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Fifteen years a Tutor! SAT Prep, Academic Writing, Creative Writing, College Essays


MY SAT/GRE classes are based on the Princeton Review Methods. Academic writing is based on the rhetorical triangle, the 5 point essay, and essay genres such as narrative/descriptive, informative, persuasive, and research-based. Let's not forget grammar and syntax. Creative writing is divided between fiction and creative nonfiction. It is contingent on character, setting, plot, pacing, dialogue, and theme. This is just a simple breakdown.


I'm a professor of English, Theatre, and Communication in a college. I trained with the Princeton Review for SAT/GRE tutoring. I am a published author and professional actor. I've been tutoring for 20 years. I've taught hundreds of high school and college students/adults over the years.


Rate for online lessons : $50/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $200
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $400


I have a cancellation policy of 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the student will be charged for the hour.
My first lesson is free only if the student or parent has booked and paid for one other lesson.

Lessons offered by Jewel
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Reading
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • College
  • Adult Education
  • Masters
  • Elementary School

Jewel's resume


M.F.A., Writing, Vermont College of Fine Arts
M.A., Theatre and Movement, Wesleyan University,
3.9 grade point average, Summa Cum Laude


Full Professor, Department of English and Humanities
English, Theatre, and Communication
NHTI, Concord's Community College, Concord, NH
Since January 1, 2011-. Nine years.
Teach 5 courses per semester, usually 5 preps
Office hours
Stage Lynx Drama Club Advisor, Produce two play productions per year
Curriculum Developer of Theatre specialty, Eight courses
Member of two faculty committees, Teaching and Learning, Student Success

Courses Taught

Acting One
Acting Two
English Composition I
Creative Nonfiction
Creative Writing Fiction
Introduction to Drama
Introduction to Theatre
Introduction to Literature
Ballet I

Teaching Responsibilities
Lecturing and discussion facilitation
Advisor duties
Executing technology in classrooms including Blackboard, Canvas, PowerPoint and Online MLA, APA, and Grammar programs
Conferencing twice per semester with each student
Attending departmental meetings,
Attending monthly Faculty Council meetings
Updating credentials and keeping them current
Maintaining current awareness of short stories, fiction, plays, and creative nonfiction
Interfacing with library and writing center staff
Club duties
Attending and working on two teams: Teaching and Learning, Student Success

Adjunct Professor, Department of English and Humanities
Great Bay Community College, Stratham, Portsmouth, Rick Walters
Teach two to four courses every semester since 1999. The department offers an AS in Liberal Studies and has a guaranteed credit transfer to University of New Hampshire, Plymouth State University, SNHU, and Keene State.
Courses Taught

English Composition I
Creative Nonfiction – Composition II
Public Speaking
Critical Thinking
Women in Literature
Short Story
Film and Society
Introduction to Drama
Developmental Writing
Developmental Reading
College Success

Teaching Responsibilities
Developing new curriculum in Women’s Literature and Introduction to Drama
Lecturing and discussion facilitation
Advisor duties
Executing technology in classrooms including Blackboard, PowerPoint and Online MLA and Grammar programs
Conferencing twice per semester with each student
Attending departmental meetings
Updating credentials and keeping them current
Maintaining current awareness of short stories, fiction, plays, and creative nonfiction
Interfacing with library and writing center staff
Outreach to UNH to familiarize students with UNH Dimond Library

Adjunct Professor, Department of English and Humanities
591 Springs Rd, Bedford, MA 01730
Middlesex Community College, Lowell, Massachusetts, Stan Hitron
Teach two courses every semester since 2004. The department offers an AS degree in Liberal Arts.
Courses Taught

English Composition I
Introduction to Literature
Developmental Writing
Introduction to Acting

Teaching Responsibilities
Researching and choosing texts
Lecturing and discussion facilitation
Learning and using technology in classrooms: Blackboard, PowerPoint, and Noodle Tools
Conferencing once per semester with each student
Attending required departmental meetings
Updating credentials and keeping them current
Maintaining current awareness of short stories, fiction, and creative nonfiction
Interfacing with library and writing center staff

Adjunct Professor, English and Humanities Department, Kevin Sweeney, Chair
Southern Maine Community College, S. Portland, ME.

Teach from two courses per semester to one course per year depending upon my availability since 2003. The department offers an AS degree in Liberal Arts.

Courses Taught
English Composition I

Teaching Responsibilities
Lecturing and discussion facilitation
Researching and choosing texts
Using technology in classrooms including Blackboard, PowerPoint and Noodle Tools
Conferencing once per semester with each student
Attending required departmental meetings
Updating credentials and keeping them current
Grading papers, presentations, midterms, finals, and doing midterm and final grades
Keeping up to date on reading of short stories, fiction, and creative nonfiction
Interfacing with library and writing center staff

Artistic Director, The Classics Repertory Company
Dover, NH
Since 1993 to 2005, creator and administrator of educational touring theatre, presenting productions based on literary classics to highlight their relevance and make them accessible to contemporary audiences.

Choosing literature with which to work and writing it into script form
Auditioning and casting company members
Creating audience base by mailing schools, colleges and libraries
Creating sets and costumes with other professionals
Producing the plays and tours
Attending performing arts showcases
Directing the plays
Leadership and administration of actors and administrative help

Classics Company Productions
Premiere production Shakespeare's Ladies
Second premiere: The Adventures of Sherlotta Holmes and Dr. Watson.
Third premiere: Simply Shakespeare
Fourth Premiere: Tales From the Shul-Jewish Folk Tales
Fifth Premiere: Poetic Freedom
Sixth Premiere, Shakespeare in Pairs
Seventh: Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid (Bilingual)

Master Tutor, SAT and GRE Preparation
Dover NH
Teaching students methods and techniques to elevate their SAT, Achievement Tests or GRE Tests scores. Teaching classes in Writing College Application Essays. From 2004 to the present. Privately owned tutoring business. Traveling to students’ homes and schools.

Artist-In-Education, Theatre Arts and Movement
NH State Council on the Arts and Very Special Arts NH
A juried artist, from 1985 to 2012, conducting residencies in acting, improvisation and movement in public schools and community organizations, specializing in residencies for At-Risk teens, Conflict/Resolution, and Shakespeare.
Marketing artist skills to the schools
Create curriculum in performing arts for Grades K-12 for residencies that last from four
days to three months
Plan with arts coordinators and teachers
Create training workshops for teachers in each school
Create and direct a performance with students and teachers to share with the community
Attend arts conferences to meet school representatives

*For complete list of residencies, contact NH State Arts Council.
Rollinsford Grade School
Merrimack High School
Indian River Jr. High,
Odyssey House
Goffstown Women’s Prison Residency: “Scenes From Within
University Teaching and Other Employment

2001-2003 Merrimack College, N. Andover, Adjunct Prof.
315 Turnpike St, North Andover, MA 01845
Interpersonal Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Gender Communication, Conflict Management, Introduction to Communication, Group Communication,
1999- 2001 New England College, Faculty, Graduate School
Dover, NH
Theatre Arts, Communication, and Shakespeare: Theory and Practice, Intro. Theater Education, College for Humanities/Creative Arts
1998 to 2003 The Princeton Review, Master Tutor, SAT and GRE, Boston, MA
Trained to teach students skills and techniques for improving/raising SAT and GRE scores, February including Philips Exeter Summer School
1991-1992. International Film and TV Workshops, Actress, Rockport, ME
For Film Director's Course, with Alan Arkin and Alan
Summer 1990 Theatre at Monmouth, Actress, Equity Theatre
Repertory theatre, 4 productions running simultaneously

Summer 1987, 1988, 1989 Upward Bound at UNH, Instructor, Theatre, Dance, Durham, NH
Creator of Performing Arts Program, teaching culturally, educationally deprived teens with family disturbance background.
1983-84 Middlesex Community College, Adjunct Faculty, Theatre, Middletown, CT
1980-81 Northwestern CT Community College,
Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Improvisation and Mime


College Composition I
ENGL 101C English Composition 4-0-4
Required of all first-year students and designed to teach students to write clear, vigorous prose, this course takes students through all stages of the writing process. Essay topics range from personal narratives to logical arguments. All students learn the resources of the NHTI library and write at least one documented research paper. Available in Honors format.

Introduction to Literature

ENGL 102C Introduction to Literature 3-0-3
This survey course introduces students to representative works from major genres, such as fiction, poetry, and drama. Through reading, writing, and class discussion, students analyze texts to understand the role of literature in culture. Available in Honors format.

Introduction to Communication
ENGL 120C Communications 3-0-3
This survey course focuses on the application of communication principles and theories, enabling students to develop public speaking, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and group communication skills. Through an in-depth look at self-concept, verbal and nonverbal language and listening skills, students gain an increased awareness of the way they perceive themselves and others as well as the cultural and ethical implications of behavior. Coursework includes a variety of speeches, exercises, and writing assignments. Lessac and Linklater methods of vocal production give speakers techniques and confidence.

Creative Writing Fiction

ENGL 295AC Creative Writing: Fiction 3-0-3
A workshop dedicated to an in-depth study of the craft of fiction writing. Students write original fiction pieces and complete writing exercises that focus on elements of fiction. Students critique the short stories of their classmates. In order to refine and develop their understanding of character, setting, conflict, voice, symbol, engaging beginnings, and satisfying endings, students study examples of published short stories. Students learn how to submit manuscripts for publication. Available in Honors. and on-line formats.

Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 295CC Creative Writing — Nonfiction 3-0-3
This course provides an introduction to the art and craft of writing creative nonfiction, an approach to "telling the truth" that uses many of the tools of both fiction writing and journalism. Students will read, write, critique, and analyze pieces demonstrating the different styles in this genre: memoir, essay, and literary journalism. In addition, this course will include lectures, workshops, and peer editing. Students will experiment with the basic techniques of journalism, such as researching, reporting, and interviewing. The goal is to help students write stories that give meaning to experience, in a way that touches others.

Introduction to the Drama
ENGL 150C Introduction to Drama 3-0-3
An introductory survey involving the study of drama as literature and performance beginning with the Greeks and continuing through Shakespeare to the present. Through lecture, discussion and projects, students will become familiar with historical and cultural changes in the drama.

Curriculum Development NHTI: Theatre Program. Developed by Jewel Beth Davis. 2013-2016
THTR 101C Acting I 3-0-3
Acting One is an introduction to drama as a performing art, with emphasis upon physical movement and the use of voice in the development of characterization. Students will learn to use improvisation and theatre games to make feelings accessible to the student actor for the purpose of performance. The class will take a functional approach to the basic techniques of acting with an in-class performance final. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of acting that include action, relaxation, objective, spontaneity, emotion, monologues, texts, projection, presence, substitution, referential movement, character analyses, and heightened diction. It will include ideas about the rehearsal process, play scripts, scenes, staging, and performance.
THTR 102C Acting II 3-0-3
This course is a continuation of Acting I and is an introduction to diverse acting approaches through the practical study of scenes and monologues in class. Exercises, exploring these various acting techniques, will be done in class and will be discussed/critiqued. The scene assignments may be taken from scripts assigned to students or be chosen by students with approval from the professor. Students will be required to work in and outside of class and to attend two plays in the course of the semester-one on campus, one off campus. Emphasis will be placed on the special demands of scene analysis, milieu study and characterization, as well as beginning directing technique. Comfortable clothing for movement required. (Prerequisite: THTR 101C Acting I with a grade of "C" or higher.)
THTR 110C/ENGL 110C Introduction to the Theatre 3-0-3
This course will provide a broad survey of the basic components of theatre. Because theatre is a study of the possible, that is, what may result from the collaboration of many talents, we will study it from a number of different perspectives. We will examine plays, the history of theatre as an art, acting, technical theatre, theatre's impact on society, and important practitioners in the field. Plays are unique in all of literature, because they are only finished in performance in front of an audience. To understand how plays come to their complete realization, we will see several productions, both on and off campus. The student will be responsible for the cost of one ticket for an off-campus production.
THTR 150C Theater History: Prewriting to 1800 3-0-3
An examination of theater history from pre-writing to the Restoration through the context of play reading and primary texts. The course studies how the interrelationships among technologies, ideologies, geography, history, architecture, politics, and social expectations related to culture affected theatre productions. Students will engage in investigative research and reporting.
THTR 185C Children’s Theatre 3-0-3
This course examines techniques for theatre in the classroom, creative dramatics, and theatre for young audiences. It examines the dramatic structure, audience needs, directing, and acting techniques that are employed in the production of theatre for children and creative drama in the classroom. Practical and creative applications of scene design, costumes, make-up, and lighting are topics studied in the preparation of the final production. There will be a performance for young audiences at the end of the semester during class time. (A $25 specialty course fee will be assessed for all students taking THTR 185C.)
THTR 220C Playwriting 3-0-3
To illuminate and guide each student through the art and craft of writing for performance. This course explores the fundamental principles needed to build a realistic play that is intended to be produced upon the stage. Though the course is built around the construction of plays, the principles, writing exercises, readings, and other assignments serve as a solid base for any form of dialogue-driven writing. The class will culminate in the writing and staged-readings of 10-minute plays and performance texts. Students are expected to attend, at their own expense, one live theater production to be specified. (Prerequisite: ENGL 101C with a grade of “C” or higher.)
THTR 250C Musical Theater 3-0-3
This course is an exploration of American Musical Theatre. Students will study the work of the actor/singer/dancer and use their gained knowledge to develop as performers and intelligent audience members. Students will prepare and present as soloists as well as members of small groups and larger ensemble. Students will not only sing but will choreograph and block movement appropriate for each piece. Since this is a workshop course, students will prepare material for class presentation and critique. There will also be a focus on the audition process, as well as musical theatre history and repertoire. Finally, the class will participate in a culminating showcase performance at the end of the semester to which the NHTI and extended community will be invited. (A $25 specialty course fee will be assessed for all students taking THTR 250C.)
THTR 255C Directing 3-0-3
This course is an introduction to the basic concepts, theories and methods of play direction that emphasizes text analysis, leading to the creation of the prompt book and production of a one-act play. Productions will be performed on the auditorium stage before an audience scheduled on an evening that does not conflict with main stage productions, classes, or other previously scheduled events.

Thirty-four publications of creative nonfiction/fiction in national literary magazines and journals:

Minerva Rising Publications The Idol
(concealed information)

The Tishman Review The Corners of My Mind (Nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology 2019)
(concealed information)

Diverse Voices Quarterly The Unexamined Life (Nominated for Dzanc’s Best of Web Anthology 2011).
Vol. II, Issue 6, p.39.


(concealed information)

Entelechy International, hard copy Round and Round
New England College, Publisher
(concealed information)

Bewildering Stories Review Flak (concealed information)

Glow Boy
(concealed information)
A Small Miracle (concealed information)

A Bullfrog's Vision
(concealed information)

Spirits Literary Magazine of IU Tikkun Olam, the Play
(concealed information)

The Smoking Poet Widow’s Peak
(concealed information)

Damselfly Press Six Strands of Separation

Scribblers on the Roof God Might Be a Vegetarian If She Exists

American Diversity Report Weighty Dilemma
(concealed information)

Lime Hawk Literary Journal It's Free
(concealed information)

Poetica Magazine Channeling Fran
(concealed information)

Sylvan Echo The English Bike
(concealed information)

Spectrum of USCB The Visiting Tsatsky
(concealed information)

Read This My Friend the Bee
(concealed information)

Bent Pin Quarterly Not From the Horse’s Mouth
(concealed information)

Uncle Abe’s Dirge (1/2009) Featured Essay

Compass Rose The Revenge of the Christ Killer
(concealed information)
(concealed information)

Moondance Literary Magazine The Magic Number
(concealed information)

Cezanne’s Carrot God Uses A Headset
(concealed information)

SN Review Move Over, Lucy
(concealed information)
(concealed information)

Vine Leaves Literary Journal Spinning
(concealed information)

Del Sol Review Junie's Folly
(concealed information)

Spittoon Clothes Encounters
(concealed information)

Red Claw Press Upon A Mattress

On the Veranda The Way Life Is
(concealed information)

Alcyone Literary Reflections of a Night in Dreamland
(concealed information)
(concealed information)

Fiction Fix What I Didn't Know
(concealed information)

Anthology of the Writers Guild of Iowa State University, hard copy
The Last Tree
(concealed information)

RE: Ports Magazine The Kiss of Death

Author of Play, Shadow Dancing, Winner of Athena Theatre Play Reading Contest, 2017, NYC, NY;
Winner of Brookfield Playwrights Collective Contest, 2003, Brookfield, CT

Author of book, Jewel A Memoir, Amazon Kindle, Creative nonfiction, Amazon.com
(concealed information)

Author of book and play, "CAN YOU HOLD?" Issues-Oriented Play and Study Guide, 2000

Author of four produced plays (See The Classics Co.), RI Artists Grant in Playwriting, 1983
Shakespeare's Ladies, Simply Shakespeare, Sherlotta Holmes and Dr. Watson, Asabranca, The White Dove (recipient of the RI Artists Grant in Playwriting).

MA Thesis: The Forgotten Tool: Training the Actor Through Movement, Wesleyan University.

Director of eighteen plays.

Choreographer of thirteen plays.

Actor in over sixty productions.

NHTI Producer:
I Hate Hamlet; Crimes of the Heart; The Last Night of Ballyhoo; Brighton Beach Memoirs; Reckless; Almost, Maine; Blithe Spirit; Story Theatre; Spoon River Anthology;
Rhinoceros; The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged Revised; House of Blue Leaves; Deathtrap; Working; Hot L Baltimore, The Diary of Anne Frank.

Author of several published articles in New England periodicals.
Consultant, Workshop Leader:
NH State Artist-in-Education Annual Conferences, Teacher Training, since 1986.
Very Special Arts-NH and MA Festivals
AIE Institute at Plymouth State, 1998, 1999, Teacher Training Leader.
NETC Annual Conferences, Workshop leader, performer.
NH High School Drama Festivals; NE Artists Congress '96, ‘97

Professional Reviews and Articles
“In God Uses a Headset, a fascinating creative nonfiction by Jewel Beth Davis, she gives us an insider's view of her work in the theatre, concluding that if we do our work with "with integrity and sincerity, the spiritual channels are open. It is the reaching, the longing for the world unseen, that drives us to work and interact in a way that matters."
---Tantra Bensko, Associated Content, 7/2007

“She's a Classic”
About two years ago longtime, actress/producer (The Classic Co.), Jewel Davis turned her focus on her writing. "I will graduate this January with an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. I have an MA in Theatre and Movement already but wanted a terminal degree for full time teaching opportunities," she explains. She's currently teaching five courses at two colleges. One of Davis' works, "God Uses A Headset" about the Ogunquit Playhouse can be found at (concealed information) Her latest is "The Visiting Tsatsky," "both a funny and sad piece about my relationship with my mother. A tsatsky is a loose woman in Yiddish. You get the picture," Davis says. "It will be in a print magazine, 'Lilith,' on the newsstand.
--- Jeanne McCartin, Portsmouth Herald, 8/25/07

I love these stories. What an interesting concept. Looking through the eyes of two artists. I hope we see more from this writer in the future.
--- Mimzie July 13, 2008 at 4:52 am, art8writing.wordpress.com
Bewildering Stories welcomes...
Jewel Beth Davis
Jewel is an Artist in Education for the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. She has directed, choreographed and performed in theatre productions widely in the U.S. and Britain. She teaches writing and theatre. She has published drama and prose fiction in many magazines, e-zines and literary journals.
“Flak” is a piece of light humour that nonetheless takes a refreshingly unusual point of view: what if a pair of space-alien schoolboys played hooky on Earth? How would they look at us, and how would they talk?
It’s easy to imagine “Flak” as a sketch performed by a high-school drama class. The audience would enjoy the satire, and the kids would love the language; they’d know exactly what the “space aliens” are really saying. And there’s not a thing a self-appointed — or schoolboard appointed — monitor of morals could do about it!
Supplementary Training
Yale Writing Workshops, New Haven, Mishka Shubaly, Summer 2011 and Summer 2018.
Yale Coursera, The Science of Well Being, Professor Laurie Santos, 2020.
Mental Health First Aid Training, 2018, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.
Yoga, Rasamaya Certified 200-hour teacher (Carrie Tyler), 2012.
Reiki I Certified, Krista Ducharme, Dimensional Healing, LLC. Aug. 2013.
CPR Certified repeatedly.
Watercolor Painting, Wesleyan University
Certification, NEATP, New England Artists Training Program, to teach arts to disabled
Dance training, 30 years, Ballet, Vaganova Technique, Jazz, Modern, Contact Improvisation, Israeli Dance, Ballroom Dance 20 years (Portsmouth Ballroom).
Labananalysis: Effort/Shape, Feldenkreis, Bartenieff Fundamentals.
Mime, Tony Montenaro.


2019, CNF Nominated for 2019 Best of the Net Anthology, "The Corners of My Mind" by Tishman Review
2011 CNF Nominated for Dzanc's Best of the Web, "The Unexamined Life" by Diverse Voices Quarterly

Playwriting Award, Shadow Dancing, Connecticut Playwright’s Collective, Brookfield, CT.

2018 Playwriting Award, Shadow Dancing, Athena Theatre Playwriting Contest, NYC, NY.

Winner of the Portsmouth Herald Spotlight Award for Best Actress in a Play, Three
Tall Women, 2002.
Runner Up, New Hampshire Theatre Awards, 2018, Best Supporting Actress in Rumors.
Equity Eligible Actress since 1990.
Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, UNH Chapter.
Mask and Dagger Dramatic Honor Society, UNH.
National Honor Society, Quincy High School.
Valedictorian, Quincy High School, Quincy, Mass.
Numerous grants and awards, NH State Council on the Arts, 1986-present
New Works Grant, NHSCA, The Classics Co Shakespeare's Ladies, 1993
NH Humanities Council Grant, The Classics Co. for Shakespeare's Ladies, 1993
Grant Roster, NH State Library. The Classics Co. 1993, 1995, 1996
NH Governor’s Award for Arts In Education, With Rye Jr. High
NHSCA Prison Arts Grant, Goffstown Women’s Prison, Scenes From Within. 1995
RI Arts Council Grant in Playwriting for The White Dove for Looking Glass Theater,
Winner, Semi-finalist, North American Open Poetry Competition, 1991Winner, Humor Category, Fields of Earth Poetry Competition, Newmarket Public Library

Membership in Organizations

Temple Israel Tikkun Olam Committee Vice Chair and Secretary 2016-2020
Temple Israel Sisterhood Vice President 2019-2020
AWP, Association of Writers and Writing Programs, 2005 to present
American PEN 2008-
NH Writers Project, 2007-2020
Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society
International Women's Playwrights Society
Poets and Writers Members
New England Theatre Conference (NHTI Membership)
NH State Council on the Arts in Education Artists Roster 1985 to 2013.
New England Theatre Conference
Massachusetts Teachers Association, 2003 to 2010.
Temple Israel, Portsmouth 2005 to 2020
Temple Sisterhood, Leader of Winter Bazaar Extravaganza 2019
Seacoast Arts and Cultural Alliance, President
Volunteer, SISC, Seacoast Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition, protecting immigrants from ICE while they are navigating the legal system. Assisting them in many ways when they are released from prison. 2018+
Volunteer, Reader's Theatre Temple Israel in Portsmouth, NH 2007-09
Board Member, Board of Directors Temple Israel, Dover, NH 1996-98
Big Sister, Big Brother Big Sister Assoc., 2002-2005, 2011-2012
Board Member, 1997 UNH Alumni Association Reunion Committee
Volunteer, Dover Soup Kitchen, Temple Israel
ESL and Literacy Volunteer Tutor, Adult Learning Center, Middletown, CT
Child Sponsor Christian Children’s Fund Kenya, 2009-2020.

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