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« Bernadette is a wonderful, caring and kind person. She genuinely... More »
« Bernadette is a wonderful, caring and kind person. She genuinely loves children and brings out the best in them. »
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  • Acting
  • Improvisational theater
  • Musical Theater
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Drama major with many years of experience working with children of all ages offers acting classes


Improvisation classes/Play production/One-on-on acting work

Acting is interesting and fun! Usually students who enjoy acting are talented in it and want to do a good job. This is a wonderful basis for a good teaching and learning experience.

I am a teacher who expects the best from students as I know from experience that excellence is what every student really wants to achieve, so I don't hesitate to guide them in what works and what doesn't work on stage. Also, I insist on material, in both improvisation and scripts, that affirms and promotes family values as it provides a safe and comfortable place for students of all ages. In addition, I stress being on time and present. It is important as it is all about the ensemble in theatre: working in tandem with others and depending on each other.

On the whole, I like to accentuate the positive and keep the group dynamic upbeat and pleasant, and I emphasize the same encouraging and productive atmosphere when working with individuals.


I've been a tutor, special ed teacher, homeschooler, and acting coach. I was chosen first in a class of 500 at Syracuse University to get into the Drama Department there. I went on to graduate from Dominican College with a BA in Drama and then graduated from San Francisco State University with K-8 and Special Ed. teaching credentials. I love acting and choral singing and am currently a member of St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church choir in Milwaukee.


Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $25
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $20
Lessons offered by Bernadette
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Acting
  • Improvisational theater
  • Musical Theater
  • All Levels

Bernadette's resume

Bernadette Celestin 2500 N 49th St, Milwaukee, WI 53210 - (concealed information) Telephone (concealed information)

Special Education / K-8 Teacher / Drama Coach

Creative - Compassionate - Dedicated - Motivated - Cooperative

● Will design and implement practical, effective, behavioral strategies utilizing experiential knowledge of ABA; continuous communication with child, other faculty, and parents; and the gathering and recording of data.

● Will design appropriate IEPs for students using the following strategies: circumspect interpretation of recorded and observed data, attention to the concerns and input of parents as well as students, and implementation of creative, traditional, and/or diverse curricula according to the particular needs of the learner.

● Will bring creative ideas to the classroom, focusing on the individual needs of the students while maintaining positive group dynamics.

Skills include: - Student Motivation - Parent and Teacher Conferences - Individual Education Plans - Curriculum Development and Expansion - Multi-sensory Teaching Approach - Student-centered Learning Environment - Choral Singing - Theater Production, Acting, Directing


Credential Program​, Multiple Subject K-8, LD Special Education (1988) California State University, San Francisco, California Bachelor of Arts​ (1984); Major: Drama Dominican College, San Rafael, California


Tutor Jan 2016 -July 2018 Tutored part-time for eight students, ages 3 to 12 years. In particular, taught a dyslexic and ADD student. Also, taught a 6 year old to read, and instructed a 3 year old in music and art.

SCUSD Substitute Teacher, Sacramento, California Jan 2012 - Sept 2012
Jul 2015 - Dec 2015
Substitute Teacher Worked part-time as a pre-K-8 substitute teacher, including two contiguous weeks for a Resource Specialist, several times for a preschool Special Education teacher, a few times for self-contained LH classes and once for an Elementary OH class.

St. Stephen Catholic Church, Sacramento, California Oct 2014 - Dec 2015 Drama Coach Worked with girls (8-13 years old) on creative acting exercises and improvisational skits, emphasizing the seven virtues.

St. Stephen Catholic Church, Sacramento, California Oct 2014 - Jan 2015 Costume Director Was responsible for all aspects of costuming for a production of ​A Christmas Carol
​ . Also worked with children (8-18 years old).

South Sutter Charter School, Placerville, California Sep 2012 - Jun 2013 Tutor Utilized assessment tests and strategies to diagnose academic strengths and needs of homeschool students and place them in appropriate programs and grade levels. Developed and implemented language arts and mathematics curricula for six students.

Stonehurst Elementary School, Oakland, California Jan 1990 - Aug 1990 LH Kindergarten Teacher Developed and implemented education plans for mild LH students in a contained classroom. Coordinated with other professionals to ensure appropriate education strategies for ADD, emotionally-disturbed, and mild physically disabled students. Supervised teacher assistants in implementation of curriculum. Implemented successful behavior management techniques.

Burt Center Res. Treatment Center, San Francisco, California Feb 1989 - Nov 1989 SED High School Teacher Developed and implemented education plans for severely emotionally disturbed teenage girls and one 7-year-old girl in a contained classroom. Worked with psychiatrists, case workers, and the director and assistant director of this private residential treatment center in order to bring about healing as well as educational instruction for these students who had been victims of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse.

City of Pacifica School District, Pacifica, California Jan 1989 Substitute Teacher Worked as a substitute teacher in grades K-8 on an as-need basis.

California State University, San Francisco, California Sep 1988 - Dec 1988 Special Education Student Teacher

Binet-Montessori School, San Francisco, California Sep 1986 - Jan 1987 Kindergarten Teacher Developed, planned, and implemented curriculum for kindergarten-aged students, incorporating creative play.

Private Family, San Francisco, California Summer 1985 Tutor Instructed autistic five-year-old child using multi-sensory teaching techniques. Had success in furthering his communication abilities.

Yerba Buena Childcare Center, San Francisco, California Feb 1985 - Aug 1987 SH preschool Para Worked as a teacher’s assistant, implementing individualized instruction for students with varied physical, emotional, and mental handicaps under the supervision of the teacher. Attended some IEP meetings at the teacher’s request. Also worked in tandem with other professionals in order to provide the best care for these SH preschool children. Sign language as well as dramatic play was integral to their education.

Phina’s Childcare Center, San Francisco, California Summers 1982 - 1984 Preschool Teacher Developed and implemented summer program curricula; team-taught.

Dominican College, San Rafael, California Sep 1981 - May 1984 On-Campus tutor for elementary school children (work study program) Utilized different testing tools in order to effectively pinpoint academic problem areas for children 5 - 12 years of age. Instructed children one-on-one using behavior modification techniques to solve academic problems.

Private Family, San Francisco, California Summer 1981 Childcare Provider

St. Peter and Paul Child Care Center, San Francisco Dec 1980 - June 1981 Preschool Teacher Utilized team teaching approach to develop and implement curriculum for a mostly Chinese speaking population of children. Co-worker spoke very little English, which presented many interesting challenges.

References Available Upon Request

The 6 reviews on Bernadette
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6 recommendations


Bernadette is a wonderful, caring and kind person. She genuinely loves children and brings out the best in them.


Bernadette was able to reach my daughter on a very personal level. Two days per week, she spent teaching to suit the needs of my child as well as acknowledging the best way she receives information. It's such a skill to teach someone in such a specific way. Miss Bernadette was the kindest person that I've meet and shares a special bond with children who need support. Hands down, I know she is capable of meeting the needs of any child she works with.


Bernadette is a lovely, kind woman who helped me manage a non-profit, young girls group ages eight through to fourteen. When I was going to develop a drama group with my girl group, I asked around our parish who would be best for this project. Hands down, Bernadette was always the first one people suggested. I had the pleasure to work with Bernadette for 8 months this past school year. Bernadette was responsible for teaching the girls drama skills. She was the leader of this sub group and had one adult assistant. Not once did I have a complaint against Bernadette. In fact all the girls and parents enjoyed working with her and they wanted more. In fact, I had one teenage girl who was terrified to act. Her mother begged me to have her daughter not participate. I asked this young lady if she wouldn't mind observing what her peers were learning. The young lady consented and I made Bernadette aware of the situation. Come performance time this young lady was the leading role in the skit and was the star. She was very pleased with her accomplishment. I was so proud what Bernadette was able to do for this very shy young lady. Most of my 55 girls are eager to have Bernadette help them again next school year. I think whoever hires Bernadette would be very satisfied with her help.


Great tutor, very competent and knowledgeable.


I have known Bernadette for over 6 months while she came to our residence in Renton to give art and music lessons to my 3-year-old son, Y. She worked her magic and was able to capture my 3 year old's interest and attention in no time. He had been struggling to sit still during his circle time at school, but Bernadette with her infinite patience, care and love was able to have him stay in his chair and engage in various art projects while playing classical music in the background during the entire 2-hour session each day. After a few sessions with Bernadette, Y.'s once plain playroom wall was covered with artwork of varying themes, thanks to her creativity. She worked with Y. and created laminated sheets with musical notes, played a variety of musical instruments from a trumpet to maracas and spurred my son's interest in music. Y. bonded so well with Mrs. C and would eagerly look forward to her visits.

- Deepthi


She is compassionate, kind and patient! My son was very sad to hear she was moving. She has made a big impact on my sons confidence with reading and school in general. She will be greatly missed by our family.

- Karyn R.

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