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Circus Performer/Choreographer teaching entertainment industry secrets in nutrition, health, longevity and athletic performance.


I am an athlete, movement artist, and longevity focused professional. I am currently based out of Kansas City, MO, where I am centrally located for work throughout the USA and abroad. I live and breathe fitness, nutrition and performing arts. Most recently, I have been working in both a creative and leadership role as the Female Aerial Trainer for Carnival Cruises’ newest ship and On The Fly Productions. Developing and presenting choreography, training cast members and managing the physical wellbeing of dancers are just a few small examples of what I do for the performing arts. Other significant experiences that have influenced my path include: attending University of Colorado School of Engineering, professional aerial dance school, performing as a specialty performer (aerialist/dancer/acrobat) on contracts of all sizes (local/international/short-term/longterm), years of coaching girl’s team gymnastics, certifying as a yoga instructor, traveling internationally, appearing on national television, becoming a SAG AFTRA member/stunt performer, developing career skills in the event industry (bidding/writing contracts) and so much more. In between contracts, I coach private clients in the realms of fitness and nutrition and actively continue my education. I engage in world class training (to hone my aerial straps, trapeze and hand-balancing skills). I am also on a path to becoming a Certified Dietician by pursuing a Bachelors of Community Health (3.8 GPA). I focus any/all extra energy toward optimal health via nutrition,
sustainable lifestyle choices, and training/fitness.


I am a choreographer/circus performer - my latest work being developing all the aerial shows for the newest Carnival ship, the Mardi Gras. I am taking on private clients to consult on the following topics:
Circus (aerial arts)
Pre-habilitation/stretching for training
Nutrition/meal prep/cooking
Fire/flow arts
Optimizing athletic performance


Rate for online lessons : $65/h
Lessons offered by Abbie
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Taught subjects
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Eating well
  • Dietetics
  • Alternative medicine
  • Naturopathy
  • All Levels

Abbie's resume

Female Aerial Trainer/Choreographer: On The Fly Productions/Carnival Cruise Line;
USA and Abroad — April 2020 - current
This is an ongoing position that has much unknown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I
have begun and completed all aspects of the creation process that were possible (on land).
The next steps involve boarding the ship (once it arrives in the United States). There have
been many delays due to Covid, which is essentially why I am looking for work at the
Auxiliary Performer: Quixotic Fusion; Kansas City, MO — 2014 - Present
As named in my education, Quixotic is really where I got my cirque start. I have
performed as an aerialist and ground acrobat on gigs around the USA. I lived in
Colorado for many years and just recently made my return to train in the Quixotic
Studios as an auxiliary performer. Essentially, I am granted access to the training space
and to host my private clients/lessons while I build my acts for future casting needs.
Company Aerialist & Coach: Kansas City Aerial Arts; Leawood, KS — 2018 - 2020
Completed a contract from Fall 2018 - Fall 2019 as an aerialist and ground acrobat for
stage shows and event entertainment. I did not choose to resign the subsequent contract
offered to me because I took the role as Aerial Trainer for the cruiseline. As of now, I only
perform with KCAA as a specialist and coach limited aerial and ground acrobatics
Freelance Performing Artist: USA and Internationally — 2015 - Present
I have high level, technical acts in several circus disciplines including all aerial apparatuses
(straps, silks, trapeze, lyra, and rope), handbalance, contortion, ground acrobatics, dance,
and fire/prop manipulation. Since circus school, I have focused most of my professional
efforts on event performances. To sum it up, I have worked on various projects across the
country. This type of work is often corporate event entertainment for companies like
United Airlines, T-Mobile, etc. Freelance performing can involve character work, ambient
entertainment, private events, live concert performances, music festival sets, and full scale
theatrical productions (i.e. the largest Big Top tour in the world (Cavalia Odysseo),
Meow Wolf, Quixotic Fusion, Fractal Tribe, Borillo Entertainment, Lumina
Entertainment, MoonDrop Circus and more). For a full list of performances, please refer
to my CV.
Gymnastics Coach, Yoga Instructor, Company Dancer etc. — 2012 - Present
I have worked at a number of studios over the years in order to fill gaps between gigs. I
have typically held 2-5 teaching jobs at a time while managing my performing career. I
have had some wonderful opportunities and have the utmost respect for those whom I
have been fortunate enough to work. Some of those include: Airborne Gymnastics and
Dance (team coach for four years), Iluminar Aerial (professional company member and
aerial coach), Sumits Yoga KC (hot flow yoga instructor), Tranquil Mind+Body (yoga
instructor), Quixotic School of Performing Arts (aerial instructor and partner acrobatics
coach), Mountain Kids Gymnastics (coach) and more.
Shawnee Mission South High School; Overland Park, Kansas — Graduated with over
4.0 in 2012. I attained several varsity letters over the years, held a wonderful four-year
summer job, was quite the little socialite, and participated in many honors/AP courses.
Johnson County Community College; Overland Park, Kansas — In 2011/12 I attained
college credits in psychology, physics, and English while finishing high school.
University of Colorado, School of Engineering; Boulder, Colorado — I completed my
sophomore year of engineering courses when the circus found me and I ran away. In all
seriousness, I was given working opportunities that outweighed the student debt I was
soon to face.
Radiance Power Yoga; Boulder, Colorado — I completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher
Training and attained Yoga Alliance’s Certified Yoga Instructor status.
Quixotic School of Performing Arts; Kansas City, Missouri and Nationally —
September 2014, I returned to Kansas City after hearing of this company. I immersed in
the studio’s culture and spent 20+ hours/week training aerial and dance. By February
2015, I was instructing and performing with the professional company.
Frequent Flyers Productions, Professional Track — Circus school. More specifically, a
year long, professional aerial dance training program. 35+ hours/week of technique,
improvisation, choreography, and academic studies. I was trained to be a ‘generalist’
capable of performing on any aerial apparatus. Our academic education included
nutrition, kinesiology, rigging, marketing, costuming/make-up, media editing and more.
Independent Training — I continue to seek out as much great training as possible. I have
attended Solar Acro Intensives around the country, trained contortion/handbalance with
Haley Viloria of Cirque Du Soleil, Jean-Luc Martin at the San Diego Circus Center,
Andre Moraru, and Charlotte Greenblatt. I have trained trapeze with Xochitl Sosa and
spent time abroad in the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Guatemala honing my
specialty acts. I also have gained significant insights from training at Aloft Circus Arts in
Chicago and the Boulder Circus Center. I should also give credit to my first handbalance
coach: Yuki Tsuji and my first aerial straps coach: Elena Sherman.
University of the People; summer 2019 - current — nonprofit, accredited University
(collaboration by NYU and Berkeley). I am currently earning credits toward a Bachelor
Degree in Community Health. Over the past several years, while working as a
professional athlete, my interest in optimal health and nutrition has evolved. I am excited
to further my knowledge about nutrition and longevity and eventually take this degree all
the way to a Masters of Dietetics and would like to become a Certified Dietician.

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