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College Student that gives math lessons to middle and high school levels

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I'm a college student who started out as an engineering major, but has switched to nursing. I have a passion for math and I am willing to teach anyone who is willing to learn. I can help with algebra, trig, precalc, and calculus.


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About Dawn

I started tutoring in high school, and I have helped many students achieve their goals in math and science. I can help you with your goals, whether that is to raise your grades, pass a test, or just learn more.



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  • Roanoke, VA-based CRLA-certified mathematics tutor teaches students of all ages in coffee shop, library or at home (if parents home)


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  • Profesor de Matemáticas básicas y universitarias con 10 años de experiencia en Enseñanza

    Carlos Andres


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    Mi metodología de enseñanza en Matemáticas en por medio de ejercicios y practica, y destacando las aplicaciones en la...

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  • Biotechnology student. 4.0 GPA. Associates in Science. Great at mathematics and conversation.



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  • UC Berkeley and Caltech educated math and stats tutor, with more than 10-year experience

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  • Physics Major At Stevens Institute of Technology In The City of Hoboken


    River Edge

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  • Bilingual Mathematics focused STEM educator with 4 years of experience and a passion for learning.



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    My goal as a tutor is to use mathematics to instill a passion for learning that the student may use to explore other new and...

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  • Very Patient Mathematics Tutor, Knows How to Teach, with 20+ Years of Experience



    I like to set goals for the tutoring and group session at the beginning, as well as directions to follow. I ask a lot of...

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  • Retired science professional, who cares about children wish to teach junior high and high school maths and physics



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  • Retired instructor with 45 years of teaching cum tutoring experience. Author of several books. Trained students for competitive tests



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  • Experienced Math and Science Tutor offering online help with school/homework (All middle school through college Calculus Math subjects and all Natural Sciences including Chemistry)


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  • Think 2 plus 2 equals five? give me a call before your grades take a nose dive.



    I am capable of tutoring up to Calculus 2 in college. I can teach all high school levels and all types of math. This...

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  • Engineering student offering mathematics lessons for K-12 & college students in Colorado with 3 years experience



    My teaching method is to first observe how the student best learns, and go from there. I believe practice problems are the...

    • $40/h
    • 1hr free
  • I am a former HS Math teacher and College Math instructor (with Masters degree in Math Education). I offer individual tutoring in Mathematics from the 6th grade to 2nd year college. I am available in



    I am flexible to my students' needs. I assess my students' needs and current skills, and I teach accordingly. I teach Math...

    • $30/h
    • 30mins free