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Female Doctor, offering tuition in English and Science. From ages 7-16 in London


My name is Dr Noor, i am a General medicine junior doctor. I teach children aged 7-16, but also teach small infants too. I am really passionate about teaching the younger generation. You can be from any academic background at any level. I am very patient, kind and attentive to pupils. I have a interactive and one to one approach to teaching. I like to make all my lessons fun and enjoyable!


I am a Medical Junior Doctor, I have been working in the NHS for over 2 years. In my free time i tutor children aged 7-16 in English and all sciences. I have been tutoring pupils since the age of 19. All students have been successful with great passing grades.


Rate for online lessons : $46/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $39
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $33
Lessons offered by Noor
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Reading
  • Creative writing
  • Test Prep
  • Literacy
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • Adult Education
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

Noor's resume

Personal Details

GMC Number: 7551698
IMC Number: 416747
Personal Statement
I am a newly qualified doctor. London born and raised. I feel I have obtained a huge array of skills that I obtained during my medical training and also through my various work experiences. These skills include being able to think in a clinical manner, taking and presenting a correct patient history and performing a full physical examination. I am able to work extremely well in a team and am often seen as a valued member of any team. I also have a lot of experience of team management through my volunteer work. I am an extremely hard worker and I am truly dedicated to being the best doctor I can be, I have never been one to shy away from a challenge or a difficult situation, as I feel that they can help me improve and it is something I can learn from. I am not afraid to ask for help when needed and I am extremely polite and friendly, which are values that are particularly important for any doctor to have.
Recently I have been working in various hospitals all across London. I have been offered a 2 year training post that starts in December. Currently looking for any temporary job roles, which are non medical. Prior to becoming a doctor, I would regularly fundraise for various charities and also have retail experience.
 Key Achievements
Becoming a Medical Doctor.
Completing, presenting and successfully defending my thesis on the topic of Gastric Cancer. For my thesis I analysed the biopsies of patients who had been diagnosed with Gastric Cancer, at the Spital Municipal (Municipal Hospital) in Oradea, Romania. With the information gathered from the biopsy results of these patients I was able to analyse this data and identify any trends that may have appeared and try and explain the cause of these trends by looking at academic texts and references.
I successfully helped to set up run a charity and am a frequent volunteer for said charity.
I contributed and helped to present a presentation on Glioblastoma Multiform at a medical conference that was hosted by my university.
Tutor children and young adults to help them to do better in their schoolwork.
Teach English as a second language to adults.
Member of my secondary school committee, helping to organise events, raise money for charity and help to improve the general environment of our school.


University Of Oradea, Romania: Degree in Medicine (MD)
September 2009 – September 2015

I successfully completed my medical studies, obtaining a Medical Doctor (MD) degree with a grade of 7.9 (grading scale is from 1-10), at the University of Oradea, Romania. I successfully passed the licence exam and also submitted and presented my thesis on Gastric Cancer.

Ashcroft Technology Academy, London, UK (2007-2009)
June 2009
3 A Levels achieved in: Biology, Chemistry and Media Studies.

July 2006
10 GCSEs achieved in the following subjects; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Graphics, Religious studies, History, English Language, English Literature and Media Studies


Spital de Copii, Oradea, Romania
(April 2018-August 2018)

I was given the opportunity to work at the Cardiology ward as a House officer.
My role in this job was to attend the daily ward rounds, carry out jobs that were generated from the ward round.
Discuss patients with the senior doctor covering the ward to plan further treatment of patient.
Attend educational teaching lessons that were held at the University of Oradea.

Spital Clinic judetean de urgenta, Oradea, Romania
(September 2017-April 2018)

I was given the opportunity to work at the Emergency and Urgent care department in Spital judetean, which is the main hospital in the bihor region.
My role in this job was to assess patients who come in to the Emergency urgent care unit. I take a full patient history and physical exam. I am also required to order any relevant paraclinical exams and investigations. The main goal of this is to establish a likely differential diagnosis and to determine which patient’s require hospital admission and refer them to the appropriate team.
I also have the opportunity to assess critically ill patients in resus, under the guidance of the senior doctors.
As demanding as this rotation is, I am finding it extremely rewarding. I find it to be like real medicine, seeing patients with initial presentations, being able to initiate treatment in acutely ill patients, seeing different pathologies everyday.

Locum Bank shifts at the Royal London Hospital London UK
(August 2017-September 2017)

I have done several on call surgical FY1 shifts with barts bank partners.
Duties would include, assessing patients in SAU, review patients and include further investigations. Discuss my findings with a senior doctor and deciding whether patient needs to be admitted or whether they can be discharged.
Providing ward based care for admitted patients. Escalating acutely unwell patients to my senior and making sure that they are on an appropriate care plan.

Locum CDU Doctor at Whippscross hospital London UK
(March 2017-July 2017)

I have been in charge of manning the ED CDU department. Duties would include taking handover of admitted patients from night team, morning ward round and review of patients including review of outstanding investigations, onward referral of those patients requiring further care or discharge paperwork for those ready for discharge, admission and ongoing care of ED patients on CDU pathways during the day, evening ward round and hand over of any remaining patients to the evening ED team for ongoing care. I feel as if I have gained a tremendeous amout of both practical clinical experience, while I am still a very new doctor I feel like my confidence is increasing day by day. I also am very computer literate, and am familiar with a lot of computer based systems such as symphony, iLab and PACS.

LAS F1 at Medway Maritime hospital Kent UK
(Oct 2016-January 2017)

I have worked in ED and on the Respiratory ward.
ED jobs would include, assessing and clerking acutely unwell patients, carrying out investigations and referring patients to their specialty teams.

Work Experience: Muslim Medical Centre, Gondlanwala
(June 2016-september 2016)

I spent 3 months working with I spent a month as an Observer in the Surgical Department.
I mostly attended ward rounds and clinics, occasionally I would allowed to see surgeries.

Work Experience: Medical Aid Worker for Al Hafiz Trust, Greece, Lesvos (October 2015 – March 2016)
I spent 5 months as a volunteer doctor working for the charity Al Hafiz Trust.
During this period of time I participated in helping desperate refugees fleeing from war torn countries by providing emergency medical aid.

Work Experience: Spital Clinic judetean de urgenta, Oradea, Romania: Intensive Care Unit (November 2014-December 2014)
I spent two months in the Intensive care unit department in Romania.
During this voluntary placement I was required to participate in daily ward rounds, observe during theatre procedures and engage with patients, nurses and senior and junior doctors.
I was able to learn a number of skills such as, taking an adequate history, performing full physical examination and assessing critically ill patients.

Work Experience: Muslim Medical Centre, Gondlanwala, Pakistan (2009-2010 and 2011-2012)
Shadowed various doctors in various departments within this hospital.
I have found my experiences there to be extremely rewarding, there I saw the immediate effect having a decent health care facility can have on an entire community and how grateful that community was, to have such a facility in their deprived area. Through this experience, I learned how to work in an environment that offered very limited facilities, but never compromised on patient care and clinical practise. My experiences there, constantly remind me why I decided to become a doctor in the first place and how to adapt and work in even the most limited of facilities.

Attended a Course about Microbiology (October 2012)
Attended and participated in scientific activities that were orientated around microbiology aimed at medical students.

Attended a Course about Immunology (October 2012)
Attended and participated in scientific activities that were orientated around immunology aimed at medical students.

Attended and Participated in Medical Conference: 19th Oradea Medical Days, Hosted by the University of Oradea, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Oradea, Romania (November 2011)
Presented a case study about GBM (Glioblastoma Multiform).
Attended the three day conference that showcased presentations by various doctors, students and professors.

Tutoring pupils Aged 7-16 (November 2010-August 2017)

I have been tutoring pupils, aged 7 to 16 in English and all sciences.
I have helped children achieve brilliant grades for their 7+, 11+ and GCSE’s.
My approach to teaching is fun and interactive. I am very caring, patient and attentive. I create
Individual study plans for all my pupils, so they can learn and achieve the best grades to their ability.

Work Experience: Littlebrooke Hospital (September 2010)
Shadowed the Consultant Psychiatrist, observing how he interacted with patients who had mental and behavioural disabilities.
This was a very eye opening experience for me as I realised the importance of mental health and the devastating effect it can have on people. It was also very rewarding as I could see how grateful the patients were to the medical staff for their help.

Sales Assistant: Monument Foods Store (2007-2009)
Serving and assisting customers.
Stacking shelves and assisting in stock taking.
Set up a computerised data base on all the stock that was in the shop.
Helped the manager with buying stock.
Helped with designing and setting up window and in store displays.

Work Experience: National Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan (August 2006)
I rotated between various departments in the medical centre, where I followed various doctors to observing what they did.

Volunteer: AH Trust (2006 - present)
Organised and participated in a number of fund raising events, which included holding charity stalls, organising fund raising dinners and special events.
Collected clothing, food, medications and money for the victims of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami in 2004.
Helped medical staff and volunteers during the aftermath of the 2005 Earthquake that hit the Northern parts of Pakistan and Kashmir. I volunteered in the area of Muzaffarabad, helping medical staff who were treating the victims of the Earthquake.
Help to set up makeshift medical tents and camps in Muzaffaghar, Pakistan during the floods in July 2010. There I also helped the medical team who were treating the victims of the floods. I also helped to raise money to build homes for the flood victims, by holding special events in South London.
Organised and supervised special trips arranged for elderly people.
Helped to set up and run the charity website.
Created and edited charity videos, slideshows and presentations.

Work Experience: St Helier’s Hospital (July 2005)
Shadowed the Resident doctor in the A&E department.
Interacted with patients.
I had a first had account of what it was like to work in a fast pace environment that requires quick thinking and fast reaction

Awards and Honours

Academic Scholarship from the University of Oradea, Romania (September 2011 and September 2012)
I was awarded a scholarship from my medical school as a result of my excellent grade average.

Additional Information and Interests

I am fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi. I also have some understanding of the Romanian language. I have been described as a friendly, confident and a positive person, who is always willing to help.
I love to read, I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to see different parts of the world, explore different cultures and learn about the history of the countries that I have visited. I love to draw and paint and have also been described as a creative person.
My other interests include cooking, listening to music, socialising, dining out and spending time with family and friends.

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