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IU graduate industrial chemist offering High school and college chem tutoring in Mishawaka, IN (general and organic chemistry)

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My tutoring relies heavily on the Socratic method. I offer explanations, illustrations, and examples when needed, but I've found that the most effective way for one to learn is to explain a concept. I begin with basic questions about the material and the student's understanding, and progress to more complex concepts, encouraging the student to arrive at answers him/herself. This method teaches students to be self-sufficient learners and eventually outgrow the need for a tutor.


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About Michael

I worked for the tutoring center at IUSB. During that time I worked both one-on-one and with groups of students at drop-in tutoring. I also taught supplemental instruction sessions for general chemistry classes. I have worked with over a hundred students and have received feedback that my services were very helpful in their learning. While at a dentist appointment, I once met with a former tutee who was working as a hygienist. She remembered me from the tutoring center and thanked me for helping her achieve her career goal.



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