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Conceptual Health & Psycology, Weight Loss Fitness Increase, Cognitive Enhancement Techniques

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Counselor, Trainers, Instructor specializing with TBI, also multiple physical and or psychological issues.
Health improvements vis Self Esteem & Self Confidence
Masters in Psychology, Bachelor's World Governments Global Religions, Associates Criminal Justice.
Master Practitioner (5th Dan) Black Belt Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Chi Kung, Qigong. Police/Corrections Advanced Self Defense Instructor.
Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Cultural & Social Diversity Expert.
Captain (ret.) Dept of Corrections. CERT/SWAT Team Member.
Since 1988.


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About Gregory

Master Instructor, Teacher, Trainer in Multiple Martial Arts & Health Healing Sciences:
Body: Physiology/Anatomy; Mind: Psychology, Cognitive, TBI, Behaviors; Spirit: Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Perseverance.
Tenants, Ethics, Morals, Tenacity, Indomitable Spirit.
Teaching, leading, instructing for self confidence, self esteem, to enhance and validate yourself towards healthy lifestyle and awareness.



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