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College Grad Willing to Help with Math form Elementary to High school

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I am a college graduate that took up to Calculus 1 in my math classes. I will help walk through a couple problems in each chapter but will ultimately work towards giving you/your kids being able to accomplish the problems alone. I have always been good at math since I was a kid and am looking forward to helping the next generation out in math.


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About Sabastian

I have only helped family and friends out with math periodically in my life. I have only taught a few people math. So I do not have a lot of experience, but the people I have helped have been able to accomplish the grades of B and above.



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    Carlos Andres


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  • College graduate and certified to teach grades 5-12 Math with experience in teaching both virtually and in person.



    I approach each topic with the student's baseline understanding and build from there. I prefer to take a more guiding...

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