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Dean's List UMASS Student Math Expert Teaching : Grades 8-College Sophomore Mathematics. I am instructing statistics, algebra, and precalculus/calculus specifically, but can offer assistance in nearly

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A UMASS undergraduate student studying Resource Economics with an Information Technology minor. Resource economics involves economic analysis using quantitative methods (i.e statistics, calculus, algebra,etc). I am passionate about mathematics and love to teach it. I can assist in just about any math subject you need help with, we can go through lectures, notes and practice problems or work on your homework problems together. I have experience teaching students of all ages, I am friendly and have a very relaxed, yet effective teaching style. I've never had a student whose grade I could not raise. Whatever you need, just let me know! I look forward to meeting you!


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    Precalculus & Calculus


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I did calculus, algebra and spanish peer tutoring in high school. Likewise, I am a Fall 2017 UMASS tutor for lower level economics and mathematics courses. I have been doing free tutoring for acquaintances about 30 hours a year since junior year of high school. For me, helping others learn is much more important than getting credit or getting paid; I love to teach! I have a 3.65 and have probably taught around 20 students in my career, all of which improved their final letter grade. My proudest moment was when my D student made an A- by the end of his semester, so proud of you Eric!



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