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Taught subjects
  • History
  • Geography
  • General knowledge
  • Politics
  • Social Studies
  • Moral and Civic education
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College / University
  • Adult Education
  • MBA

Educator with History and Political Science Degree and Teaching Experience in Both Offering Tutoring to Children of ALL AGES


I will teach and tutor children and adults of all ages, from the time they are in 1st-2nd grade all the way through 12th grade. Typically I open up with 1-3 warm-up questions either about a topic we are about to learn about and study, or a topic we reviewed the previous lesson. These questions are meant to be fun and get the student excited. Afterwards, we dive into the lesson itself. If the student already has his or her notes and textbook, I have them bring this as well as all assignments. I give the student a chance to first ask any immediate questions. From there, I have a few lesson plans of my own that may include my own notes if the student needs them, and also any activities that I think will be beneficial.
This varies from student to student because I try to base my lessons off of what and how they are learning in class. Once I know, I can either review or create my own lessons if necessary to help the student. Depending on the topic I may give an extra assignment at the end, or work on the assignment the student has together. In History I ask the students to participate as well so they can be empowered. I want each person and group to have fun, but ultimately learn.


I have a Bachelor's in History and Political Science, and Master's in Pastoral Studies. I have worked in education for the last 7 years as a tutor, lead teacher, and Director of Education programs. I taught History and Civics as well as Religion to Middle and High School students. I also tutored Elementary school students. Currently I work with people of all ages as an education administrator and also teacher.


Transportation Fee : $3
Rate for online lessons : $18/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $85
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $160


Rate: $15-21 per child per hour.
While $18 would be the average and the number I put, the $15-$20 range is meant so families can
negotiate (particularly when we factor in travel prices, depending on how far I have to travel). If I am
tutoring a family in my neighborhood I will not be charging extra for traveling. The distance I need
to travel to tutor will factor in travel costs in addition to payment.
Rates can be negotiable case-by-case. If a family has 3 children, we can negotiate rates for all 3
children dependent upon lessons and age difference. Package deals are included in a range of $70-
90 for 5 hours, or $140-170 for 10 hours.

Webcam: I put $18 per hour; $15-$20 per hour is the acceptable rate.

Payment: Preferably the same day I am tutoring the child. If the family or group needs to pay early, I will accept early payments; please do not give me late payments.

Lessons offered by Jacques
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • History
  • Geography
  • General knowledge
  • Politics
  • Social Studies
  • Moral and Civic education
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College / University
  • Adult Education
  • MBA

Jacques's resume

Professional Experience
Divine Mercy Parish
Director of Religious Education Kenner, LA June 2015-Present
• Oversee Elementary Religious Education Program, Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) Process for
Spanish and English, Adult Faith Formation Coordinator, and Vacation Bible School (VBS).
• I mentor and teach children and adults personally who are unable to make the weekly Religious
Education sessions, working with the parents as well so they can teach their children at home.
• Organize and support volunteer teachers in Elementary Religious Education, as well as walk
through the classes to ensure the children are learning and speak with the parents and teachers
should they have questions. Elementary Religious Education has grown from 75 to 100 children,
and the number of volunteers has increased from 1 to 2 people per classroom.
• Co-Direct the Vacation Bible School program, which is the Church summer camp. We organize
activities such as arts and crafts, games, and music as well as a different theme. We invited 7th-8th
grade students to participate as junior volunteers starting in summer 2016. Our camp has grown
from 55 campers in summer 2015 to 99 campers in summer 2018 entering Kindergarten-6th grade.
The teen volunteer numbers have doubled from 30 to over 60. We are recruiting to increase our
adult volunteer numbers, inviting parents and grandparents of children to assist as well as
ministering and reaching out to active parishioners.
• The RCIA Process has grown from 13 adults my first year and now has over 20 adults in each of the
past 2 years who are receiving Sacraments. I assist in leading and facilitation sessions in English and
• The Adult Faith Formation Program include various topics on the Catholic faith and tie in History.
• Volunteer for leadership opportunities in the parish youth group core member and Eucharistic
• Building several deep, strong relationships with the families and adults of Divine Mercy Community.

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School
Middle School Social Studies/Religion Teacher LaPlace, LA July 2014-May 2015
• Taught World History, American History, and Religion to 6th and 8th graders.
• Developed lesson plans and curriculum of the topics covered in class and facilitated class discussions and activities that were also meant to tie in real-life issues to assist the students in their development.
• Mentored and tutored students to assist them in their academic and faith and spiritual growth. By the end of the year my students were asking me about different topics ranging from liturgical music to discussion questions about the world wars and in-depth questions on Ancient civilizations.
• Coached cross-country and soccer. We had two middle school soccer teams with 16 and 18 children on the teams, the bulk of whom were students in my classes. The 7th-8th grade soccer team won the championship. In addition to leading practices I also worked with our Athletic Director and the other schools’ coaches to plan the schedule and coordinate the games as well as any potential schedule changes.
• Directed Elementary School Soccer program, in which I organized teams based on children’s ages, invite parents to be coaches, organize uniforms, and coordinate with the other schools’ directors about field use.
• Volunteered at special school-wide events and other duties to stay active in the St. Joan of Arc community

Ursuline Academy
High School History Teacher New Orleans, LA July 2013-May 2014
• Taught American History and American Government to Juniors and Seniors
• Developed a curriculum of the topics covered in class and facilitated class discussions and activities that included small group presentations and creating poster boards on one of the topics. A few assessments were given each quarter to assist the students and find ways for them to improve and learn.
• Used the topics in History and Government to talk about real life issues as well as building life and leadership skills that will assist them later. Topics included financial care during the Roaring 20s and Great Depression, moral issues during the Second Great Awakening, and discussing how issues such as Immigration and Religion have impacted our nation through History and various Court Cases.
• Volunteered at special school-wide events and other duties to stay active in the Ursuline community

City Year Los Angeles, Inc.
Corps Member – Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary School Los Angeles, CA July 2012 – May 2013
• Collaborated with my partner teacher to provide in-class support and develop creative solutions to student learning by teaching and mentoring children primarily in Language Arts and Mathematics.
• Partnered with School Administration and fellow Corps Members to implement initiatives and events focused on attendance, positive behavior, and improving course performance.
• Each student who I had tutored in Language Arts and Mathematics improved their test scores. We set up Interventions for children who struggled with reading, so they could better comprehend the material.
• Selected to represent my School Corps Team on Corps Council and serve as a Learning Coordinator
• Facilitated and enrich after school programs in which we develop a behavior management and attendance system while also incorporating tutoring, homework assistance, curriculum of lessons over social justice.
• Participated in the Peace Squad by creating, designing, and facilitating workshops on topics such as Culture Shock and Stereotypes, Empathy, Violence, and Racism
• Co-Organized our After-School Program Graduation. We had around 60-70 children in our program.
• Point person for Million Word Challenge, a literacy initiative to encourage students to read and write more

Strake Jesuit College Preparatory
Alumni Service Corps (ASC) Member Houston, TX August 2011 – May 2012
• First person appointed to serve in ASC as an assistant campus minister in Pastoral Ministry Center (PMC)
• Assisted liturgy coordinator to set up all the liturgies. Served as a Eucharistic Minister and Altar Server
• Worked with retreat coordinator by planning, participating, and leading in all grade level retreats
• Motivated students and engaged students in post-service reflections and retreat workshops
• Chaperoned the spring break mission trip that included students from the local Catholic High Schools
• Coordinated with several community service organizations to put together the annual service fair and also allow our Juniors to serve for a day at a few of the sites during the Junior Pilgrimage
• Coached cross-country and track and field, specializing in coaching the freshmen. Led the runners in stretches, worked on their form and mentored them on the value of healthy diets.
• Built several deep, strong relationships with the students and faculty during my year at Strake Jesuit

Volunteer Activities and Organizations
City Year New Orleans
Alumni Board New Orleans, LA November 2016 – Present
• Serving as a member since Fall 2016 and began my term as Co-Chair in December 2017
• Serve on the Mentorship Committee and currently serve as liaison for Carver High School
• Coordinate with the Impact Managers and Alumni Board co-chair to plan meetings as well as the agenda
• Plan events for corps members while also participating in Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Day and 18-Minute Networking Event as a panelist

Other Activities New Orleans, LA August 2013 – Present
• Active participant in Archdiocese of New Orleans Young Adults and Young Catholic Professionals (YCP), staying involved with retreats, service projects, and other community activities.

University Education
Loyola University, New Orleans, LA
• Masters in Pastoral Studies, December 2017

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
• B.A. in History; Political Science, May 2011

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