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Chemistry teacher in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with 6 years Charter school experience


My teaching is based solely on student understanding of content. I teach 10th grade and above. My lesson structure draws heavily upon applications of content. I try to make my lessons as engaging as possible. I teach through problem solving.


I have taught AP, Honors and regular chemistry to high school students for 6 years. I teach 5 classes per week for a total of >100 students. I have a > 99% passing rate and a > national score passing rate in AP chemistry


Rate for online lessons : $15/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $15
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $13
Lessons offered by Shireesh
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Taught subjects
  • Chemistry
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College / University
  • Adult Education
  • MBA

Shireesh's resume

Shireesh P. Apte, Ph.D , Email: (concealed information)

2013 to present: Chemistry Teacher, Harmony Science Academy, Euless, Texas.
Advanced Placement Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and Chemistry, 10th through 12th grade.

Founder and Editor, Journal of High School Science. A peer reviewed, STEM, online Journal publishing the research and ideas of High School students. Website: (concealed information)

2010 to present: Founder and Editor, Journal of Excipients and Food Chemicals. A peer reviewed online Journal sponsored by the International Pharmaceutical Excipients council of the Americas. Website: (concealed information)

2007 to 2013: Senior Scientist III, Pharmaceutical process and Technology development , Alcon Research, Fort Worth, Texas
Propose and design robust processes for small molecule and biological APIs’ incorporating DoE and QbD.
Meeting project milestones with optimized allocation of resources, debriefing CMC leads on project progress.
Lead multidisciplinary teams with specialized technical expertise.
Authoring and reviewing relevant CMC sections of regulatory dossiers including IND, MAA, NDA, CTA and CE Tech files.

2002 to 2007: Senior Scientist II, Process development, Alcon Research, Fort Worth, Texas
Process design and manufacture of proof of principle, clinical, validation and primary stability batches, technology transfer to manufacturing plants.

1998 to 2002: Senior Scientist I, Product research and support, Alcon Research, Fort Worth, Texas
Process development and support for sterile ophthalmic pharmaceutical products. Trouble-shooting manufacturing processes and assessment of new technology.

1997 to 1998: Lead Scientist, Parenteral development, Ohmeda Pharmaceutical Products division, Murray Hill, NJ
Process development and scale up of sterile injectable dosage forms, especially anesthetics. Technology transfer to mfg. plants.

1993 to 1997: Research Scientist, Formulation and process development, Pharmacia and Upjohn, Oncology division, Albuquerque, NM
Formulation, scale up, process and analytical development of sterile pharmaceutical dosage forms including injections, lyophilized products (including proteins), liposomes and emulsions.
Sterile manufacture of clinical supplies primarily for the National Cancer Institute and for various customers.
Manufacture of radiolabeled batches for toxicology studies.
Analytical method development for new molecules.
Formulated investigational and conventional anti-neoplastic parenteral drug products including liposomal, sustained release and protein dosage forms, wrote batch records, developed analytical methods, lyophilization cycles, scale up, compatibility and stability monitoring. Worked in class 100 environments and have hands on knowledge with all aspects of aseptic manufacturing including CGMPs and GLPs.
Formulated a light activated drug; Tin Ethyl Purpurin (SnEt2) as a lyophilized lipid complex for I.V injection.
Formulated a neuron specific calcium channel blocker, SNX-111; a 25 mer peptide cone shell neurotoxin for treatment of chronic intractable pain for Neurex Corporation (Now Elan Corporation, PLC), as a lyophilized powder. NDA approved for Ziconotide, July 2000.
Formulated a 29 mer peptide; Thymosin-1; as a lyophilized powder for SciClone Pharmaceutical International Ltd. San Mateo, CA. Approved for treatment of Hepatitis B as Zadaxin.
Formulated a mixed backbone oligonucleotide (GEM-231) for Hybridon, Milford, MA, as a Protein Kinase A inhibitor.
Formulated a lyophilized generic equivalent of Mutamycin (Mitomycin for injection), AADA approved December 1996.

1988-1993: Ph.D, Pharmaceutics, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.
Thesis: Preparation and characterization of a 40% v/v parenteral perfluorocarbon emulsion.
1984-1988: Bachelor of Pharmacy, Maharaja SayajiRao University of Baroda, India.
Thesis: Search for new drugs: a computer aided rational approach.

2005-2015: Member, United States Pharmacopoeia Excipients expert committee.
2009 to present: Founder and Editor, Journal of Excipients and Food Chemicals.
2013 to present: Founder and Editor, Journal of High School Science.
2005 to present: Founder and Partner, Chemologic LLC.
2001 to present: Professional home inspector, Texas.

U.S.Patent No. 6608050, issued 8/19/2003, Pharmacia and Upjohn, “Lyophilizate of lipid complex of water insoluble porphyrins”.

1. S.Apte, N.Petrosvsky, “Biological effects of excipients” in “Handbook of Pharmaceutical excipients”, May 2019 update, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, UK
2. S.Apte, R.Sarangarajan. Editors, “Cellular respiration and Carcinogenesis”, Humana Press. 2009. ISBN: 978-1-(concealed information)
3. S.Apte, S. Ugwu,“Effect of buffers and stabilizers on vaccine stability and efficacy” in Ed. M.Singh, I. Srivastava. “Development of vaccines: From discovery to clinical testing”, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Hoboken NJ, 2011. ISBN: 978(concealed information)
4. S.Apte, S. Ugwu, “Emerging excipients in Parenteral medications: the new paradigm” in Ed. A.Katdare, M.Chaubal. “Excipient development for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Drug Delivery Systems”, Informa Healthcare, NY, NY, 2006. ISBN: (concealed information)

Deep eutectic solvents as excipients for increasing the bioavailability of orally administered protein active pharmaceutical ingredients. Editorial, J. Excipients and Food Chem., 10(2), 2019, 26-28
Dimensional analysis as a tool to predict, identify and decipher the relative magnitude effects of known and unknown physicochemical properties that influence the solubilizing effectiveness of solubility modifiers and/or complexing agents. Editorial, J. Excipients and Food Chem., 9(4), 2018, 96-99
Ex vivo functional excipients to impart augmented and consistent immunomodulatory and CAR-T phenotype-skewness properties. Editorial, J. Excipients and Food Chem., 9(3), 2018, 64-66
Probiotics as potentiators of cancer immunotherapy. Editorial, J. Excipients and Food Chem. 9(2), 2018, 28-30
PEGylated recombinant human hyaluronidase (PEGPH20): transition from a novel functional excipient to an API to increase the chemotherapeutic effectiveness against hyaluronan-rich cancers. Editorial, J. Excipients and Food Chem., 9(1), 2018, 1-3
The potential of excipients to improve the efficiency of immuno-oncology therapy. Editorial, J. Excipients and Food Chem., 8(3), 2017, 39-41
Have existing pharmaceutical excipients failed to enable oral/nasal protein delivery? Editorial, J. Excipients and Food Chem., 8(1), 2017, 1-4
Leveraging protein binding and the EPR effect in legacy chemotherapy regimens. Editorial, J. Excipients and Food Chem. 7(4), 2016, 85-89
Decreasing de-lamination of pharmaceutical glass containers. Editorial, J.Excipients and food chem., 5(2), 2014, 79-80
Fixed-Oil Excipient Monographs: Development of USP Fixed-Oil Reference Standards. PharmTech, April, 2013
Bioengineered yogurt: ‘open source’ medicine. Editorial, J. Excipients and food chem., 3(4), 2012: 116-120.
Excipient-API interactions in dry powder inhalers. J.Excipients and food chem., 3(4), 2012: 129-142.
Expanding innovation in the field of pharmaceutical excipients. Editorial, J.Excipients and Food Chem. 3(3), 2012: 93-95.
You are what you eat: Food ingredients and the metabolic syndrome. Editorial, J. Excipients and food chem., 3(2), 2012: 26-28.
Placebo composition as Tabula Rasa in clinical trials. Editorial, J.Excipients and Food Chem. 3(1), 2012: 1-4.
Excipients in formulations for clinical trials: Getting it right the first time. Editorial, J. Excipients and food Chem., 2(4), 2011:95-97.
Qbd, not QED, Editorial, J.Excipients and Food Chem. 2(3), 2011: 50-52
The Counterion: expanding excipient functionality. J. Excipients and food chem., 2(2), 2011: 28-40.
Characterization of solid excipients: delving deeper by probing the surface. J. Excipients and food chem., 2(1), 2011: 1-2.
Un-characterized and un-characterizable attributes of macromolecular excipients. J. Excipients and food chem., 1(3), 2010: 1-2.
Selecting surfactants for the maximum inhibition of the activity of the multidrug resistance efflux pump transporter, p-glycoprotein: conceptual development, S.P.Apte, Journal of Excipients and Food Chemicals, 2010; 1(3): 51-59.
Excipients and food chemicals: more than merely coincidental bedfellows. Editorial, J. Excipients and food chem., 1(2), 2010: 1-2.
The Journal of excipients and food chemicals: not just ‘yet another e-journal’., Editorial, J.Excipients and Food Chem. 1(1), 2010: 1-1.
Antidiabetic effects of excipients: possibility of formulation of an antidiabetic dosage form using pharmaceutical excipients or their constituents, or food additives; S.P.Apte, 2010; 1(1): 2-10.
The ‘genius germs’ hypothesis: were epidemics of leprosy and tuberculosis responsible in part for the great divergence?, Hypothesis, 7(1), 2009.
Antimicrobial drugs that target human – not microbial – genotypes or phenotypes: a paradigm change in human evolutionary response to pathogen selection pressure. S.P.Apte, P.P. Apte, Med. Hypotheses. Doi: 10.1016/j.mehy.2006.01.043.
The polymerization of melanin: a poorly understood phenomenon with egregious biological implications. R. Sarangarajan. S.P.Apte, Melanoma Res. 2006; 16: 3-10.
Hypoxia targeted bioreductive tyrosine kinase inhibitors with glutathione depleting function. S.O.Ugwu, S.P.Apte, R. Sarangarajan. Anticancer drugs, 2005; 17(1): 21-24.
Rethinking drug specificity as a desirable objective in the context of interconnected signaling pathways. R. Sarangarajan, S.P.Apte. Pharmaceutical Discovery, August 2005.
Melanization and Phagocytosis: Implications for age related macular degeneration. R. Sarangarajan, S.P. Apte. Molecular Vision. 2005; 11: 482-490.
Melanin aggregation and polymerization: implications in age related macular degeneration. R. Sarangarajan, S.P.Apte. Ophthalmic Research 2005; 37: 136-141.
Emerging excipients demand new regulations: new mechanisms, guidelines and procedures are needed to regulate the functionality of new and emerging excipients. S.P.Apte, A.Katdare. Pharmaceutical Technolgy. Jan 2005.
Ocular melanogenesis: The role of antioxidants. R.Sarangarajan, S.P.Apte, Ophthalmic Research 2004; 36: 303-311.
The effect of buffers on protein conformational stability. S.O.Ugwu, S.P.Apte, Pharmaceutical Technology, March 2004: 86-113.
A simple method for determination of surface volume mean diameters of oil in water submicron emulsions. S.P.Apte, S.O.Ugwu, Die Pharmazie 2004; 59: 530-533.
Use of sodium chloride to facilitate reduction of particle size of dexamethasone during ball milling. S.P.Apte, et.al., Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 29(3), 367-73, 2003.
A review and classification of emerging excipients in parenteral medications.
S.P.Apte and S.O.Ugwu. J. Pharmaceutical Technology, March 2003 and Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, December 2003, January 2004.
Systematic screening of antioxidants for maximum protection against oxidation: An oxygen polarograph study. S.P.Apte and S.O.Ugwu. PDA J. Pharm. Sci. and Tech., 53(5), 252-9, (1999)
Surfactant interfacial configuration in a concentrated parenteral fluorocarbon emulsion. S.P.Apte and S.J.Turco. J. Dispersion Sci. and Tech., 14(5), (1993)
A novel method to map size distributions of parenteral fluorocarbon emulsions. S.P.Apte and S.J.Turco. J. Parenteral Sci. and Tech., 46(6), (1992)
Influence of manufacturing parameters on the formation and growth on autoclaving of a 40% v/v Bis-perfluorobutyl ethene parenteral emulsion. S.P.Apte and S.J.Turco. J. Parenteral Sci. and Tech., 46(1), (1992).

Technical and Scientific writing, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and processes, Sterile drug formulation, process scale up, technology transfer and Project management, Mechanisms of carcinogenesis, Circumventing antibiotic resistance, Design of Drugs that hit multiple pharmacological targets (Promiscuous drugs), designed from plant chemical epitopes, Macromolecular excipients in pharmaceuticals, Analytical development and characterization of chemicals. Individualization of chemotherapy by microarray biomarker match to drug transporters, Biochemical explanations to 'Needham's puzzle'.
Investing in biotechnology companies and cryptocurrency.

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