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Experienced Professor teaching biology and chemistry related subjects with years of experience, in the Fairfield County CT and upper Westchester NY area, educating high school and college level studen


I enjoy teaching and try to make the instruction stimulating, exciting and interesting so that students enjoy learning. I am only successful if my students are successful and I believe that learning should be informative but fun and rewarding for the student as well.


I have been teaching in industry for more than 25 years and in academia for more than 14 years having taught hundreds of students who have successfully moved on to college, graduate school and interesting jobs. I have helped design new DNA sequencing technologies for the Human Genome Project and I have several publications and have published with Nobel laureates in prestigious journals.


Rate for online lessons : $75/h
Lessons offered by William
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Medicine
  • Ecology
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
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William's resume

A dynamic results driven scientist with 20 plus years experience in the research, development, assessment, and implementation of DNA sequencing in genetic analysis instrumentation utilizing molecular biology and electromechanical expertise. Molecular biology research, development, assay and testing using a wide range of techniques and technologies in vitro and in vivo. Developed and implemented training courses and presentations for the instruction of end users in both the academic and industrial forum as well as project management.

Capillary electrophoresis- Cloning and mutagenesis-Confocal Microscopy- DNA library construction and screening- DNA sequencing, genotyping, and data analysis- DNA and RNA synthesis- DNA protein conjugation- Expression vector design- Expression, isolation, purification, and characterization recombinant and native proteins, enzyme assay- Immunoprecipitation techniques- iRNA-Laser Microdissection- Mammalian cell culture, establishment of primary cell lines, and in vivo assay- Mass spectroscopy- Metabolic pathway characterization-Microarray technology- NGS-PCR amplification of nucleic acids- Robotics systems, Beckman, Tecan- SNP discovery and analysis- Transgenic animal work- Various chromatographic procedures- Viral and bacterial isolation, purification and recombinant construction- Widefield, confocal, and electron microscopy


Scientific Engagement Manager
To engage customers and collaborators in disseminating information about all aspects of our Liquid Biopsy platform and technology from microscopy and automation to molecular interrogation of patient cancer samples. Installation, training and support of the liquid biopsy platform also continued engineering and biological applications support and help customers in all aspects of their research. Provide seminars, presentations and interactive Webex meetings supporting sales and marketing as well as attending and supporting trade shows. Setting up and providing support for collaborations.

President &CEO
A full service molecular biology consulting company addressing, DNA, RNA, protein and live cell applications. Our consulting services strive to improve on the molecular biology applications being implemented and suggest more efficient modes of providing better results maximizing data output.

Research Applications Scientist
Responsible for sales, training, support and trouble shooting of Confocal microscopy, LMD (laser microdissection), TIRF( total internal reflection fluorescence), SD (spinning disc) and wide field microscopy products for the northeast region. Conduct seminars, webinars, and workshops.

Laser Capture Microdissection Sales Specialist
Responsible for the sale and support of the laser capture microdissection microscopy device (LCM) in 31 states in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Marketed and sold laser capture microdissection microscopy devices to prospective clients in the academic and industrial market, which included Universities, pharmaceutical, forensics and biotechnology accounts. Generated seventy five percent of all LCM devices sold in North America for the fiscal years of 2010, and 2011. Increased brand awareness by performing webinars, workshops and seminars.

APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS INC., Foster City, CA 2005-2008
Field Applications Scientist
Responsible for all research, implementation, application’s development and trouble shooting of all DNA sequencing, genetic analysis instrumentation, and automation of these processes.
The development of course’s and instruction for DNA sequencing, genetic analysis, chemistry, hardware and software utilized in the operation of the above systems.

Development of molecular biology, chemistry, hardware, and computer protocols for high throughput genotyping and analysis utilizing RT-PCR, capillary electrophoresis, mass spectroscopy and robotic systems.
Implemented the use of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) in order to manage laboratory equipment, data analysis, design, setup, and staffing. Helped laboratories coordinate and manage all aspects of the laboratory in regards to high throughput production.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, Columbia Genome Center, New York, NY 2001-2004
Central Coordinator of DNA Sequencing and Chemical Biology
Coordinated high throughput DNA sequencing, genetic analysis, and collaborated with other researchers.
Directed, researched and developed novel DNA sequencing, genetic analysis methods, and technologies.
Directed and was responsible for all staff, and laboratory resources. Sequenced the Legionella pneumophila genome and elucidated the neuronal transcriptome of Aplysia amongst other projects.

AMERSHAM BIOSCIENCES INC., Piscataway, NJ 1997-2001
Senior Technology Specialist
Responsible for all research, development and market launch of the first high throughput capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencing and genetic analysis system the MegaBACE (chemistry, hardware, and software) in North America.
While on the final design team at Molecular Dynamics (acquired by Amersham) provided information for design changes, developed applications, and performed field beta testing for the above system which was the major technology for sequencing the Human Genome Project.

QIAGEN INC., Valencia, CA 1996-1997
Field Applications Specialist, Scientific Instruments Group
Responsible for the implementation, instruction, and trouble-shooting of the Biorobot 9600 automated DNA purification and general liquid handling robot.
Developed individual applications for the Biorobot 9600 and accessed competitor instrumentation capabilities.
Scientific liaison for the sales and marketing departments, and supported in field demonstrations.

Senior Research Associate
Research and developed external guide sequences to redirect the enzyme human Rnase P to cleave disease related mRNA’s.Designed and analyzed the kinetic behavior of RNA molecules utilized in the Rnase P cleavage reaction. Enzyme isolation, purification and quantitation. Led research team for in vitro testing.

PHARMACIA BIOTECH INC., Piscataway, NJ 1992-1993
Applications Specialist, Molecular Biology Systems Group
Responsible for the implementation, instruction and trouble shooting of all Pharmacia oligonucleotide synthesizers, automated DNA sequencing, and genetic analysis instrumentation for the East coast.
Developed applications for all of the above instrumentation as well as accessed the capabilities of competitor instrumentation acting as a scientific consultant for the sales and marketing departments.


M.A. in Biotechnology 2003
Thesis: The Analysis of the Partial Neural Transcriptome of Aplysia californica by Sequencing 6,034 EST’sGenerated from a Normalized cDNA Library from the Pleural-Pedal Ganglia
Relevant Coursework: Genomic Engineering, Biotechnology, Microbiology and the Control of Infectious Diseases (with a focus on bioweapons), Origins of Life, Genomic Information Science and Technology, Science Technology and Economic Growth, The Molecular Biology of Cancer

Graduate Student, Ph. D. program, Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Program, ABD (All But Dissertation)
Relevant Coursework: Medical Microbiology, Immunology, Advanced Biochemistry, Virology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Electron Microscopy, and Biostatistics.

MANHATTAN COLLEGE, Riverdale, NY 1985-1988
B.S. in Biology (with a concentration in Biotechnology) 1988
Relevant Coursework: Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Genetics, Microbiology, Animal Tissue Culture, Plant Science, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry I and II, Advanced Biochemistry, Biochemical Laboratory Techniques, Computer Language-Basic

Graduated with Honors, 1980

Completed Train the Trainer Workshop, Langevin Learning Services, 2007
Executive Board member of the Greenburgh Nature Center, 2002-2005
Management Training Course 1998
Molecular Dynamics Advanced Engineering Training, 1988
Board Member, Northeast Branch of the Tissue Culture Association (NEBTCA), 1986-1989.
Organized conferences sponsored by the NEBTCA on “In situ Hybridization” in 1989, on Toxicology in 1988, and PCR techniques in 1990.
Deans list, Manhattan College, Fall 1986, Fall 1987, and Spring 1988
Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society
Sigma Xi research society
National Finalist in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, 1980.


L. Moroz, E. Kandel, W. Iannuccilli et al., Neuronal Transcriptome of Aplysia: Neuronal compartments and circuitry. Cell 127, December 2006,1453-1467.

S. Goldberg, W. Iannuccilli, T. Nguyen, J. Ju, V. Cornish. Combinatorial Scanning Mutagenesis of a Class C beta Lactamase. Protein Science, cover article, August 2003, Vol. 12: 1633-1645.

M. Chen, W. Iannuccilli et al., The Genomic Sequence of the Accidental Pathogen Legionella pneumophila. 2004, Science, September 2004: 1966-1968.

R. Rollins, J. Edwards, W. Iannuccilli, J. Ju, T. Bestor . Global Survey of the Methylation Status of the Human Genome. 2005

M. Werner, W. Iannuccilli, S. George, M. Ma, A. Goldberg. Ribozymes: Basic science and therapeutic applications. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2004, Vol. 59, issue S19A, p.199-229.

Featured in the article: “ Bridging Together Chemistry and Genomics”. Genomics and Proteomics. June 2002, Vol. 2, No. 5.

Teaching Experience

Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT 2014-2015
Adjunct Professor, Chemistry Department, taught Chemistry laboratory

City University of New York, NY, NY 2008-2011
Adjunct Professor taught Biology, Biology Laboratory, Chemistry, Chemistry Laboratory, Environmental Science, Environmental Science Laboratory

College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, NY 2007-2008
Lecturer taught Biology, Biology Laboratory, Chemistry

Columbia University 2002-2003
Taught Advanced Genomic Engineering laboratory at the graduate level.

Guest Lecturer 1996-2012
Guest Lecturer at Yale, Harvard, MIT, University of Connecticut, Cornell, University of Buffalo, Rochester Institute of Technology, Drexel, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University of Maryland, Washington University, Sloan Kettering, Woods Hole, and Hoffman La Roche.
Lectured and setup workshops in the areas of DNA sequencing and genotyping, gene expression, molecular biology, microbiology and laser capture microdissection while working for both industry and academia. Full week workshops on laser microdissection were performed at Cornell, Yale, Michigan State University State University, and Columbia University.
Taught at Cold Spring Harbor summer courses for laser microdissection and DNA sequencing 1998,1999, 2010.

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