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Barry - Prof mathematics - Pensacola


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Chemistry/Biology/Math. I am located in Pensacola, Florida. I have the following degrees: AS, BS, MS, and Doctorate Candidate

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Escambia High School 10/09-8/15
Courses: Chemsitry I –Honors, Chemsitry, and Integrated Science I Honors.
 Charter 1st American Chemical Society chapter in ESCD.
 Introduce AP Chemistry program to Escambia High School.
 Provide tutoring services for all physical science disciplines.

Bellview Middle School 8/08 to 6/09

 Offer FCAT preparation tutoring for all 6th graders.
 Assist with behavioral management and classroom re-integration.
 Ensure curriculum exceeds statewide core competencies.

B.T. Washington Senior High 10/07 to 7/08 Courses: Integrated Science II and Integrated Science I Honors
 Facilitate training in TEMS (Tyler Educational Management System).

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My name is Barry C. Archie, and I am 57 years young. I am the seventh child of eight in my family, and I was the first person in my family to attend college (Florida State University, go Noles)! I am and have been married for 35 years to the young lady that I felted in love with in high school. We have been together for the last 40 years. We have two children, a daughter who followed daddy’s footsteps by graduating from Florida State University with a degree in chemistry, and a son who graduated from Florida A&M University. Both my wife and I have our master degrees. Needless to say, education is an important part of our family. In fact, education has been an important to me my entire life.
I started teaching ten years ago, after attempting to go into it for about ten years before I finally start. I had tutored many students, and trained many co-workers on my jobs. I always loved seeing the light of knowledge turning on in a student’s eye. But, becoming a teacher would mean leaving a secure job and working on an annual contract for at least three and possibly four years. I was a husband and father who needed to provide security for his family, although every time a young person told me that they couldn’t learn science, and specially chemistry, the on the back of my neck would raise up! Once my children got older, I finally decided t o go for it. It was rough, and workings on an annual contract prove to be as nightmarish as I feared it would be. Still, I found I could make a difference in student’s lives. I decided if I was going to this, I needed to increase my teaching skills by learning new strategies, and researching what has worked, what has not worked, and how to engage young people in such a way that they could understand the power and value of a good education. So, I started graduate school. And by successfully increasing my skills, the number of students that have signed up for my chemistry class, and pass the Science FACT, has increased by 300%! Which by itself is a big deal, but the fact that the students my school serves a mostly lower level learners, who come to us inadequately prepared for high school, makes it a really big deal!
Getting my doctorate in education will give me the skills sets and credentials to design curriculum and teaching strategies that will translate the success that I have had with my student’s to a district, and possibly a state application. This is important to me because I believe every child, regardless of race, financial status, sex, or learning ability, deserves a quality education!

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