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Chemist with 30 years experience offering general chemistry tutoring in the Savannah area.


I am a experienced scientist with a desire to help general chemistry students understand an apply basic concepts in chemistry. My ideal students are those in high school and early college.

My approach is to briefly explain a concept, let the student relate the concept, and demonstrate understanding. Chemistry is based on building on a foundation, so sometimes one has to go back to understand basic concepts.


I am a retired analytical chemist with thirty years experience in industry. I was a tutor in college, appointed by the faculty, helping new students understand basic chemical concepts.
By working in the industry for many years, I can tie classroom requirements to real world applications.


Rate for online lessons : $12/h
Lessons offered by Alonzo
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Chemistry
  • All Levels

Alonzo's resume



Challenging position where my strengths in Administration, Technical Support, and Training will be of value.


ADMINISTRATION: Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Laboratory, and Project Management

• QA/QC Management: Experience in ISO 9000 management of quality assurance/quality control staff. Performed assignment of inspections, assessments and surveillance of laboratory operation. Monitored corrective actions, root-cause analysis, and statistical tests. Evaluated the performance of QA/QC team.
• Laboratory Management: Supervised the daily operation of a chemical laboratory specializing in environmental analysis. Prepared budgets, ordered supplies and equipment. Performed failure analysis, troubleshooting, and baseline calibration for analytical instrumentation such as gas chromatographs and gas chromatographs/mass spectrometers, evaluating for upgrade or repair. Evaluated staff performance. Collaborated with laboratory management in order to improve laboratory performance.
• Project Management: Team Leader for the development of an organization-wide quality assurance plan. Performed research and documentation of good laboratory practices in order to comply with federal and state regulations. Project Leader for cost-cutting initiatives of the organization. Member of a team tasked with root-cause analysis of the organization’s incidents, such as accidents within the laboratory.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Chemist, Database Administration, Computer Network Support
• Chemist: Performed investigations and research of analytical operations in order to optimize analytical procedures for the laboratory. Developed, upgraded, and documented procedures according to state and federal regulations. Performed analytical and statistical tests. Interacted with management and staff in order to improve the organization’s performance. Authored simple computer programs to calculate and print control charts. Wrote an organizational wide database program to track laboratory documentation.
• Database Administration: Acted as Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Adminstrator. Prepared invoices, reports, data packages, and statistical tests of analytical data. Evaluated quality of data packages prepared by analysts. Insured integrity of database, and backup data. Installed database software on client computers.
• Computer Network Support: Maintained computer network consisting of three servers and 50 client computers. Repaired and upgraded computers as necessary. Performed critical backup of data. Ordered equipment and supplies. Interacted with vendors and support personnel. Prepared reports for management.
TRAINING: Teacher, Instructor, Trainer
• Teacher: Provided instruction of high school science. Prepared lesson plans, laboratory and classroom activities as appropriate. Evaluated performance of students. Met with parents and staff as necessary to improve instruction. Participated in extra-curricular activities.
• Instructor: Provided instruction of adults in popular computer coursework, such as Word, Excel, Access, HTML, and Networking Essentials. Evaluated student progress. Worked with management in adjusting coursework to the level of student expertise.
• Trainer: Experienced corporate trainer. Provided effective training in QA/QC, basic statistics, and computer software.
DEGREES: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - Savannah State College
Master of Science in Chemistry - Howard University
REFERENCES: Available on Request

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