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German and English Tutor - Speaking, Writing and Reading. Fluent in both Languages

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I graduated from High School with a GPA of 3.62 and am now saving money to attend a course in oder to teach English internationally. I lived in Germany for most of my life and attended most of my school years there as well.


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About Adina

Hi! My name is Adina and I love language and helping others to appreciate it as well. I am a writer and am now learning my third language, Chinese. When teaching others, I find it important to be detailed and precise, yet also make the lessons fun and enjoyable. After all, language is the main way we can express ourselves. During my lessons, we will explore German or English trough tailored lessons that include written and oral excercises, exploring pronounciaton and correct sentence structure. I will also assign tasks to complete between lessons. For example, watching movies or reading stories, and then complete assignments based on the movie or story. We will also practice by conversation used in everyday situations. I believe each person learns differently, and I will therefore adjust my lessons and techniques according to the students personal needs and preferences. This way, the student can benefit and learn at their own speed. I want to make learning English and German exciting!



  • 5h: $65
  • 10h: $135


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  • $12/h


I require 5 Euros per 20 km of travel.

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