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College graduate with a B.Sc. in biomedical microbiology gives lessons in biology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, and chemistry to motivated pupils.

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I provide lessons in the biological sciences to all kinds of students ranging from the very first year of middle school to the final year of college. I graduated with honors from Clemson University with a B.Sc. in biomedical microbiology. I will be continuing my education in medical school in the near future due to my passion for the biological sciences. When I teach, I like to ensure that the lessons are interesting, understandable; challenging, and memorable. I use tools such as videos and interactive learning exercises to keep students attentive and make learning easier. I try to structure my so that material transitions easily from lesson to lesson so it is easier to follow. Ultimately, my goal is to help students understand life sciences and to show them how worthwhile the learning process really is.


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About Onye

I have been giving science lessons for about 3 years dating back to my second year of college. I generally have tutored two to three students per semester which brings the total to 12 students. To this point, I haven't had a disappointed customer. All of my students have noticed marked improvements in their grades after beginning tutoring and have finished above average in their respective science courses.



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