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« Satyanarayana is a committed and dedicated tutor. He is extremely... More »
« Satyanarayana is a committed and dedicated tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. His wide ranging skills and vast experience and commitment to the student welfare will be an invaluable asset to your institute. »
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Dedicated, resourceful and innovative with 9 years of teaching and 33 years of research experience in Mechanical Engineering


As a teacher I plan to incorporate into my classroom all the experiences and ideas I have seen through out my education. I have found that any learner will remember more when a topic is introduced in a unique way. I tried to incorporate this into my Unit Plan, by starting lessons with an attention getter. Students have a concept to attach all the knowledge they acquire and a way to organize it. Theory and practical knowledge are useful tools only if the application ideas coincide and mesh well with the understanding of theory.

Another cornerstone in my courses will include mastery of material through hard work and class discussion. A large part of learning any mathematical concept is the practice and discussion with classmates. Practice provides insight into the problems from many different angles and talking with your peers about a specific exercise can lead to a new and better understanding. Students need to be accustomed to working with their classmates considering they will experience teamwork again in college or in the real world.


I am a Mechanical Engineer, obtained Ph.D., studied and worked in India, can taught Heat Transfer, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering subjects. Guided 10 under graduate students for Engineering project works. Had 20 years of Research experience in Heat Pipe Technology.


Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $150
Lessons offered by SATYANARAYANA
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Precalculus & Calculus
  • All Levels



• Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. Graduated 1990
• Master of Engineering, Andhra University, India. Graduated 1975
• Bachelor of Engineering, Mysore University, India. Graduated 1972


Dedicated, resourceful and innovative with both academics and research experience in Mechanical Engineering. About 9 years of teaching experience in Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering and Heat Pipe Technology. Nearly 33 years of Research experience and 2 years industry experience with specialization in Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Design of Machine Elements, Thermal and Hydro Power plants.


 Extensive experience in teaching in subjects related to Mechanical Engineering
 Directed Doctoral, Graduate and Undergraduate students in completion of their final projects/thesis.
 Proficiency in handling the administrative activities including as a Principal of an Engineering College
and Head of Engineering Departments while upholding of the institution’s motto.
 Created positive learning experience by enchancing the classroom learning environment and
facilitating growth of student’s leadership qualities.
 Explored opportunities to implement new teaching techniques.
 Collaborated with colleagues on lesson plans and providing individual assistance to students.
 Extensively worked in Design and Development of various products involving Heat Pipe Technology.
 Submitted technical and research papers for national and international conferences.
 Obtained Copy Right on Computer Aidied Design of Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers.
 Life member of Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT) and Indian Society for Technical
Education (ISTE).


Malla Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad, India
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Jul. 2011 – May 2019

As professor taught courses in
• Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer Engineering,
• Advanced Finite Element Analysis,
• Thermal and Nuclear Power Plant Engineering and
• Heat Pipe Technology.

Worked as Head for Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering departments.

The following responsibilities are carried out

• Responsible for all the academic affairs of the Department.
• Looked after day to day activities relating to teaching and other workloads of teaching and non-
teaching staff.
• Reported to the Principal regarding all the requirements of department such as Faculty Member,
supporting staff, equipment, books and journals, maintenance etc.
• Represented department and report to the Principal all the requirements/short comings for the
development and proper functioning of the Department, during weekly/fortnightly meetings.
• Looked after the matter related to research and development, consultancy and research publications.
• Arranged for guest Lectures/extension lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences etc.
• Responsible for mobilizing faculty members for different research grants.
• Responsible for innovative programmes including collaboration with other institutions, universities
and different industries.
• Responsible for students proctor’s system.

Worked as Technical Education Quality Improvement (TEQIP) coordinator for this college for a period of 1 year 5 months.

Associated with the following college administrative activities.

• National Board of Accreditation (NBA)
• National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
• Member of student discipline committee
• Member of selection committee for faculty recruitment
• Member of academic council
• Member of board of studies
• Member of governing body

CMR Engineering College, Hyderabad,India July 2010 – June 2011
College Principal

Served as principal of the engineering college. Predominant responsibilities included
• Look after all the Administrative and Academic activities falling in line with the All India Council of
Technical Education(AICTE), Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad(JNTUH) and the
Government of Andhra Pradesh norms, in all aspects.
• Conduct all the under graduate programmes according to the affiliating university (JNTUH) .
• Appoint Faculty Members according to the norms of the AICTE and affiliating university (JNTUH).
• Monitor admissions, conduct regular class works and maintain discipline among students and faculty.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Hyderabad,India Sep. 1976 – June 2009
Senior Deputy General Manager
At BHEL, Corporate Research and Development Division, started as Junior Executive and retired as Senior Deputy General Manager. Primary responsibilities included
• Initiation of research project related to the problems referred by the sister units of BHEL including the
budget requirement to undertake the project.
• Carry out literature survey and acquire input data to start the research project.
• Initiate the purchase indents for procuring the software packages and equipment required for
fabrication of experimental set up to conduct extensive experiments.
• Discuss with the concerned unit team or customer during execution of the project.
• After validating the experimental results or software output data, prepare the technical report and
submit to the user for implementing the outcome of the project.
• Prepare the technical papers and submit to BHEL journal, national or international journals as well as
national or international conferences after scrutinizing by the technical committee.
• Participate in the national and international conferences to gain knowledge in relevant areas.
• Visit various hydro and thermal power stations to carry out ventilation studies under life extension
programme or Residual life assessment programme.
• Impart training by arranging workshops at sister units of BHEL on relevant technical topics.
• Carry out site investigations referred by customers of BHEL for solving the problems.

The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited, India Sep. 1974 – Sep. 1976
Engineer (Mechanical)
Worked in planning and development department and drawing office
Primary responsibilities included
• Design of heat exchangers
• Vetting of machine drawings drawn by draughtsmen.
• Follow up of suppliers for delivering the ordered items required by various departments.


1. N.Gunubushanam, P.Rajyalakshmi, and S.R. Ramireddy : Development, testing of Heat Pipe heat exchanger for high power amplifiers, 13th International Heat pipe conference, September 21-25, 2004, Shanghai, China.

2. Bandaru Venkateswarlu, Krishna Kumar.T.Reddy, S.R. Ramireddy and N.Gunabushanam: Analytical and experimental evaluation of thermal performance of Heat sinks for high current devices. BSME-ASME International conference on thermal engineering, 31st December 2001 - 2nd January,2002, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

3. S.R. Ramireddy, Heat pipes for industrial applications with special emphasis on electrical machines. pp. 13-18, Annexure to the proceedings of the 2nd ISHMT-ASME Heat and Mass Transfer conference and 13th National Heat and Mass Transfer conference, December, 28-30, 1995, KREC, Surathkal, India.

4. S.R. Ramireddy, P.Venkateswarulu, and V.M.K.Sastri: Effect of Inclination on the
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5. S.R. Ramireddy, P.Venkateswarulu and V.M.K.Sastri,: Experimental heat transfer
characteristics of Rotating Heat Pipe with an aircooled condenser, 6th International Heat Pipe Conference, May 25-29, 1987, Grenoble, France.

6. K.S.Rao, D.P.Singh and S.R. Ramireddy: Heat transfer study in the axial ducts of Electrical Machines, Proceedings of 5th National Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, pp.257-264, Vol.2, Feb.1980, Hyderabad.


1. B.Anusha, B,Mrunalini, S.Vinaya and S.R. Ramireddy: Design of Copper Water Heat Pipe Heat Sink for cooling Electronic Equipment, June 2009.

2. R.K.Ashwini, G.N.Padmaja, K.Sahaja, P.Lakshmi and S.R. Ramireddy: Design and testing of sintered wick copper water Heat Pipe, January 2008.

3. S.R. Ramireddy, A.K.S.Guru, Satyanarayan and G.L.Panchari, Ventilation studies on
Hydrogenerator units of Rihand Hydro Electric Power Station, March 2007.

4. K.N.Krishnan, P.C.Singh, S.R. Ramireddy and Nitish Mishra, Thermal analysis of naturally cooled Dynamic Braking Resistor(Roof mounted) for super fast locomotives, October 2006.

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6. G.Swaminathan, Dr.A.B.Datta, Dr.S.R. Ramireddy and Kulvir Singh: Development of
microwave processing facility for sintering ceramic honeycomb and metallic components, February 2006

7. S.R. Ramireddy, B.R.K.Rao and V.Sreedhar, The performance evaluation of Ljungstrom Air Preheater elements, October 2005.

8. N.Gunubushanam, S.R. Ramireddy and S.Samatha, Performance evaluation of wick structures of capillary driven Heat Pipe, September 2005

9. N.Gunubushanam, S.R. Ramireddy, S.Lavanya and S.Samatha, Parametric studies of sintered wick cylindrical Heat Pipe, June 2005.

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12. S.R. Ramireddy, N.Gunubushanam and R.C.Dongre, Development of Aluminium heat sinks and its assembly with associated hardware used for large current forced air cooled rectifiers, April 2004.

13. B.R.K.Rao, S.R. Ramireddy and N.Gunubushanam, Ventilation studies on hydro generators of UBDC (Stage-I) Hydro Power Station (PSEB), February 2004.

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Satyanarayana is a committed and dedicated tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching.
His wide ranging skills and vast experience and commitment to the student welfare will be an invaluable asset to your institute.


I know Dr. Satyanarayana Reddy for the past 40 years. I met him at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India when he joined for PhD program. He is a true researcher with positive attitude and motivated to exploring new ideas. He is an excellent team leader and goes that extra mile for getting the best out of the tasks he undertakes. He has also good teaching abilities as he demonstrated at the college he joined after retiring from the R&D company. Combining his skills in research and teaching, I think, he will be an excellent educator for students who want to excel in the practical world.

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