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Chemistry instructor with 10+ years experience in the Northwest suburbs of Illinois

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My goal is to show students that chemistry is fascinating and to impart to them the skills that will be valuable to them not only in chemistry, but in any career that they may choose. In my teaching, I try to convey the relevance of chemistry to the real world. Incorporating real world examples of how chemistry is used can inspire a curiosity about chemistry and, hopefully, promote the student to learn about chemistry outside of the classroom. New concepts are often difficult to understand. I try to break down new concepts in a variety of ways. I try to relate new concepts to something else we have learned in chemistry or another science. I try to break down new material into smaller and more easily understood pieces. I also, try to relate new material to the real world (often in silly but easy to remember ways). Students new to chemistry often are overwhelmed by all the symbols, equations, and complex calculations. I will lead the students through problems step-by-step in order to the new problems less confusing.


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About Rachel

I am a chemist who has been teaching chemistry for more than 10 years. I have a PhD in Chemistry from Vanderbilt University (TN). I specialize in general chemistry for the high school or college student. I have been teaching chemistry in one way or another since 1997. My favorite part of teaching is when my student has an ah-ha moment.



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My rate is $35 per half hour or $60 per hour session. My rates are higher than many as I have a PhD and have ten years experience teaching Chemistry at the college level. If you cannot attend a scheduled session, please let me have 24 hours notice.

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