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Certified Group Fitness Instructor instructs KICKBOXING to college age and up in Philadelphia

    • Philadelphia
    • at her home
    • webcam

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I'm a certified Group Fitness Instructor and have been teaching kickboxing for almost a full year. Before that, I was a kickboxing student for 6 months. We start with the basics and build up from there. My classes are an hour long and include a warm-up, stretch, bag rounds, partner drills, and a final cool-down. I can also help you visualize your goals and help you CRUSH them! I'm a bad-ass teacher who can either yell and give you tough love, or give you encouragement and praise. It all depends on you!


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About Kelly

I've been teaching for almost a year now. My classes are generally 10-24 people. I've helped countless people reach their fitness goals and become awesome kickboxing masters. Whatever your goals are (confidence, toned arms, stamina, flexibility, etc) I will help you achieve them!



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  • $40/h

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  • Martial Arts Instructor offering class for individuals and groups. Own facility and many options of programs.



    Every child, adult and teen are different and learn differently. How I work with one student isn't the way I work with all...

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  • I've been in martial arts for 34 years. Teaching different levels of individuals and groups. Learn good quality lessons to enhance your awareness and skills for self-protection.

    Grandmaster Ian


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