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Graduate of University of Kelaniya. Posses a Bachelor of Science honours degree in zoology. Teaches Science, Biology and Zoology.

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My coaching method is through conceptual teaching. You can learn science, biology, zoology, anatomy, genetics, molecular biology etc.. in a friendly and professional atmosphere. These subjects have a vast range. But I am here to guide you. You can catch them from a proper strategy.


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About Kasun

Currently I am working as a teaching assistant at the Department of Zoology and Environmental Management, Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. I have been teaching biology for 4 years for the university students. I am pretty sure that I can meet your expectations in the subjects. I am teaching for all sorts of exams in the school level. I have a good background of biology since I have completed many zoology and botany related courses during the university life.

The areas include Animal Form, Function and Behaviour, Evolutionary Biology and Zoogeography, Animal Diversity and Sri Lankan Fauna, Animal Histology and Physiology, Developmental Biology and Human Genetics, Applied Ecology, Geo-informatics for Zoological Studies, Fisheries Biology and Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Aquaculture, Parasitology, Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management, Statistical Methods in Zoology, Insect Systematics and Biology, Research Methodology and Scientific Writing, Molecular Genetics, Aquaculture Management, Ecological Interactions and Behavioural Ecology, Herpetology, Nematode Pest Management, Agricultural Entomology, Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Fish Stock Assessment and Fisheries Management, Immunology, Marine and Coastal Resources Management like zoological subjects. Additionally I have followed Morphology, Anatomy and Taxonomy of Angiosperms, Plant Physiology, Plant Evolution and Diversity and Basic microbiology.



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