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Certified Level 2 Reiki practitioner with two years experience and a heart for healing

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I center my sessions around deep relaxation and emotional healing. As an energy healer, I am there only to hold space for the client to heal and offer a gentle touch approach to energy healing. Nothing is required of the client but to relax and receive this universal healing energy.


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About Katie

I am a 200-hr certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner for two years. I work closely with clients in a one-on-one therapeutic setting. I am certified and attuned for hands on and distance healing through Reiki energy and chakra alignment.



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  • Meditation & Reiki Healing - Certified Reiki Healer - Online or in Person - Goodbye anxiety, restlessness, and bad energy!



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    The energy-based healing modalities that I use is Reiki healing therapy. It is a gentle and nurturing practice, and takes...

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  • Mediation and Relaxation Therapy For Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. Goodbye Anxiety!



    One of the energy-based healing modalities that I use is Reiki healing touch therapy. It is a gentle and nurturing practice,...

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  • Joyful Reiki Master willing to share love, healings and positive insights focusing on the Mikao Usui Method, as well as on Reiki of the 7th Rays and of the Sacred Heart (Certification available).

    Maria Cristina

    Fort Lauderdale

    I will be sharing with you many of the ancient teachings that are meant to help you re-discover your inherent divine nature....

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  • Holistic Health Coach with a degree in Holistic Health and a certified Reiki Healer. On a quest to make health more approachable and fun for all.


    San Francisco

    I approach each topic individually working with clients one step at a time. Healing takes time and each client has been...

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  • I am a spiritual advisor offering mediation classes for all aged souls!



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    My teaching approach is to be your guide in this experience, this is not about me, this is about the growth and...

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  • I specialize in the Amrit Method Yoga Nidra, Reiki and tarot/oracle readings.  Let these practices bring relaxation, clarity, and a connection deep within yourself.



    I am a certified Reiki Master, certified tarot/oracle reader (yes, they have a school for that) and a certified...

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  • Yoga /Ayurveda Wellness Coach for 20+ years - I can help you reach your health goals as I have done for many others



    I meet you where you are and move at a comfortable pace to help you achieve sustainable lifestyle changes

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  • Meditation facilitator in Philadelphia with 7 years experience guiding groups and individuals through visualization, sound, and breathing techniques



    I like to use sound, visualization, and breathing techniques to help people get into a meditation state. There are many...

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  • Love focusing on the well being ways to cope, heal, take care of your body and mindset. Finished highschool and did some college for the nursing program. I love helping people.



    My teaching method is to teach you what you already know then tell you what I know and see what questions you have. Show you...

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  • Therapeutic Practitioner with over 20 years experience offering Guided Meditations made simple!



    My Meditation classes are beneficial to anyone who is ready to bring into their lives calmness, peace of mind and positive...

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  • Dive deep into Natural healing both physical and mental in a learning environment.



    I am here to teach you how to effectively heal yourself both physically and mentally. Whether you enjoy an engaging...

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  • Looking for peace, joy, and radiant health? It's easier than you think


    Mount Shasta

    I believe that being able to listen to ourselves is the most important tool we can have. Whether it is through meditation,...

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  • Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practitioner / Teacher. Sharing the gift of Reiki locally in RI. Unlock your innate ability to heal yourself and others



    I teach Reiki classes with a combination of lecture and experiential exercises. I give lessons to groups of 5-15 people, but...

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  • Love Spell To Bring Back My EX - Love Rituals And Spells Canada USA Lebanon



    +(concealed information),,,I have skills in Metaphysical healing, psychic skills, divining and foretelling through ancestors...

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  • Here to bring awareness to the personal power within each of us as individuals & how this power can influence our beliefs/ perception of self & our lives.



    Depending on what is needed we can simply do a meditation practice based on whats going on mentally & physically. For...

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  • Yoga Instructor with 1 year experience and practicing not any kind of Yoga, but Kemetic Yoga, an ancient African practice.


    Lee's Summit

    My teaching method focuses on the breath with every movement in a type of flow sequence. Meditation is apart of my practice...

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  • Yoga Instructor with 3 years experience from Michigan,Grand rapids gives you a unique experience to relieve stress and improve your body tone and flexibility



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    My teaching method is traditional yoga style(Mysore style ).My base is on asthanga yoga which I teach from warm up of the...

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  • Pragmatic meditation from someone who has permanently dissolved the centre of their experience. Learn to realise the NO-SELF and establish a form of WELL-BEING independent of conditions.


    Los Angeles

    5 (3 reviews)

    The sense of self/'I'/ego is a mental construction that one can learn to deconstruct! When you can become aware of the...

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    • 1hr free
  • Hi my name is Danielle. I want to help lead you towards your journey to happiness. I want to help you eat healthy, stress less, and be a more happier and motivated person. I also a tutoring elementary



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    My teaching method is educating you about ingredients in foods, healthy options, and educating you about stresses. I want...

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    • 1hr free
  • Home Based Therapist in Providence, RI with personal experiences in mental health



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    I approach each topic with individuality, confidentiality, and honesty. I'm here to be your listening ear but also help...

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