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College Senior Basketball Player looking to help others enjoy the game in Ottawa, KS

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I have played basketball for the last 14 years of my life and would love to help other find the love of the game. I can help build good techniques and help players learn the fundamentals of the game. Also I can help hone the skills of more advanced players.


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About Ashley

I have coached for 3 years at the grade school level and enjoy working with younger players. Many of the athletes that I have coached have built the knowledge of the fundamentals of the game and have made the varsity team in middle school and high school.



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  • Hey love basketball play on a pro AAU team and looking to help some people out



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  • I play basketball myself so I know everything about the game and I am very much in love with it I’m here to help you with whatever you need help with



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  • A student basketball player who wants to teach kids who live in PA



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  • 9 years of point guard for multiple schools and leagues and still working at it myself to be the best I can be at the game of basketball but looking to share my knowledge as well so that others can to



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  • Experienced athlete from Raleigh, NC teaching all skill sets the game of basketball!



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  • Hi I love teaching other peaple what I know and love them to be as successful as I am


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