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Computer Scientist, Media Specialist, and Philosopher would like to teach students what is important about these subjects and life, generally.


My teaching approach is spontaneous and one-on-one, when dealing with individuals, otherwise I create curriculum for groups when subject are well-developed. I especially like students with an open-mind, while utterly committed to reason and the human heart.


Quadruple doctorate -- made by necessity, not by institutions -- from planetary prophesy. Holding the crown of Mankind for the planetary shift after a 40-year journey. Mastered human development, so can guide students through the morass of identity politics, economic theory, religious heresy, and other critical subjects important to a healthy individual and society.


Rate for online lessons : $18/h


Prices are negotiable. As greater expertise is requested, may charge more, as less is needed, less may be charged.

Lessons offered by Mark
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Taught subjects
  • Basic computer
  • Computer programming
  • Computer languages
  • Python
  • All Levels

Mark's resume

MARK ROSENBLITT-JANSSEN (concealed information)
1421 ½ Lake Ave (concealed information)
Gothenburg, NE, USA 69138 (concealed information)


To create a planetary shift away from endless “exponential growth” madness and radically transform society within a decade, averting the Apocalypse and guiding it to an Enlightened Age.


To move the “technosphere” towards the true revolution the internet and personal computing was destined to be:

* utilizing the power and wisdom of the crowd (given the right tools and incentives),
* forming a distributed method for trading creative value (a new economic system), while
* allocating decision-making authority fairly and efficiently (a new form of governance) in a way that can
* inspire even greater participation (a beautiful fractal ecosystem of knowledge) ultimately
* towards a balanced, self-sustaining, beautiful world.


To find acceptable work in fields in which I have above-average proficiency in a geographic area that is conducive to social and cultural value generation and build a society that lives up to it`s principles.


I presently claim and will gladly defend three Doctorates: Medicine, Law, and Philosophy (Theology). They were attained by forces of need and were made by prophesy. I am not looking for the market salary in these, so they should not exclude candidate from consideration. My purpose is to accomplish the goals above, not get paid in relation to a market norm.

1992 Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, cum laude
Minor in Electrical Engineering
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, Washington

1988 Valedictorian Diploma
Gothenburg High School
Gothenburg, Nebraska

Other: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, Affective Computing (MIT)
Neuropsychology, Linguistics (PLU)


Leadership and Management
* Polyglot that can analyse your problem domain and almost always suggest critical items that are important to deciding the course and efficacy of your efforts,
* Can architect budgets, manage any-dollar finances and contracts, even form a solid strategy for building and scaling your enterprise vision,
* Can develop your community, discover and bond strategic partnerships,
* Guide staffing, direct compensation paths, handle critical performance reviews,
* Do projecting and planning, operations analysis and optimization,
* Revamping corporate atmospheres to make them 21st Century organizations.
Programming, proficient in:
* Leading software development teams,
* Creating solid system administration structure from proficiency in VMS, UNIX, Windows.
* Turning your codebase into a well-architected masterpiece that runs more efficiently,
* C, Pascal, BASIC, LISP, Python, using
* Object-Oriented ontologies and XP techniques in the domains of
* Networking, math and scientific computing, AI, data analysis and mining, data visualization.
* Slogging through C++, pretty much anything else,
* Refusing Javascript, PHP.
* Code optimization through profiling.
Hardware design and electronics, proficient in:
* Designing digital electronics, programming various microcontrollers, reading and assembling circuits from schematics,
* Using various test equipment, including oscilloscopes, multimeters,
* Soldering, wire-wrapping, breadboarding and prototyping,
* Passable in analog electronics.
System administration experience on:
* Linux, DOS/Windows, OS/2, AIX, SunOS, passable in VMS. Tuning performance for:
* CPU task scheduling and reporting, and various optimizations for data access
* Data storage, CPU sizing, user management,
*Resource management, technical documentation, Network and data security.
Telecommunications Management:
*PBX administration and layouts, HVAC, Power, power-backup, security
* Grade-of-service analysis for capacity planning, configuring direct indial (DID), T1 voice multiplexing, outgoing lines
* Wiring and records management,
* Staff supervision, Interfacing with telephone companies, contract negotiations for voice/data rates.
Network Management, proficient with:
* Layer 1: Cable management, EIA/TIA wiring standards (up to CAT5 until trained), documentation, ventilation,
* Layer 2: Ethernet 802.11, wired and wireless topologies, SNMP logging, network architecture
* Layer 3,4: TCP/IP protocols, routing configurations, protocol design and troubleshooting (Network General)
* Layer 5-7: Application interfacing and diagnostics.

Spartan Consulting, Innovation, Research, and Ecology
Lead Consultant: Educate corporations about how to be a 21st Century organization.
Singularity OS: Have written the boilerplate for the 21st century operating system, based on peer-2-peer principles and a complete data model to scale towards exabytes of data.
Prime Language: Made new computer science for language theory to quantify language expressivity and the Prime Language Conjecture which states that all languages for a given hardware architecture will gravitate towards the ONE language, called Prime.
Business Leadership: Wrote the Snide Guide to Leadership that honed the path of the soul when it perfected the relationship to Power itself, documenting 4 main points that create the perfect leader, as well as identified the 2 main enemies which make them fail.
Creative Economy: Have written the World Game, patterned after Bucky Fuller, to transform society and gamify social principles to radically revamp our world. Can be used in hackerspaces, unconferences, or even shared housing situations to create new social and economic value.
Master of Philosophy: Hold the knowledge from the Messianic prophesy of the Jews which answers every question of Man about GOD and the Universe, and marries the conflicts of science and religion to pave the way to World Peace.
Extreme meditator, freedom fighter, master of ennui. Listen, your world is seriously screwed-up. You’re not going to solve this with the same tools and mindsets that created the problems. This resume is just my way of “controlled folly”.
Sante Fe Complex (sf_x), Santa Fe, NM
Volunteer Project Developer: Create an application for the hackerspace to match people and projects. Act as overall volunteer to help make the space a success.
Last Evaluation: We failed. The space ran out of support from the landlord and tanked.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Consultant: Populate and structure knowledge base for help-desk based on wiki.
Provide help-desk support to faculty, staff, and students for various commonly-used software on Windows, MacOS, and Unix platforms. Create data mining apps and reports for Vice President.
Act as call center facilitator, guiding and supervising student consultants.
Last evaluation: “Meets or exceeds expectations”
Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington
Special Projects Consultant: Assist with various technical and human resource projects within Computing and Telecommunications on an as-needed basis.
Director of Communication Services: Administer, supervise, direct, budget, and plan
the University's computing, networking, and telecommunications IT programs.
Unix Systems/Network Technician: Architect, implement, supervise, teach, install, diagnose, repair, and document University data network. Train and supervise student workers. Provide systems administration for Library AIX automation system and DEC VMS.
Last evaluation: “Meets or exceeds expectations.”
Mid-States Irrigation, Inc., Gothenburg, Nebraska
Grunt: Large-equipment erector, repair customer parts, operate powertools and blowtorches, drive loaders, assemble heavy equipment.
Last evaluation: “Good job.”


“How Capitalism Was Supposed to Work, How It Failed, and How to Fix It”, (concealed information) 2015
“A Systems Approach to Solving Global Problems”, (concealed information) 2015
“Zen Code”, wiki.hackerspaces.org, 2015.
“Hackerspace Movement: A Plan for a New Economy and Great Society”, wiki.hackerspaces.org, 2015
“Self-organization for self-generating neural networks”, github,com, 2010-01
“Use of a Genetic Algorithm in the Cryptanalysis of Simple Substitution Ciphers”, CRYPTOLOGIA, Volume XVII, Number 1 (Jan 1993)


Verlin Janssen, father and former boss, Mid-States Irrigation, (concealed information)
Barbara Goguen, former supervisor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (concealed information)
Joanne Larrabee, former colleague, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (concealed information)
Richard Spillman, computer science professor, Pacific Lutheran University, (concealed information)

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