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Alina - Prof mathematics - Jacksonville
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Experienced educator offers math and programming lessons to high school and college levels

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About Alina

I have been teaching math ( algebra, pre-calculus, finite and discrete math) and computer programming for the past 20 years . On average, I taught 60-100 students each semester.

My former students work for financial institutions (Fannie Mae, Vanguard), insurance companies (Blue Cross Blue Shield), biotech companies or attend graduate schools.

I would be willing to help you understand the basic concepts in this field and be able to apply these concepts in solving different types of problems.

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Teaching offers me a great opportunity to inspire. As a teacher, my goal is to enhance student learning as a life-changing experience. I hope my students will feel personally changed by their participation in the courses I am teaching.

I am the kind of teacher who takes my job seriously; I believe students can use the material in this class for other classes and for their personal lives. Therefore, I do grade all assignments, provide feedback, and allow you to correct missed items. I believe that is how students learn.

You will find I am very patient and kind and knowledgeable of mathematical-related subjects.

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