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Doing PhD, graduate in Software Engineer with hard skills in programming language and logic researching Artificial Intelligence technologies.


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When working with programming logic, languages ​​like C, C++, Java, Python etc my teaching method is theory allied to practice. I taught technical classes in programming in college, and the didactic in passing on knowledge is fundamental. In addition, the student's dedication to solving the exercises is essential for the fixation of the content. Promotional packages can be made for classes with groups of students. So, according to the difficulties of the student's facilities, the doubts will be clarified and the content will be deepened. "The advice of wisdom is: Seek to gain wisdom, use all you have to gain understanding." Proverbs 4:7


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PhD student in Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Texas in San Antonio (USA), graduated in Software Engineering at the Federal University of Amazonas (BR), I have worked in companies and am currently in a research project involving Artificial Intelligence, Database and Scientific Method. I seek to teach students from basic to advanced level to program and analyze algorithms as software architects.



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  • 01

    1) Can you tell us about your first experience using a computer?

    At the time I was attending high school with an Integrated Electrotechnical
    Technician. Was carrying out a technological project that involved energy saving,
    automation and programming, but the course did not offer programming classes. I
    looked for coordination and I asked for the possibility if I could attend the C++
    programming classes they offered to another course. I had difficulty at first, but I
    realized that I loved doing the exercises and seeing the codes work, the time ran and
    even in the early hours I didn't feel sleepy, because I was very excited in performing
    the exercises, listening to music and improving myself. At that moment I realized that
    I loved computing and I decided to go into this area and become a Software
    Engineer and do my PhD in Computer and Electrical Engineer to research and teach
    this subject to others.

  • 02

    2) What is the technological evolution that has marked you most and what will be, in your eyes, a turning point in this field?

    One of the revolutions and technological applications that most impressed me are
    those that
    involve technology in health care. There are games for people with disabilities that
    lost the movement of the legs, for example, such games make the character walk
    only if the player sends brain stimulation to his legs. This stimulation can be detected
    with sensors on a helmet on the VR (Virtual Reality). These games function as a
    therapy for people to try to walk again, and it turns out that many patients end up
    feeling their legs again and making amazing progress. Therefore, this part of Health
    Care and technology focused on health is one of the things that inspire me the most
    especially in the research and development.

  • 03

    3) Explain your expertise, your interest in it and, more broadly, its importance in the computer world.

    I know lots of Software Engineer to be able to build a commercial systema, I love
    teaching and I teach Programming Logic, Data Structure, Operating Systems,
    Programming Web, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science etc. My
    specialty is in the Big Data and application of these data in Neural Models. My
    current research in my PhD involves Linear Systems and Control looking for the best
    Optimization in Artificial Intelligence Models.

  • 04

    4) Do so-called 'visionaries', such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg inspire you or do you have other role models?

    The three were pioneers with their ideas searching of a personal computer, a
    cutting-edge technology and relatively simple to implement ideas such as Facebook,
    and having the initiative to do so. They are an example that knowledge is not an end
    in itself, but a tool to make a phenomenal idea be real. They didn't have all the
    knowledge, but they had ideas and set up a team to get where they are, this shows
    us that the search for innovation is not a solitary work, but shared and in group. We
    have to know that we will never know everything, but we can surround ourselves with
    professionals who will help us in this race for wisdom and I'm here as a professor to
    be part of this team to use knowledge as a tool for technology and innovation of my

  • 05

    5) Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school.

    One thing I always think is that classes end up being an environment of learning for
    both professors and student. In one of my classes it was discussed the possibility of
    compressing several neural models to the point of making Artificial Intelligence with
    the knowledge of a human, managing to name certain animals to extremely specific
    diseases, understand speech and transmit it. We even think of world domination due
    to these technologies and movies coming to be real like The Matrix and others where
    technology is a threat to humanity. I think technology should not be seen as a threat
    but as a tool for building a better world, knowing that the power of human decision is
    irreplaceable. The technological apocalypse is a fiction that cannot become real if we
    work above all ethical values and biblical principles as love God and our neighbor.

  • 06

    6) What would you say to an uncomfortable person in front of a screen who says that "IT is too complicated"?

    This difficulty is completely normal when we are dealing with something totally new.
    As we persist and carry out targeted exercises, we ask questions and we have
    lectures, this knowledge in informatics and computing becomes increasingly fluid
    and trivial. We have to keep in mind that the secret is to persist in the goal and seek
    to improve, after a while technology will become something natural, you will see
    many opportunities in it and what was complicated becomes intuitive.

  • 07

    7) What are your other passions, related or non-related to computers?

    One of the things that inspire me, besides computing, is music. I love to sing and
    play the piano, I think that sheet music and musical notes are a new language, as
    like the programming language. The difference is that she does not communicate
    verbally and nor for a computer, but communicates with the feeling and well being.
    the piano is a new keyboard with different purposes and that works a similar area in
    the brain. The more you read and practice, the better you become, it's a continuous
    exercise and that requires dedication, in the end the results bring me great personal
    satisfaction and well be to the listeners.

  • 08

    8) What makes you a Superprof in IT?

    The first thing we have to understand as teachers is that once we were students, we
    go through challenges and with humility we overcome barriers and seek wisdom to
    arrive at the knowledge we have. And because of that I have empathy for my
    students, knowing that we all have difficulties, and from the difficulty and resolution of
    the doubt we were able to deepen our knowledge. I usually say that doubt is the
    origin of knowledge, an AI will generate data from that knowledge, but the didactics
    and empathy to understand these data are carried out by the teacher's guidance.
    The power of decision to teach one thing first and then another is carried out by the
    teacher too, and this direction is irreplaceable,

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