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Autumn - Prof academic tutoring - Virginia Beach


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College grad offers fun and creative lessons in the sciences to middle school and high school level students in Virginia Beach area

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About Autumn

While attending Appalachain State I was a tutor and lab assisiant all four years.
I was given several awards recognization for my services as a tutor.
My students had positive feedback to my mythology, stating I was effective with time management, made learning fun and was patient.

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I received a bachelors degree from Appalachain State University in 2014. I graduated with an honors degree in molecular cell biology and a minor in Chemistry.
I am a creative tutor, I try to expand on the students strongest learning style while also teaching new ones to help the student learn more effectively. I use a combination of techniques, such a white boards, ulitizing colored writing utensils to break down concepts, in addition to visual and audio examples of real world events pertaining to the subject they are learning. I am a patient, easy going tutor but I do expect a certain level of compliance and respect. I look forward to working with you!

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