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Sarah A. - Prof ESL - Houston
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  • Arabic
  • Armenian
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ESL Adjunct Professor, Houston, TX. MA Applied Linguistic/Graduate Studies TESOL. Teaches and translate


Statement of Teaching
As a 2004 graduate of MA/Applied Linguistic/TESOL graduate program from Montclair state university in NJ. I have over 12 years ESL teaching experience and translating. While my academic experience is in teaching and linguistics, I have experience in data entry, computer skills as I worked for publishing online Arabic medical lexicon dictionary, as part of my linguistic graduate studies program. Also, I have experience in testing, assessing ESL students and US citizenship test preparation (civics).With over 12 years teaching experience and diverse skills, I am confident in my outstanding skills and ability to become a helpful instructor..
My teaching method, over the past ten years, is based on a student-centered philosophy. While working on my master’s degree. I realized that teaching ESL is a journey of exploring new information and sharing the love of learning. Through my teaching experience in ESL field, I can understand that using creative tools and methods, which incorporate balanced relationship with students and encourage critical thinking, I believe; teacher can create a person out of the student.
Being a trilingual speaker and an ESL teacher in several countries, I believe an ESL teacher is an ambassador of pedagogy. He / She should consciously design a curriculum for ESL students which incorporate cultural, social and historical knowledge. This helps immerse the students in our culture in US. On the other hands, special attention should be given to individual background.
The teachers motivating approach and creative teaching techniques is equally important to inspire the students and get them engaged in the class activities. Teacher has to build a good relationship with the students, based on respect and honesty. Several researchers have emphasized the importance of cultural identities of both learner and teacher.
Thus, the importance of critical thinking plays a crucial role in problem solving skills. The student will settle the boundaries of thinking process to decision making. It also reflects on deciding what to believe or do, as well as he/ she will use as an active interpretation tool. My ten years teaching experience elucidate that when we teach ESL students critical thinking, the students can recognize problems, find workable solution for their problems. That will support to understand and use language carefully, clearly and with distinction.
To conclude, my enthusiasm in teaching will precede with me to the next level of my experience. In this field will make me also more motivated to improve myself and to dedicate my time to the profession of teaching that I admire. My experience that I learned throughout the years working as ESL instructor, interacting with students coming from different countries and also being able to share with the students the beauty of English language and literature will make me ready to move to my new position with more confident and responsibilities. I understand that there is a lot more for me to learn and improve in my teaching skill and this opportunity is definitely one that I look forward to take to accomplish that.


I have been teaching and preparing lessons for about 12 years. I taught average of 25 students class.
Study Tour in Felician 3rd session July 29, 2014
Students Goodbye Notes
1. Dear Miss Sarah
I just want to thank you for your kindness with me. Thank you, I`m better in English now, and I will work harder to improve my English. Moreover I hope everything will be all right for you .
2. Dear Miss. Hovhanessian
Thanks for all the lessons, my English is better than before, good luck .
3. Dear miss. Hovhanessian
Thank you for the generosity and for availability. My English is better.
Goodbye, Pasquale.
4 Dear Miss. Hovhanessian
Hello I wanted to thank you for having improved my English and for making me learn new words, in this class I met new people from different countries and I could see the different habits of different people thanks for everything.
5 Goodbye everyone, I am so sad because tomorrow I’ll leave New York and my all new friends, that I meet in Felician college .
It was a great experience.
I thank you all my classmates and my teacher, that improve my English.
Goodbye everyone.
6. Dear Miss Hovhanessian
Thanks for these two weeks I have learned many things.
7. Dear Miss Simon,
Tanks you for all lesson and all classes
8: Dear Miss Hovhanessian
Hello! Thanks for teaching us the fine English
And thanks for having so much patience
9. Dear Mrs S. Hovhanessian thank you for your patience with every students and for your teaching. Now I know more English and I think I was fine in the class.
10.Dear, Miss Hovhanessian,I want to thank you for the lessons and your patience. It was nice to meet you.
11. Hiii miss Hovhanessian,
Thank you for your lesson, thank to you my English is improving even though I was often absent. Thank you also for your patience.
Good luck for the future..
Marianne x
12. goodbye my teacher and thank you for the lesson because now I speak English thank you to you
Good bye miss Hovhanessian .


Transportation Fee : $5
Lessons offered by Sarah A.
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • ESL
  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Adult Education
  • College / University
  • Advanced

Sarah A.'s resume

. Graduate Study in Applied Linguistics, Montclair State University, NJ.
. TESOL Certificate, Montclair State University, NJ.
. Best Plus (Oral and Literacy) certification assessment, NJ.
. TABE assessment certification, NJ
. Certification of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.
. Advance course in ESL, Farleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ.
. Course in ESL in Concordia College, White Plain, NY.
. Computer applications; Microsoft works and Excel, American University of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia.
. B.S. in Business Administration, Al-MustanseriaUniversity, Baghdad, Iraq.
. Diploma in Business Administration. Al-WehdaAcademy of Commerce. Baghdad, Iraq.

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