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Graduate student in science education gives physics lessons to middle, high school and lower undergrad levels in State College, PA

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I'm a graduate student in science education. Prefer one-on-one or small group instruction (face to face or virtual) for anyone with problems in physics, basic physical chemistry, and basic mathematics. Please come with more specific questions than "I don't understand anything my teacher/prof said in class". My goal is to help you learn how to do your homework and do well on your exams, not do your homework for you. I may not know the answers to all your questions immediately, but because I am more experienced, we can figure out the answers more quickly than if you struggled on your own.


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About Alice

I was previously a certified teacher in Singapore. I've taught physics and science inquiry (grades 7 to 12) for 7 years, and physical chemistry (grades 7 and 10) for 2 semesters. I have helped students make significant improvement, but it only works if they are motivated to make a difference to their performance.



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If you are genuinely in need of help with the subject, and you are motivated to work on it, I am willing to offer my lesson for the cost of a drink or a meal.

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