent le mieux ma vie: "J'ai d√©cid√© qui je voulais √™tre, et c'est qui je suis".
QUESTION 04 | 08
En quoi savoir parler cette langue est important, que ce soit scolairement, professionnellement ou d'un point de vue plus personnel ?
Linda ‚ÄĒ L'anglais n'est pas seulement une langue mall√©able et une langue riche en diversit√© avec ses m√©andres, elle est aussi sans aucun doute la langue internationale des affaires et de la communication et la langue du monde virtuel.
QUESTION 05 | 08
Quelle est la difficulté principale de cette langue et ce qui peut favoriser son apprentissage ?
Linda ‚ÄĒ L'un des cauchemars des locuteurs de notre langue serait nos 'phrasal verbs' qui sont extr√™mement importants car beaucoup ont pratiquement remplac√© le verbe original. Etre capable de les utiliser confortablement fait une diff√©rence dans la fluidit√©. En fait, il y a une demi-douzaine de domaines cl√©s de l'anglais qui peuvent poser des probl√®mes, mais une fois ma√ģtris√©s, le locuteur de langue seconde aura une ma√ģtrise beaucoup plus riche de l'anglais
QUESTION 06 | 08
Une anecdote en rapport avec votre métier ou votre scolarité à nous raconter ?
Linda ‚ÄĒ Quand j'ai commenc√© √† enseigner √† Paris, je croyais que, m√™me si j'avais un double master en anglais, je ne le ferais que pendant une br√®ve p√©riode, car j'avais toutes les intentions de poursuivre mon autre parcours professionnel - l'Ňďnologie. Cependant, j'ai trouv√© un tel plaisir √† regarder mes clients approfondir leurs connaissances et leur ma√ģtrise de l'anglais, que j'ai choisi de faire de cette carri√®re ma carri√®re.
QUESTION 07 | 08
Aidez-nous √† vous conna√ģtre un peu mieux en √©voquant vos diff√©rents voyages.
Linda ‚ÄĒ D'origine australienne, j'ai toujours eu une passion pour tout ce qui est fran√ßais et j'√©tais donc d√©termin√©e √† d√©m√©nager ici pour vivre un jour. C'est arriv√© - mais d'une mani√®re tr√®s d√©tourn√©e. Ma vie ant√©rieure m'a amen√© dans presque tous les pays asiatiques pour affaires lorsque je poss√©dais un groupe de centres √©ducatifs priv√©s; ensuite en Inde o√Ļ j'ai pass√© plusieurs ann√©es en tant que deisgner de la mode et de la bijouterie; en europe des dizaines de fois au cours des ann√©es √† partir de 15 ans; et juste avant de d√©m√©nager en France, j'ai pass√© 12 ans √† Bali dans le d√©veloppement d'h√ītels et de villas priv√©es. Ma vie a donc toujours √©t√© consacr√©e √† l'emballage des valises et √† l'embarquement dans les avions. Jusqu'√† pr√©sent - comme je suis enfin o√Ļ j'ai vraiment l'impression d'√™tre chez moi.
QUESTION 08 | 08
Qu'est-ce qui fait de vous un Superprof, en + de cette capacité à s'exprimer en plusieurs langues ?
Linda ‚ÄĒ Je pense que je repr√©sente la langue anglaise sous sa meilleure forme comme une langue que j'adore pour toutes ses complexit√©s et pour ses simplicit√©s. Ajoutez √† cela le fait que rencontrer des gens et enseigner sont deux de mes passions, ce qui explique sans doute pourquoi certaines semaines, je travaille plus de 70 heures!

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My teaching methodology is very interactive, engaging and energetic. The best way to learn a language is by using it as much...

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Would you like to improve your English? With me, learn and enhance your English to improve in school as well as in your professional life!
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Would you like to speak English without an accent? Without spelling or grammar errors? Would you like to use your English...

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New York
English Online: Master's Degree in TESOL and 13 years of teaching experience
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I have been teaching since 2004 and have an Ed.M in TESOL. I have taught in the U.S.A. and abroad. I am fluent in Spanish...

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Rochester Hills
Princeton Ph.D. and published author teaches French, Spanish, and English to ages 11-70
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I learned French from my father, between birth and 4 years of age and Spanish from my aunt, between three and 11. I took...

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Paris 8e, France
English lessons for all Ages, all educational levels, All situations, By English professor, English written, oral, grammer, and vocabulary lessons,
  • (123 reviews)

Hello everyone, I am an English teacher offering English classes for all and all levels. I am anglophone only in English,...

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Paris 1er, France
Teacher & Coach (Studies in England) +100 students / All levels English and Spanish (Native)
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I studied English in England and I speak English since I was a child, and after having learned 3 languages, taught and...

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Rapid City
Tutor For Hire,Business, Social Science, ESL, Mandarin Chinese, General Mathematics & History
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I have an MBA, BA in Social Science; I am currently working on my Doctorate degree in Psychology, have taught ESL for more...

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Super ESL teacher offers customized classes to individuals or small groups.
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My classes are fun and always include several different kinds of activities to make the classes interesting, super-useful,...

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Carpentras, France
ENGLISH. As an experienced teacher, I offer individual and group lessons, at home or at home, in ENGLISH for all ages and levels. LET'S SPEAK FRANÇAIS
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I am a creative and inventive teacher with very good communication skills and a lot of experience to share. I love helping...

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Paris 18e, France
Initiation or homework assistance in foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčeverywhere through web and only with web
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During my school and university career I have learned that two languages, English and Spanish. But from the moment I started...

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Marseille 2e , France
Business English Lessons by webcam with a qualified and experienced American Teacher.
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I was born in Miami, United States. Teaching is my passion and I have more than 10 years of experience teaching English as a...

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Paris-13E-Arrondissement, France
Experienced teacher gives private English courses for all levels in Paris 13th district
  • (27 reviews)

Young woman gives English courses for all levels (adults, children and teens). Professional experiences in Great Britain and...

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ESL Instructor with 30 years experience teaching all levels. I specialize in accent reduction and speaking skills.
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I believe that students learn best in a relaxed atmosphere; therefore, I’m always cheerful and ready to answer any...

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The bilingual teacher you need for one-on-one classes online in South Miami
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Combining face to face and online classes bring us the best results. Using my own website with the support of ZOOM and...

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Paris, France
English courses of all levels and accent reduction (American accent) customized in Paris
  • (31 reviews)

I am a young active offering personalized English classes for all levels and all ages in Paris. I grew up in a bi-national...

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