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College Professor with 17 yrs experience in teaching Biological sciences, chemistry, Physical sciences


My teaching approach is to first know what the level of expectations are for the subject/course level. I then look at the level the student is in their functional understanding of the content. I would then start from where the student is, working out all the necessary background information that leads to the present material in order to help them transition from where they are to the required functional level. My belief is that when students are unable to understand the material or function, it usually is because they have not understood the background material that leads up to the level in question. "Working out the cobwebs" as I call it.


I am a college professor in the Allied health subjects by profession. My interest has always been the Biological sciences and all related subjects that feed into them such as Chemistry, Math, Health, Physical sciences etc. Most of my career since graduating has been in Higher Education, but I have always tutored youth in K-12 in all science and mathematics subjects and have been a substitute and Homebound instructor for our locals Board of Education.


Rate for online lessons : $25/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $20
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $15


At least a 12hr cancellation policy or customer will have to pay/be responsible for 50% of the hourly rate fee that was to be charged for the missed appointment

Lessons offered by Joycie
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Chemistry
  • Arithmetic
  • Other sciences
  • College / University Preparation
  • All Levels

Joycie's resume

Joycie Rose Wawiye

Marshall University, Huntington , WV
2017 Doctorate in Education: Major: Curriculum and Instruction
Minor: Leadership Studies
Title: Survey of Classroom Assessment Practices of Community College
Chair: Dr. Samuel Securro, Ed.D

Concord College, Athens, West Virginia,
Introduction to Special Education
The Exceptional Child
Teaching Methods for Learning Disabled
Classroom Organization and Management

Andrews University, Berrien Springs MI.
1998 Masters of Science in Biology
Thesis Title: Ultrastructure and Immunolelectron Microscopic Studies of
the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium yoelii yoelii
Chair: Dr. Bill Chobotar. Andrews University, MI.
Thesis Co-Chair: Dr. John H. Adams. University of Notre Dame, IN.
1991 Bachelor of Science: Major in Zoology,
Minor in Chemistry, Mathematics

Johns Hopkins University
Certificate of completion: Measuring and Maximizing the impact of
COVID-19 Contact Tracing
Certificate of completion: Essential Epidemiologic Tools for Public
Health Practice
Certificate of completion: COVID-19 Contact Tracing

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
Certificate of completion: PUB: 693 COVID-19 Contact Tracing and
Pandemic Response
Quality Matters
July 2018 QM Rubric Update 6th Ed. (RU)
August 2014 QM Rubric Update
August 2013 Peer Reviewer Course FY 14 (PRC 14)
March 2013 Applying the QM Rubric FY 12 (APQMR) University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
November 2013 Appreciative Advising
Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, WV
Certificate: Globe Teacher

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
Certificate: Multicultural Awareness Training
West Virginia Chancellor’s Leadership Institute (2008 – 2009)
Certificate of Recognition: Chancellor’s Leadership Fellow

West Virginia State University:
Contracted Contact Tracer

IBEX GLOBAL June 29th, 2020 – ongoing)
Customer service and Retention specialist
- Resolution of customer complaints for retention purposes
- De-escalation of customer complaints and dissatisfaction of services.
- Promotion of company services and customer satisfaction

New River Community and Technical College:
- Student advisor and recruiter
- Course Design
- Campus wide Student Retention and Success Activities – Early Alert Initiative
- Institutional Committees’ Memberships (Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction, Grade appeal and Promotion and tenure committees)
Courses taught
a. New River Community and Technical College (Professor August 2005 – May 2020)
1. BIOL 101 and 103L: General Biology I class and Lab (Online)
2. BIOL 102 and 104L: General Biology II class and Lab (Online)
3. BIOL 105 and 6L: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology class and Lab (ETRAD and Online)
4. CHEM 100: Introduction to Chemistry (ETRAD)
5. BIOL 205 and 206L: Kinesiology class and Lab (ETRAD)
6. BIOL 231 and 233L: Anatomy and Physiology I class and Lab (ETRAD and Online)
7. BIOL 232 and 234L: Anatomy and Physiology II class and Lab (ETRAD and Online)
8. BIOL 202 and 204L: Microbiology Class and lab (ETRAD and Online)
9. HLTH 100: Basic Health (ETRAD and Online)
10. PTA 105 and 106L: Kinesiology class and Lab (ETRAD)

b. Bluefield State College (Adjunct Instructor (August 2015 – May 2020)
1. BIOL 231 and 233L: Anatomy and Physiology I class and Lab (ETRAD)
2. BIOL 232 and 234L: Anatomy and Physiology II class and Lab (ETRAD)
3. BIOL. 310: Nutrition (2008 – 11; 2019 – May 2020) (Online)
4. PHSC 101, 102, 103L and 104L (2008-11) (Online)

c. WVROCKS (Adjunct Instructor (August 2018 – May 2019)
1. Taught Drugs, Brain and Behavior (Online)

d. Marshall University
1. CI-559-231: Multicultural influences in Education (Online)
Raleigh County Board of Education
Education Specialist - Appalachian Regional Hospital Adolescent Unit
(January 2003 – August 2012)
With youth from ages 12 – 18 with a wide diversity of behavioral problems.
b. Worked with the youth to help in:
i. Control of their emotional outburst and find a more non-destructive response or release to emotions.
ii. Basic functional expectations in an educational environment
iii. Bridging academic gaps to help them transition back into the local educational systems.
c. Served as a liaison between the home school and the student to ensure a smooth transition for the student’s return after treatment.
d. Coordinated with the home-school teachers to ensured students kept up with their schoolwork and did not fall behind
e. Involved in creating behavioral modification activities to teach students positive behavioral decision-making and understanding of consequences of wrong decisions.
f. Worked closely with the Physicians on follow up educational plans for the students
g. For student who have dropped out of school or who are 18 yrs., informed students of their educational options; either high school diploma to college, or GED to college or any other post-secondary training options.

Health Science and Technology Academy (HSTA) August 2004 - 2012
(Program designed and sponsored by the State of West Virginia to increase minority and first generation students’ college attendance and enrollment in the sciences)
- Mentored students selected into the program from 9th to 12th grade in community service activities and health related research projects to create awareness and prepare them for a career in the field, and all available options and opportunities.
- Taught public speaking, computer skills e.g. PowerPoint, and project presentation skills to the students that they utilized in their annual HSTA student research and community service presentation seminar
- Involved research projects that involved the application of the scientific method of inquiry

New River Community and technical College
- Advisory Committee for Distance Education (Curriculum Specialist) - Duties included but not limited to: Develop procedures, priorities, and a timeline for offering courses and programs completely at a distance (WEB and ZOOM). (September 2019 – May 2020)
- Lead faculty in the revamping of the Course Content Outlines (CCOs), for all the BIOL and HLTH courses to make them measurable and consistent in sectional requirements.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA
- Consultant – catalogue review of errors, functionality and updates in Biological sciences March 2020 — (On hold due to COVID-19)
- Involved in the pilot study of the effectiveness of the OLI site on student learning and understanding of Anatomy and Physiology. – Spring 2012 - ongoing
- Member of the initial development team selected to develop Anatomy and Physiology Online Learning initiative (OLI) – Feb 2010.

Accreditation experience
- Assigned by Criterion IV co-chairs to be the lead guide as part of the group of faculty working to address criterion IV (IVB) in preparation for the HLC visit scheduled for March 2019
o Was the lead in the collection of data and mapping of our
 General Education Programs Assessment mapping of the IRA and evidence collection
 Design and presentation of or program mapping
 Design, collection of data and presentation of the academic and student services part of the Institutional assessment analysis report
- Part of the team that worked on the Assessment report for the Physical Therapy Assistant accreditation appeals process (Awaiting results)
- Part of the Assessment committee that successfully worked on the HLC accreditation response report for Gen Ed. and Assessment, specifically Core components 3B and 4B (January - April 2017).
- Involved in Criterion IV committee of the College accreditation preparation teams (2012, 2015)

Dissertation Committee member (Subject Matter Expert)
- University of Charleston Doctor of Executive Leadership Studies.
Dissertation Title: Financial Expertise in Strategy Development For
Community and Technical Colleges in West Virginia by Dr. Heike Soeffker
Culicerto (2020).

- Doubled up as Lab technician activities (Beckley campus 2005 – 2016)
o Organized, coordinated and set up the New River CTC lab during the move of the Beckley campus lab from the Harper Road Campus to its present location at the Beaver Campus (December 2015 to January 2016)
o Was in charge of the transfer and merging of the Raleigh county labs (Beckley campus and Erma Byrd center) when we moved from the Erma Byrd center (Summer 2010).
o In charge of creating and designing not only a lab but also a stock room for reagents that meet OSHA and state building requirements.
o In charge of ordering reagents for all science courses within the Beckley campus
o Managed inventory of all equipment and supplies within the lab and stock rooms
o Ensured the lab met OSHA and State requirements of safety
o Prepared reagents for not only my labs but labs of adjuncts.
o Maintained and supervised the clean-up of labs and also helped coordinate the disposal of bio-hazard reagents

Other Scholarly Activities and Professional Development Activities
- Persistent and Completion HLC institutional training – 2014 - May 2019 – Certificate of completion awarded
- Quality Matters training – Roxanne Humbert – February 2013 – Certificate of completion awarded
- Great Teachers Conference at Cairo WV - Summer 2011
- New River CTC representative to the Chancellor’s leadership Institute (Fall 2008 – Spring 2009)
- New River CTC representative on the committee to develop a curriculum for the
- Personal Training program for the Community Colleges in WV.
- West Virginia State University; July 31st – August 3rd , 2007. Biotechnology workshop II – Mitochondrial DNA and your genomic ancestry
- GreenBank national Radio Astronomy Observatory. June 22-27, 2007. Introduction to GLOBE Workshop
- Hilton Head Island, SC. June 2 – 5 2007. 15th Annual Conference on Women’s Health
- Chicago, IL. May 16th – 18. 2007. HLC Assessment Workshops
- West Virginia State University - March 16 – 17, 2007. Biotechnology workshop -Genetic mapping and map-based cloning in plants

Conference Presentations
- NISOD conference Austin conference. The M. E. A. L plan: A recipe for today’s
generation’s learning environment –. May 2016.
- NISOD conference Austin conference. The M. E. A. L plan: A recipe for today’s
generation’s learning environment- (round table peer session presentation) –.
May 2015.
- NISOD conference Austin conference. Improving Academic Skills and Promoting Higher Order Cognitive Development –. May 2014.
- NISOD conference Austin conference. – Are we together (joint presentation with Tim Hofmann, Joe Massey and Ralph Payne). May 2013.
- WVCCA and WVADE conference Canaan Valley Resort WV. – Are we together (joint presentation with Tim Hofmann, Joe Massey and Ralph Payne). October 24 – 26th 2012.
- NISOD conference Austin conference - I Heard What You Said: This is What I Understood – May 2012
- WVCCA and WVADE conference Glade Spring, WV - I Heard What You Said: This is What I Understood Oct 26 – 28th 2011
- NSSA conference Las Vegas NV April 5-7 --- Brain based agenda to lower stress and engage students through arts inclusive content.
- New River CTC 2009 NISOD recipient of excellence award
- WVCCA/WVACD conference, Oct 18 – 22 2008 – Web Enhancing your course to Promote Critical Thinking skills in the sciences through interactions
- New River faculty academy, May 12 – 14 2008 – Web Enhancing your Course to promote Critical Thinking skills through interactions.
- Atlantic Union Conference, Massachusetts. Attended a teachers' curriculum workshop, and assisted in the critical analysis and suggestions for the science curriculum. - March 1999
Online Webinars
- April 3 2012 Math Science Partnership Technical Assistance Webinar
- April 11th 2012: OWL LabSkills PreLabs for General Chemistry 24-months
- May 16th 1012: Echo 360 – Flipping the Large Enrollment Lecture
- May 20th 2012: E-Science Labs by Rachel Algya
- August 2012: Introduction to ConnectYard

Pathway to Health International – Volunteer (December 2018 – To date)
Family Promise – Beckley WV – Volunteer (August 2019 – To date)
American Red Cross: Disaster Action Team (DAT) Volunteer (2013 – 2020).
Heart of God Ministries
- Choir member - 2016 to date
- Outreach Coordinator – 2017 to date
 Part of the Organizing Committee of the yearly back to School Program
Tutor and Mentor – Raleigh County, WV. 2001 – to date
- involved in tutoring students in upper level math and science classes
- serve as a mentor to at risk student’s directed to me by The alternative education center and the truancy department of the Board of education
- Involved in church outreach to at risk youth and adults involved in substance abuse

Federal Correctional Center Beckley WV. Mock Job fair (participation each year since 2004)
- Involved in the preparation of to be released individuals’ preparation for the adjustment to life in the community
- Involved in analysis and advise on résumé’s and job interview skills

Study and Work Abroad Program:
Research Assistant: International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Nairobi, Kenya. 1991 - 1994.
- Maintenance and rearing of the Desert Locust Schistocerca gregaria gregaria colonies for research studies on the effect of host plants on maturation, phase shift, and oviposition.
- Collected data and analyzed morphometrics, molt and generation duration periods and growth weights.
- Trapped and collected volatiles from the locust, and analyzed the chemical components. Carried out bioassays of the trapped volatiles
- Involved in the biochemical quantification techniques involving protein identification, isolation, and characterization of the hemolymph and accessory gland proteins of the locust using various molecular biology techniques.

Professional Organizations
- Life member Of Manchester Who’s Who – May 2006
- Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society. - Since 1997.
- Member of The National Science Teachers Association – Since 2005
- Entomological Society - since 2004
- Member of the Black Medical Society of West Virginia – since Fall 2006
- Womens’ Club of Beckley – 2010 - 2012
- (Phi Theta Gamma) – Since 2010

- Spirit of Change Honor Award in Education on June 15, 2017 during the kickoff
for Beckley's 13th Annual Juneteenth Multicultural Festival.
- Generation Next 40 under 40 Award of Excellence in Professions and Community Service by the State Journal – April 14, 2006
- Health Science and Technology Academy ----- Recognition of Achievement for Outstanding Service. - 2005 to 2007
- Elected to serve as a member of South Lancaster Academy evaluation committee. - April 30 – May 3, 2000

Soft Skills
- Problem Solving and Critical thinking skills
- Flexibility and teamwork and creativity skills
- Responsibility and Attention to detail
- Excellent communication skills both written and oral
- Excellent Organization and Time management skills
- Inter and Extra Emotional stability Skills
Hard Skills
- Computer Software and Application literacy both local and virtual communication programs
- Program and Curriculum design and application
- Mathematics, Data Analysis and Assessment
- Marketing and negotiation skills

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