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Joshua - Prof korean - Tacoma


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Did you know Hyundai, Samsaung, LG are Korean? You can speak it and write it.

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About Joshua

Joshua J. Jung
2101 East 42nd Street
Tacoma, WA 98404
(M) (concealed information)
(concealed information)

To seek a position in a reputed agency and company where I can use my expertise skills as a Korean Instructor, a Korean Language Developer, and a Korean Program Coach to teach, coordinate and contribute in the proper running of the agency as well as for my own personal experience. In addition, a highly talented Korean Language Instruction with 12 year experience in teaching Korean, coordinating Korean Language Program , Interpreting, Translating, Military Intelligence Training, and Linguist Training in accordance with the Military Operation.

Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Bachelors Art of Social Science

• More than 12 years of Adult Language teaching experience
• Strong 9 years of Korean Language and Culture teaching, interpretation and translation
• Military Foreign Language and Culture training and coordinating Students at Foreign Language Center
• Performs Korean Language Instruction, Korean Curriculum Development, Korean Language Analysis, Korean Lesson Objectives, Korean Lesson Planning, Military Standard Operation, Korean Instructor Workshops and Student & Linguist Training in accordance with applicable Instructor criteria, documents, textbooks and Instructor teaching standards
• Profound ability to use CL-150 Lesson Generator, LOG (Learning Object Generator), Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) , Google Drive, Google Doc, SmartBoard, GLOSS (Global Language Online Support System), BMS (Broadcasting Monitoring System), SCOLA (Online Mass Media Site) and Quizlet
• Performs Military Student Language Assessment
• Performs Korean Language Development of Defense Language Institute (DLI) Lesson Development.
• Helps Coordination and support Military Language and Culture Center Military Operation
• Provides Korean language analysis, curriculum development, language lessons, interpretation, and translation
• Works on simultaneous Korean and English language transcription
• Assists Military Operations in Base
• Maintains a safe and clean classroom environment by following guidelines and procedures, and complying with all applicable regulations.
• Deep knowledge of practical education of Korean Language and Culture. This includes applying nuances, expressions, tone and posture to the target language and culture of Korean natives.


Transparent Language Inc.
Korean Cohort Coaching/Language Instructor (2016-Current)

I provide distributed, focused and independent guidance for Korean linguists and other US Government Korean language professionals. I intend to prevent Korean language proficiency drop-off in-between formal acquisition, refresher, and enhancement language courses.

I develop Korean lessons each week designed to engage each cohort member's proficiency threshold.

I create ILR level 2 and 3 Korean lessons based on a different topic from Culture, Economy, Environment, Geography, Military, Politics, Science, Security, Society and Technology.

City University of Seattle
Seattle, WA (2014 – Current)
Korean Language Instructor

I teach language and culture of Korea. I teach college students and adult learners who have none or very limited prior knowledge of Korean. I emphasize on speaking and listening, supported by reading and writing and getting comfortable with the language. Topics include introductions, greetings, numbers, days and months, identification of classroom objects, location and ownership of items, and airport security check.

I make sure students exchange greetings, address someone formally and introduce themselves in Korean. I teach how to identify an item or a person and interact with others in describing ownership, presence or absence of an item or a person at a certain location in Korean.

I teach ILR level 2 and 3 topics include locations of schools, teachers' office items, destination, daily activities and frequency of daily activities. I make sure students will be able to exchange information about locations and ownership of items, time and frequency of daily activities in Korean.

Milburn Academy, Catapult Company:
Joint-Base Lewis McCall, WA (2014 -2016)
Korean Language Developer/Instructor

I was responsible for teaching Korean language and culture to enlisted soldiers with preparing and creating Korean curriculum, Korean lesson plans, and Korean teaching materials. Handle the responsibility of instruction of foreign language and culture school and military operation to ensure proper military education.

I was responsible for basic survival language skills, cultural training, greetings, number, and directions. I develop the lesson plan and teaching materials. Teaching Korean refresher books and additional materials students have collected themselves, self-owned text books, and online resources. In addition, I evaluate student’s final level and create Academic Progress Report.

I was also responsible for assisting the administrative staffs and higher ranked military soldiers in attendance and scheduling of training operation. Perform the responsibility of managing classroom under the Military Standard Operation. I performed the task of developing stand-alone Korean online courses to ensure that students learn to study Korean anytime.

Multilingual Solutions LLC:
Rockville, MD (2008 - 2014)
Korean Language Instructor

I was responsible for teaching Korean to 1st Special Force Group. I performed all levels of Korean language teaching and culture education in Joint Base Lewis McCall base (Special Force Group Language Facility) Translating Korean news articles, interpreting Korean media program, preparing curriculum and creating lesson plans.

I focused on effective communication between Korean natives and our soldiers (English speaking American natives.)

I taught Korean for the soldiers who needed to prepare for Oral Proficiency Interview and Defense Language Proficiency Test.

ALTA Reading/Listening/Speaking Score 4/4 in Korean, Advance High in English

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Bellevue high school Bellevue Washjngton USA Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Bachelors Art of Social Science
Master of Foreign Langauge Education cerificate, Seoul, Korea
Current CL150 Cerifiied Language instructor and cohort coach
Language Lesson developer and proof reading recording instructor

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