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English as a Second Language Professional Teaching Beginning/Intermediate Second Language Learners in San Antonio area

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I do tutoring for Children and Adults of all ages and language backgrounds. I have taught English as a Second Language in the Elementary Schools in the Southwest United States and have taught ESL at San Antonio College for over three years. I also taught in self-contained primary and middle school classrooms teaching all areas of the curriculum. I have taught Spanish in High School and to adults in a business setting. In an ESL lesson I would have sections of reading, writing and speaking and give homework to do in between classes. I have lived in other countries around the world and am open to other cultures and languages. For other academic areas, I would help with homework and expand on what the school or classroom teacher has taught and assigned in order for the student to better understand concepts as well as the particular assignment. I have experience in creative writing and poetry writing. I have worked in Employment settings and can assist with Resume Writing and Interview Skills. I believe in positive feedback and in making learning challenging as well as fun.


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About Mercedes

I have been a tutor off and on for several years. I have taught English as a Second Language in the Elementary Schools in the Southwest United States and have taught ESL at San Antonio College for over three years. I also taught in self-contained primary and middle school classrooms teaching all areas of the curriculum. I have taught Spanish in High School and to adults in a business setting.

My ESL adult students have learned to interview for jobs, write resumes and find productive and lucrative work positions. My adult Spanish students have learned to communicate with Spanish speaking people in their places of work and better enjoy traveling to Spanish speaking countries.



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  • NJ English teacher with over 30 years experience in teaching and tutoring.


    Cherry Hill

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    My method is to first assess the needs of my student(s). What is it you need to learn? Once I understand that I plan a way...

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